ISU Game

  • Clint Bowen’s defense is back to normal today.

  • Robinson blew that one. Pretty good summary of Kabsas football.

  • 2 dropped TD’s on that drive. Offensive play calling hasn’t been bad today, receivers just aren’t making some catches they should be.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    The dropped TD passes were momentum killers.

  • Bender has actually been on the money on several throws that were dropped. @Texas-Hawk-10 they also missed a offsides that should’ve been an easy call.

  • Way too many drops and mental mistakes today so far today on offense.

  • 2 time-outs already burned by Beaty and multiple pre snap penalties. Poor coaching yet again, SMH. ISU may hold us scoreless.

  • kjayhawks said:

    2 time-outs already burned by Beaty and multiple pre snap penalties. Poor coaching yet again, SMH. ISU may hold us scoreless.

    Could happen. Very good defense and defensive coaches vs an inept offense.

  • Outside of 2 great catches by ISU the defense hasn’t been terrible, that one Hassan Defense was in position for a pick but a 5”10 guy ain’t gonna out jump a 6”5 guy. Offense must score here or it’s gonna get ugly.

  • @kjayhawks The pre snap penalties aren’t poor coaching. Those are on the players not knowing the snap count or the formation. Those aren’t on Beaty.

  • Robinson is having a horrible game so far.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I disagree, you don’t see any other team in America doing that, that’s is something that should they work on daily. Either that or our players are flatout the stupidest guys in the history of D1 football.

  • Robinson may get MVP for ISU at this rate ruin 2 drives.

  • @kjayhawks Explain how not knowing the snap count or what the formation is falls on Beaty? Those are mental mistakes that fall 100% on the player at every level of football. When Bender calls the play and someone lines up wrong, that’s on the player, not the coach.

    If it was penalties such as holding or other physical mistakes, then that’s on the coaching staff to teaching a poor technique.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 We worked on snap counts daily when I was playing. It’s the staffs job to make sure the players know where to be and also if half the players don’t know the snap count, I’d say they ain’t running practice like a staff that has a brain. Half of KSUs lines are Walk ons with very little athletic ability can do it no excuses for our guys. When I played we hammered and hammered on fundamentals daily. That pretty much all we did was work on simple stuff and run stadiums. Maybe my coach was fool, he won 12 straight district titles and I was in a group that lost a single game in a 6 year span. Bill Self has stated on several occasions how much they work on fundamentals.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’ll agree to disagree with you. 90% of this teams issues are on the coaching side. A decent coach probably has 5 wins before today with this team.

  • @kjayhawks A coach can tell a player a snap count all day long and what the formation is all day long. A coach can’t be on the field during a game though. At some point, a player has to know what they’re doing when it matters. Mental mistakes like not knowing a snap count or a formation fall 100% in the player because that means the player doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    I coach 8th grade football right now. Players who can’t figure out a snap count or where to line up don’t see the field much because I can only tell them I-Right, Shotgun left, Pistol-flex so many times before they’re expected to know where to line up when they hear the formation without the coach telling them where to line up.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Right, I’m just saying how is it that no other team in the nation he’ll even a 2 win NAIA team I watched last weekend don’t have this problem. I guess you’re middle schoolers and any team I’ve ever played on are way smarter than these fools on our team or maybe they don’t know the snap count because they weren’t told or because there is no reason our rhime to it.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @Texas-Hawk-10 I disagree, you don’t see any other team in America doing that, that’s is something that should they work on daily. Either that or our players are flatout the stupidest guys in the history of D1 football.

    Who says they DON’T work on that every day? -just lie anything else in these sports - -they might work on it everyday - but then game day - -that’s not Beaty

  • @kjayhawks There’s plenty of teams that make those same kind of mental mistakes that KU has made today. Those teams are also at the bottom of their conference standings as well.

    There’s a reason why coaches get so livid over those kind of mistakes and not the physical mistakes. False starts, offsides, illegal formations are the penalties that frustrate coaches the most because those are mental errors on the end of the player because the player didn’t know what he was doing.

  • @jayballer73 well then I’d say we should keep Coach Beaty obviously these players are too stupid to play football really at any level if thats the case.

  • @kjayhawks If there’s not a specific snap count said in the huddle, then it’s on whatever their normal call is.

  • Some are looking at this like it’s another blowout- -which we really haven’t had this year. Like has been mentioned truthfully – this should be a 20-13 game at the half

    Robinson dropping a wide open TD pass - -there is 7 - - -Robinson gets stripped in pretty deep ISU territory - -taking at the least 3 from us-- if not a possible 7 if he wouldn’t of fumbled - - and then the 3 we DID get at the end of the half

    Defense shutting them down on a goal line stop forcing them a Field goal instead of TD - - -even though it’s 20-3 really could easily be ALOT closer

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’ve been following/playing football for over 20 years. I have never seen even watching my nephews pop Warner league a team have so much trouble pre snap, year after year, game after game as we do. But yes it’s not coaching at all. I think you and I have a completely different style of coaching. I’ve never met a person that doesn’t think Beaty is a idiot.

  • kjayhawks said:

    @jayballer73 well then I’d say we should keep Coach Beaty obviously these players are too stupid to play football really at any level if thats the case.

    I don’t know you tell me , whatever makes you feel good

  • @jayballer73 well which is then? These players, several which have been different during Beatys time have made the same mistakes so of it’s not on the guy that coached all of these players than they are some dumb guys.

  • @jayballer73 it’s kinda like training someone for a job, if your trainer has had everyone hired making mistakes, you either are hiring some terrible people or your trainer sucks. I’ll go with ladder with KU football.

  • @kjayhawks Number of penalties committed has very little to do with KU’s W-L record this year. KU has actually been middle of the pack in that regard this year. Not knowing a snap count or where to line up in a formation is not an indictment on Beaty’s ability as a coach. Here’s a few teams that are currently sub 100 in most penalties per game, but are still in contention to win a conference title: Michigan (106), UCF (109), Texas (113), Washington St. (115), San Diego St. (116), Ohio St. (119), Florida (124), and Cincinnati (125).

    Even in the NFL, the two most penalized teams (Steelers and Chiefs) are currently leading their divisions.

    David Beaty isn’t going to lose his job over the mental mistake penalties that have plagued KU today. He’s going to be fired because he has failed at coming up with effective game plans that can win games. He has also demonstrated a lack of patience with his coaching staff to keep those who haven’t left for other jobs stay in their roles a develop that stability that is necessary to win. It’s not a coincidence that KU’s best position group is the position where KU has had the same guy for 3 years and that’s Tony Hull with the running backs.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’m not just talking about penalties, I’m talking about using 2 timeouts in the first 7 minutes of the first quarter. I’m saying pre snap issues in general are on Beaty mostly. You will never ever convince me that that is not the case. I will never convince you and @jayballer73 that any of this on Beaty.

  • @kjayhawks Beaty didn’t use 2 timeouts in the first 7 minutes though. On that last drive when KU got their FG, they had 2 timeouts left. The refs stopped one of those plays to review the spot, that wasn’t a timeout in the first quarter.

    If you want blame the procedure of getting the plays into the offense and not giving Bender enough time to make pre snap reads, along with other clock and game management issues, those 100% fall on Beaty and the staff and I will never argue differently about those issues.

    I will however always blame the player and not the coach for penalties like false starts, illegal formations, offsides on the defense, because those are penalties that result from the player making a mental mistake because they aren’t focused. That’s not something a coach can do for a player.

  • Whatever good will was built last week is gone now.

  • KU left 21 points on the field today with the Robinson and Booker drops early in the game and the last two drive they couldn’t score from the 1.

    Defense actually played pretty well outside of those two TD’s in the first quarter.

  • If we had any type of offense we’d be sitting at 6 wins right row, defense played good enough to beat Baylor, ISU and Nichols. The offensive guru of Beaty is a damn joke with the talent he has.

  • Why we ran pooka up the middle all day is mind boggling, we didn’t even try most of the screens that worked last week or any outside runs for him, Neaty maybe the nicest guy alive but his football IQ maybe the lowest of any coach at any level.

  • Clemson has hung 77 points on Louisville.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 “…those are penalties that result from the player making a mental mistake because they aren’t focused. That’s not something a coach can do for a player.”

    An exception should exist, however, if repetitive movement penalties by different players indicate the coaches are not getting everybody on the same page on timing.

  • kjayhawks said:

    Clemson has hung 77 points on Louisville.

    Yeah…Louisville isn’t good. Time for Petrino to go tbh.

    Clemson is a great counterpoint to the point of a certain poster that it’s all predetermined and blah blah blah shadow cabal determines who is good*. Clemson had some good seasons here and there but was relatively meh before Dabo Swinney. I took him until his 4th year to get it going, then they were close but no cigar for the next 4 years. They have been an absolute national power the last 4 seasons with no signs of slowing down.

    *Of course somehow KU hoops is not part of the shadow cabal and is fighting the power. 😉

  • Offense is too predictable and the couple of times when receivers got wide open could not hold on to the ball.

  • @mayjay KU hasn’t been making a lot of those mistakes this year though. KU has been middle of the pack in penalties this year.

  • I thought today’s game was the worst!

  • Was this game the last straw as far as Coach Beaty? Will he be let go now or wait until the end of the season? Will he be allowed to coach against KSU which is the only game left with a chance of a win?

    I say he is allowed to coach the next game and if KU wins he is allowed to finish the season but a loss to KSU and he is probably fired right afterwards and spared the two likely spankings against OU and UT. Thoughts?

  • Beaty is gone. Announcement tomorrow.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Why let someone else take Beaty’s shellacking? I’m not sure there is anything to gain. He’ll likely be on the sideline for the remainder of the season.

  • @dylans

    Let the man leave with some dignity and then have an assistant coach act as interim HC and blame the situation as an excuse for the spanking in the last two games. This will not be a Mangino-like firing when there were off the field issues, this is just a W-L issue. It also sends a message, to anyone that might be even remotely interested, that the Football HC position at KU is officially open.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I figured the respectful thing to do is let him finish out, not fire him mid-season. hmm

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    I thought today’s game was the worst!

    Not for the defense. - Defense did well today. -Other then two plays early in the 1st quarter they did very well. - -The 2nd half was 7-0 - -with a goal line stop -sacks and TFL’S

    The offense on the other hand stayed home today. - - dropped easy Td pass ( 7 )- – - -Drive in deep ISU Robinson catch and stripped ( 3 or 7 ) - two 1st and goal’s - - we get nothing ( 3 or 7 ) - -Herbert has a good day

    You consider the last 3 games for Iowa State they have scored 48 , 30 , 41 , - -today they score 27. - - their scoring average their last 3 games - -39.3 - - - their yardage the last 3 games 461.2 - -today right at 100 yards less – -So the Defense for sure did their part. - - plus 1 of those big touchdowns by Butler - -Hasan was right there with him - - only thing Butler 6’6 - -Defense almost a ft smaller.

    Offense ? - -I don’t even can count how many low snaps the center gave Bender - just screwed every thing up. - None of this makes anything any better - -but the defense held up pretty well

  • KSU lost to TCU. lol

  • Battle for the basement next week is gonna be lit

  • @dylans

    Texas and Oklahoma will be looking for style points towards a potential bid on the Final Four so it will not be pretty.

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