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  • Well, I’d bet on an upset in Manhattan this weekend now. Type of Snyder move that somehow changes their entire season…

  • Snyder sees the writing on the wall that KSU football is heading for a potential down cycle. He’s probably done after this season (just a hunch), so he’s not worried about the future. KU may not beat KSU this season, but there’s definitely a chance to topple them next year in Lawrence.

  • @justanotherfan It would be great timing to see Snyder step down after this season. Playing at KSU just doesn’t have the same feel when you’re not going their to play for a Legend. Could be one of those periods where KU becomes the local “powerhouse” again.

  • That’s the snyder my sons friends have talked about from their playing days, treating players like crap.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 For some reason, the best coaches always do. They aren’t sentimental. Able to make decisions without getting feelings involved.

  • I mean, Bellichick thinks he could do what he’s done without Brady lol.

  • @Kcmatt7 I know that, but that’s not what I mean.

  • Snyder want his son to take over but the school wants to look at other options. He will coach as long as the school refuse to give the HC job to his son.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I just hear the fans don’t want him. He must be really bad. I feel like they could do so much worse, and they did! Is there another coach in their system that they want over Sean?

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    Snyder want his son to take over but the school wants to look at other options. He will coach as long as the school refuse to give the HC job to his son.

    YEP. This has been a point of contention for awhile now.

  • Everyone’s pipe dream is Venables. But he might be waiting for something else because he could have left Clemson already if he really wanted to be a HC. I don’t understand Bill trying to force his son into that job. This isn’t a family business lol.

  • Venables understands that he can’t recruit the kind of athletes he needs to compete for national titles to K-State. The worst thing to happen to KSU’s hopes to get Venables was getting the Clemson job. He’s the second highest paid assistant in the country and can win titles at Clemson. He won’t make much more money at K-State, won’t have the recruiting resources, and won’t compete for national titles. He has no reason to take that job, especially when he could get an ACC or SEC job (Tennessee? Florida? Virginia Tech?) that allows him to build his own program with access to recruiting turf he couldn’t even touch at K-State.

  • @Kcmatt7 This KSU team just looks different. I don’t think they are going to turn their season around. Before the season everyone thought this was a 8-10 win team. I heard former players on the radio talking about how this team should challenge OU for the conference championship. Reality is this team is just not very good. I would be very surprised if they beat Texas this weekend.

    I remember before the Miss St game national pundits talking about how this is the game Snyder wins, the spread is way too high, etc… Then they got steam rolled. Just doesn’t seem like this is nearly as talented as people thought, and now there seems to be some decisiveness.

  • @Woodrow oh I think they suck.

    But this is the stuff of Legends. It just would happen because Old Balls commanded it to. One of those unexplainable phenomena. 10 years from now KSU fans will be talking about that season where Snyder switches QBs 4 games in and magically makes it to the Conference Championship game and a BCS Bowl on the shoulders of Alex Delton.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Snyder has fought the talent deficit for years and has been successful more often than not. This year may be different though, because their defense just doesn’t have playmakers, and, other than Zuber, their offense is fairly easy to contain. If not for Zuber, KSU is 1-3 right now, and maybe coming off being shut out against WVU.

    The alarms in Manhattan aren’t going off yet because they believe Snyder can fix it (and maybe they are right), but he doesn’t have many playmakers and he can’t scheme his way to victory over teams like OSU, OU and TCU when they have better athletes.

    He will beat Baylor and KU because he can scheme his way to wins there, and he will probably knock off Tech and Iowa State as well to qualify for a bowl. But beyond maybe beating Texas, I can’t find another win on the schedule for them, and good luck if they lose one of those toss up games against Tech or ISU, or if KU or Baylor can trip them up.

  • @justanotherfan I agree with everything you said. I’m not telling you I think they are any good.

    All I’m saying, is Snyder is the type of guy who pulls a hat out of his ass and a rabbit out of that hat.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    There are several coaches that got their start as assistants at KSU under Snyder and some have been fairly successful. The KSU football program is very profitable. a lot more so than KU, and I would think they can be very competitive salary wise with other major programs. The problem is recruiting to Manhattan, something that even Snyder with all his success has not done; however, he has been very successful finding lower ranked players that developed into very good players and no question he is a really good coach.

  • The guy KSU wants to replace Snyder is Jim Leavitt. There was a story last year that the KSU president and boosters offered Leavitt a deal, that he reportedly accepted, to take the KSU job this year, but Snyder rejected the deal because he wants Sean to take over one day. Leavitt even has a special clause in his contract that he doesn’t have to pay Oregon a buyout if he leaves if he’s leaving for the KSU head coaching position.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I remember reading the same thing. It is kind i sad that as much as Snyder has done for the KSU football program now he feels he owns it.

    He retired and came back and dictated terms for everything, has the stadium named after him and even owns the rights to the Powercat logo (and royalties) which I still find it difficult to understand how this happened, and now, he is willing to ruin his legacy just to get his son named HC; he would be better off getting him a generous buyout and move on. If he continues to insist on his terms and the programs goes down, all the good works he has done and his own legacy and good will with the fan base will be undoubtedly damaged, maybe beyond repair.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    While KSU football is profitable, I am not sure how much they can truly pay a football coach.

    Snyder makes about $3.2M a year, which is a very good salary. That ranks him 35th among FBS coaches, which is solidly middle of the road in P5 conferences and in the Big 12 (6th in conference).

    While that is enough to attract a non-P5 conference coach, or a coach with KSU ties, it isn’t enough to just pile money on the table to make an offer that no one can refuse.

    K-State isn’t a recruiting magnet. It’s not in the type of city that would draw a big time coach. That job is not an automatic winner of a job.

    If Snyder leaves, there’s no guarantee that the KSU program can recover. There’s a chance KSU football goes into a tough down cycle.

  • @Kcmatt7 I would think that I have a better shot at winning the lottery than KSU does at Venables. He not only makes as much as Snyder does being an assistant but his buy out is massive. KSU just wants to be profitable in athletics. They are not going to spend a ton of money for a sexy hire in any sport. If Snyder leaves in the next few years and KU gets a decent coach, KSU is headed back to basement. Most of the KSU fans I know are ready for a change and want to try to get to the next level. Let’s be honest KSU wins of its games at home against teams a P5 team should beat. They have pulled some upsets but Snyder hasn’t been near as good in his second tenure outside of 2012, part of which is playing all the B12 teams every season and not 3 or 4 cupcakes to start. Think about how weak the north was for years after Nebraska started to trend down, an average P5 team would’ve won 8 or 9 games. The question becomes does KSU pull the trigger? Snyder doesn’t want to retire unless his son is named the coach, he just signed an extension. Can you force him to retire? Could you fire a guy that has been the only success at a failing program that your stadium is named after?

  • @kjayhawks

    I did not mention Venables so perhaps your post was meant for someone else.

    Having said that, KSU football make considerably more than KU football and if KU can afford to pay the current HC and also former coaches (are those payments finally over???) then KSU can afford at least one million or two over what it pays Snyder…that ought to get a pretty decent coach. 😈

  • @JayHawkFanToo haha my bad, KU hasn’t been paying anyone but Beaty for quite sometime, Gill was due his immediately after firing, we paid Weis for a couple of seasons. Also Beaty is the lowest paid coach in the B12 and KU gets the same share of cash as KSU from the conference. Add that into paying Snyder double what Beaty gets I highly doubt they are raking in that much more than KU in football.

  • @kjayhawks

    Don’t forget that KU paid Mangino as well. Recently KU has paid more coaches not to coach than coached to actually coach.

    KSU makes considerably more than KU in tickets sales and football revenues in general.

  • @kjayhawks That’s why I said it was their fan’s pipe dream.

  • They just gave Snyder a 5 year extension. He isn’t going anywhere barring a stroke.

  • There is zero chance Snyder finishes out that contract. I think next year will be his last year.

  • @Woodrow

    I agree. The contract extension was done solely to show program stability but unlikely he finishes that contract. He already had a cancer scare and he should really concentrate on enjoying his family and retirement. My guess is tha in the next couple of years he will “resign/retire” while his contract is fully honored and KSU will move with a HC that will not be his son.

  • Snyder is stubborn enough that he’ll coach until he dies if Sean isn’t made his successor.

  • I was reading yesterday that Snyder was getting pretty snippy in his old age at his press conference. Told some “Just write whatever the Hell you want” after dodging several questions about why Thompson isn’t the guy going forward. I honesty wonder if he isn’t starting to lose a step mentally.

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