NFL coaches canned

  • Broncos fired Joseph

    Bengals finally canned Marvin Lewis

    Dolphins disposed Gase

    Browns delete Jackson

    Green Bay lets McCarthy go

  • Where are the replacements coming from? Slim pickings after the typical 5-6 coaching changes per year the last several years. McCarthy likely gets a job, maybe in internim coach gets a job. Josh McDaniels is getting talked about again…why go thru that drama???

  • Bears coach is safe, but Buccaneers coach and Bills coach should start peering around corners.

    Bad year for mascots beginning with “B”.

  • Oh yeah, Buccaneers canned Dirk Koetter and the Jets fired Todd Bowles as well.

  • Every firing can be traced back to the QB situation. If you are an NFL head coach, your fate is tied to your QB. You had better get a good one, and one that you are on the same page with, otherwise you are gone.

    Broncos gave Joseph terrible QBs, he gets canned. Same for Dolphins and Jets. Bucs QBs regressed, Koetter goes. McCarthy mismanages Rodgers, gets fired. Bengals finally miss the playoffs, probably resetting from the Dalton years, Lewis is gone. And Jackson held back Mayfield, gets pink slipped.

    The proof is in the pudding. You had better have direct input in who your QB is, because if it doesn’t work out, you will not have a job.

  • @justanotherfan McCarthy only had a job because Rodgers is so good. He’s an average coach at the very best.

    Is the QB the product of the coach or does the QB make the coach? Goff w/ McVay vs Goff w/ Fisher. Reid makes any QB better - could he have made Ryan Leaf a 10 year starter? Is Belichek any good at coaching with a QB not named Brady? (Probably he made Cassel look pretty good).

    @justanotherfan to your point I think it’s a two way street, both the QB and the coach can make or break the team to a large extent.

  • dylans said:

    @justanotherfan to your point I think it’s a two way street, both the QB and the coach can make or break the team to a large extent.

    From the coach’s point of view, because the QB is so important, unless you are confident in the QB that is there, you had better be able to have input into who your QB is, or you will be getting fired.

  • I am interested to see who fills these 8 vacancies. I’m not sure there are 8 true legit candidates out there. I’ve seen a lot of college names thrown around so far, but who knows how much of that is the agent trying to get his client a raise. I’ve seen Kingsbury, Rhule, Brian Kelly, Harbaugh, Fitzgerald off the top of my head.

  • Chiefs OC Bieniemy (Jets and Buccaneers) and STC Toub will get looks.

  • I wonder what Andy’s coaching tree will look like in 5 years if he keeps up his current pace… 3 OCs poached in 3 years. At least it looks that way.

  • @Kcmatt7 After watching Pederson’s and Nagy’s first year success I’m sure other teams are salivating.

    I wonder if Reid has a great eye for talent or if he just rubs off on them? If it’s the later how long does that last?

  • I’d be fine with Reid hiring some dude off the street to be the puppet OC so the next guy poached isn’t missed. Lol

  • @dylans Lol I think it’s both. Reid teaches them how to run a team. But he has to pick the right guys at the same time. It’s definitely sucks to get poached the way we do, but it’s definitely a compliment at the same time. This year especially, considering Bieniemy just helped to call a historic passing season.

  • Both Nagy and Pederson were QB coaches before moving up to OC. Bieniemy was RB coach before moving to OC.

    All three were successful position coaches first, then became successful coordinators. Its only right that Bieniemy get his shot. I just hope he lands somewhere with a decent QB situation, or he will be fired in three years.

  • All I know is never hire a Belichek coordinator. Bit twice by that nonsense - Weis and Crennel.

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