Boston vs California

  • So Bean town and Cali are trying to dominate the pro finals.

    RedSox vs Dodgers WS

    Warriors vs Celtics NBA finals

    NE vs LA Super Bowl

    All possible. 🤮

  • Just how the TV providers like it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Baseball has always been a game in which most of the actual playing time features a lot of people standing around waiting for something to happen. Now each game features a lot of people standing around waiting for the game to resume so they can stand around waiting for something to happen.

    Very funny but true.

  • Did anyone else stay up for the whole games last night? I thought it was worth every minute… Anyone who is unhappy with all the interruptions and delays should do what I do–get a good, light mystery or something else you can read for a couple minutes at a time. (I can’t imagine what it is like to sit in stadium seats that long, though!) The idea of changing rules to end games in fewer innings would destroy baseball forever. IMNSHO!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thanks for that. I’m beyond aggravated at MLB. I know a 18 inning game is an exception, but it is starting to make me rethink my fandom. I’m sick and tired, especially tired of games dragging on forever. They pay lip service to it every year like they’re going to do something about it. I seriously wish the fans would just stop going to games and watching on TV. MLB is too friggin greedy to understand the damage they’re doing to the game. The author of that column Stephen Chapman has been at the trib forever, not even a sports writer, but he gets it way more than Rob Manfred and Bud Selig before him ever did.

  • @wissox I feel the same way about football. Who has 3 hours to watch a game in the middle of the day? I catch the replay on YouTube if there is one. You can see every single play in 10-15 minutes.

    …now for KU basketball. Why are the games so short? 2 hours up to 40 times a year is not nearly enough action!

  • @dylans You can save more time by just looking online at the end of the day for the scores!

    Just kidding you. I realize most people have less time to spend than us retired folks. If our gkids were nearby, we’d have to compress watching time, too.

    As it is, we enjoy spending a few hours each day. The breaks in long games give us lots of chances to read, talk, prep meals, etc. Or to keep replaying bad plays and yell at the screen sometimes!

  • @mayjay I love the box scores and have since I fist got into sports. Sometimes I enjoy them more than the (baseball) game. You are 💯% right when I have time to kill it’s not so bad, but I have less spare time lately.

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