The news from Baton Rouge

  • Not a good look initially for Les.

  • Can’t say he was left a cupboard of recruits to try and retain. Tough spot to be in so close to the early period. What is KU looking to get this cycle? Can they sign 25?

  • Prior to Miles being hired, KU had ONE commitment for 2019. KU was on track to have its worst recruiting class no matter who was hired. Miles did an exceptional job to salvage the signings he did, and he didn’t just get filler, he got some quality athletes.

    Several players have re-opened their recruitment now and Miles has until February to convince a few of those guys that Lawrence is the place they want to be.

    I would not be surprised to see Miles secure a 4 star signing this recruiting period, and would fully expect him to nab more than one five star for 2020. He’s playing catch up right now, but with a full year, I think KU lands a top 40 class for 2020. After that, look out.

  • Yeah, let’s panic. Been there 32 days and they are writing articles comparing to his LSU recruiting classes? Any articles in Green Bay complaining about the Packers not making the playoffs 3 weeks after firing their coach?

  • These articles talking about how poor the class are so lazy. They are just looking at rankings and class size. There is so much more going on with this years class. As stated above we had one commit when he took the job. The previous staff basically quit recruiting so Les and his NOT complete staff had approximately 3 weeks to address needs and try to find some kids.

    As far as rankings are concerned KU can only take 15 or so kids this year so of course they are going to be ranked well below teams that have 20-25 kids.

  • @Woodrow I am getting old. Why do we have a limit of 15?

  • @mayjay

    I think it has to do with KU using grey-shirt/blue-shirt recruits and giving them scholarships. It’s going to impact the numbers for a few years going forward. I think Beatty robbed piper to pay peter and the prior coaches did as well. I could be wrong but I believe that’s the gist of it

  • @mayjay Because Beaty screwed us over. He used a bunch of blue shirts and transfers last year to count us against this years class.

    I am not a expert on all of that. There are so many loopholes as far as blueshirts, greyshirts, etc…

    Meanwhile, blueshirts represent the newest loophole for FBS programs to accumulate depth while not affecting their annual numbers. Like grayshirt recruits, blueshirts are counted toward the next season’s scholarship total.

    There is one distinct difference, however. Unlike grayshirts, a blueshirt is able to enroll and participate in team events in the fall. This allows programs to get the best of both worlds: FBS schools can delay a scholarship for the following year, allowing them to over-sign beyond the 25-scholarship limit, and get the use of a prospect immediately rather than waiting until the following spring.

  • Well duh, The rankings of classes are set on 2 things, number of stars next to the name and number of names signed. As the article says they have a higher average player rating than several ahead of them, they just dont have the same number of recruits. When you can only sign 15 guys (currently 10 ) and other schools are signing 20-25, even if you had all guys rated at 4 and 5 stars it would still be a middle of the pack class. It’s just a article to take a jab at Miles, no common sense was used in writing it.

  • Baton Rouge folks ran Les out of town so they are giddy to report his supposed shortcomings. Just thought I’d share the story. I really didn’t like the people there very much. Football was all they talked about. Tonight Furman comes into the PMac to play a pretty good LSU team and there might be 10,000 fans there. I played in a Thursday night softball league that cancelled it’s season because the first Thursday before Labor Day were the first college football games and they had to stay home to watch. And don’t even get me started on their racism…

  • Much ado about nothing.

    First, comparing recruiting classes at KU with LSU in football is like comparing Missouri State and KU in basketball.

    Second, the writer states that the low ranking is based strictly on numbers and not necessarily quality of recruits; in fact, he writes that the KU recruits are ranked ahead of 32 other teams ranked overall ahead of KU. He does not seem aware that KU cannot get 25 recruits and is limited to 15.

    All things considered, I believe the class Miles is bringing is very good under the current conditions.

  • wissox said:

    Not a good look initially for Les.

    • -With the amount of time he had to be able to come in and recruit? - -He did a solid job in his recruiting time - -you give this staff a FULL YEAR to recruit kids - sit back and watch - were gonna be just fine. - Out of this group that he DID land there are some quality kids. -he got quality kids for this year where he felt he had the biggest concerns at biggest positions - -people hollering he was to heavy on JUCO’S - - not really - I think the final count was like 6-4 Juco or right there as we only was able to land Eleven in this short amount of time.

    Before Les we had ONE - - -ONE - -and we would of ended with one , and this program would of collapsed for sure. and we still have Feb to get those other 4-5.

    If people think that we are just going to become some power just because we have Les - -that’ s not going to happen. - -What is going to happen is we will get some 7-8 win season - -maybe even a 9 here and there - -we will be a very respectable program - -to where people will actually want to take a Saturday and go watch a competitive game.

    But for people to think that his recruits that he got - is less then expected - or not good they just don’t get it - -He did fine for the amount of time he had. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Can’t say he was left a cupboard of recruits to try and retain. Tough spot to be in so close to the early period. What is KU looking to get this cycle? Can they sign 25?

    NO I think 15 is what they were saying. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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