Mexico misses out on the Game of the year?

  • Chiefs and Rams game moved to LA

    Kind of wandering if is this right place to move the game. It’s a Ram home game but with all the fires out there? Not sure.

  • Good.

  • Fires aren’t that close to LA stadium, as fires are NW of LA proper. Smoke has mainly been blown toward the ocean. About 40% contained. I suspect it will be mostly contained by game time. The issue could be wind direction, pushing the smoke toward the field.

    Stadium will be full, if the word can get out.

    Great game pending!

  • @Gorilla72 giving tickets out to firefighters and first responders!🙏

  • The Rams practice field in Thousand Oaks was only 3 miles from the fires a few days ago, and the firefighters dug an interdiction ditch across the street. 90 players and staffers had to be relocated to hotels as far away as Santa Barbara. Their coach gave game balls on Sunday to the staff members who worked all night getting all that done.

    Edit: this info came from Peter King’s NFL column, now on after he left SI.

  • Very scary situation in Cali right now, prayers to the firemen trying to contain the fire and all of those effected by the fire. It will be an interesting game, I see it playing out similar to the game @ New England.

  • Air quality could be an issue for this game.

    We may see guys needing to take breathers more often, as even if the wind direction is ideal, the air quality will probably be low with all of the smoke in the area. It should be a good game, but it could have some interesting moments because you can’t really condition to breathe in that type of situation.

  • @justanotherfan How fast do you think Hill can run down the field with an oxygen tank?

  • @justanotherfan

    The air quality for LA is currently rated as fair which is normal for the city. The prevailing wind direction in the area is SW to NE or away from LA except for the Santa Ana winds that are East to West. Air quality should not be an issue unless there is a drastic change in wind direction and increase in fires.

  • dylans said:

    @justanotherfan How fast do you think Hill can run down the field with an oxygen tank?

    Still probably faster than me.

  • @justanotherfan lol faster than me too; even when I‘m not hobbled.

  • Air Quality Index is LA today is 133! Unhealthy!

    Moderate = 50-100

    Unhealthy for sensitive groups is 101-150.


  • I could never live in the LA area with the smog and air quality, The LA Coliseum is pretty much junk as well lol.

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