KU vs Vermont

  • Monday’s Opponent, home opener.

    Very familiar with this Vermont team over the years being from the state myself.

    They lost a ton from last years squad. They were upset in the finals of their conference tourney in the final seconds against UMBC who then when on to make history beating Virginia.

    Normally VT is very good in their league (31-1) last two years - Not a typo by the way.

    Becker, their coach is really good for this level and has recently turned out some really sound defensive teams. They had Kentucky on the ropes in Rupp last year before blowing the game in the final minute.

    This years squad though is lacking talent to compete with the KU’s of the world. They have 3 brothers on the team, the Duncan’s which I’m wondering if its a record? 3 brothers on the same team at the same time? The oldest Duncan is a 3 pt specialist with over 200 3’s in his career. The middle Duncan can shoot as well and will be asked to take on a significantly greater role with all the graduations from last year. The youngest has been rumored to be the best of the 3. Their best player Anthony Lamb, missed a big portion of last year with an injury but VT was so deep and had a veteran squad that they didn’t miss a beat. He’s a candidate to score 20 a game for them this year. He’s a bruising big man with a body like Bonzie Colson & George Niang. He’s only 6’6 which limits him against the P5 teams but in his league he’ll be very difficult to stop.

    There is no way this game is close. Should be one of the easier games KU has all year


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  • I’m up for as many tough games as possible. I hope Vermont comes out and hits us with a haymaker to start the game and we have to do some fighting. I want to get the Frosh prepped early.

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    @JAYHAWKFAN214 - CAPS lock key stuck again?


  • @Kcmatt7

    The only way It happens is if KU just lays an egg. We just have way too much size at every position for them. They will defend but if they keep it under 30 they should be happy. They are breaking in 7 or 8 freshman, sophomores this yr

  • @BeddieKU23 How did I forget that you were from there? I lived in Burlington area for 3 years. I loved it there.

  • @BeddieKU23 Kenpom says KU by 22 ftr.

  • BShark said:

    @BeddieKU23 Kenpom says KU by 22 ftr.

    That’s about right. It shouldn’t be close. Vermont doesn’t have the horses this year to compete

  • Vermont won their opener on the road 78-72. Lamb had 19, 14 rb & 4 blocks. They got 20+ from their new PG who had some flashes last year and looks improved for this year.

  • Vegas has installed us as 18.5 point favorites.

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