Ok , this is getting out of hand.

  • Ok so now I’m speaking out. Everyone here knows that I’m a Breen Bay - I caught hell about it people pretty much talking smack and such because yes I happen to like Teams that had glory or won quite a bit in the past. - -Pretty much a cherry picker I guess what people were trying to say - -to which I say in response screw that think what you want I could give a rats ass le give me hell cause I like the Yankees - -give me hell cause I’ve been a Packer fan since I was a kid - that’s ok I’m a big boy I can take it. - But what I’m here for to speak out about has nothing to do with that - what I’m pissed about is this:

    This rule that the NFL is trying to enforce this year has become a complete farse - -a fricken joke. - Are you fricken kidding me ? - The call they made today on Clay Matthews was just total bullshit. That was a classic sack nothing more then that - -excellent play and they call roughing the passer - -BULLSHIT. - Now the other two that Clay has had called - -ok maybe possibly , I was pissed at hell at him for the call on him against Minnesota - -he cost us huge in that game - -but TODAY? there is no fricking way that call should be made - this is getting insane. -Clay voiced his opinion on it after the game if you haven’t seen it you can watch it on ESPN repay of the play - that was a football hit - nothing intentional about trying to hurt Smith at all. Clay spoke out about how the NFL is trying to change things and he is far from alone as a lot of other players are very unhappy on this.

    The way the rule reads as they stated " The defender lands with all or most of the defenders weight on the passer" - -Well what in the hell do you think will happen? - -He is coming in full speed on a bliz - hits him square tackles him and takes him to the ground. - There is no melacious intent there it’s a FOOTBALL play. - We all get that they are trying to protect their QB’S, but they are tying the defense hands this crap is crazy - -how is a guy suppose to ease up from a full blitz? - Like Clay saidif he wanted to if he was trying to take him outhe could of went a little different- -says it’s confusing.

    Clay says our ( Green Bay’s QB Aaron gets suflexed earlier in the game by a Washington player and nothing gets called and yet they penalize Clay late? - They asked the referee about the Rodgers hit and he says he couldn’t see through 14 players - -get the hell out of here with that shit - your in the same backfield as Clays hit was later wasn’t you? - You not in position in the Rodgers hit? - - - Clay says it’s really confusing for the defense. He says I’ve been playing this game for over 20 years and now we have to learn new - -He said I made a football play that’s it - -It’s a bunch of crap PERIOD

  • This is some absolute shit against Clay.

  • BShark said:

    This is some absolute shit against Clay.

    for sure. - -I mean again the 1st one he had called was some what questionable - - last week yes he screwed up - -Today? – there is no way in hell that call should of been made. - They are just getting out of hand on this. It’s football for GOD’S sakes - Football is a physical game if you can’t take the hits get out of the game. - -THAT was a clean hit.

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  • I absolutely hate the rules. But the NFL can’t have a season go by without creating some sort of ridiculous controversy based on rules they themselves created.

    QBs just need to start wearing flags if they are so worried about them getting hurt and ruining the high scoring passing league they are trying to build. Already this season, Gabbert, Mariota, Taylor, Rodgers, Jimmy G and Bradford have gotten hurt. So the rules they are putting on the QB just aren’t working. They either need to make that position non-contact or they need to just go back to 100% contact and having an iron man back there is just part of the deal. But this inbetween thing sucks

  • @Kcmatt7 Agree. - - What’s next? - -roughing the running back? - Good point , ya let’s just put flags on the QB - OR how about painting a message on their jersey - -do not touch- it’s just crazy. Your asking players to stop doing what they have been doing all their lives - things that got them where their at now. - Quit pampering this guys - - IT’S FOOTBALL for GOD’S sakes - - - it’s going to be physical

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  • @JayHawkFanToo LMAO - - now that’s funny stuff right there. - However your probably right, I mean look at the pic of these guys you posted - -decent size guys but yet flag football - -spot on with this pic. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Just read a pretty good article on this whole dam thing written by Kevin Bailard . Brought out some very good points some of what he said 👍

    " The NFL has developed a serious officiating problem " He says people just want something familiar, the version of football America loved and avidly consumed for generations. Now for many players the situation could not be more frustrating , as many of them are just trying to do their jobs. What was once routine plays are now being penalized with 15 yard infractions.

    He says and which I agree 100 % The NFL is trying to remove violence from an inherently violent sport , and were sometimes left with a product that is unrecognizable. He says many fans feel Clay Mathews frustration , with some of these calls , it’s starting to feel like the officials play a larger role on the outcome of a game then the players themselves. - Clay says he feels that the NFL is trying to take this game and move it in a direction that many don’t like. - He says he feels they are getting soft. ( Reference the flag football lol )

    What once was a routine sack or hit on a QB is now a 15 yard infraction - – a fresh set of downs. - - -Last year no one knew what a CATCH was, - - THIS YEAR - no one knows what a legal sack is

    Their asking players to change what they have done their entire lives , what your going to have is Coach’s are going to get to the point - -players are going to get to a point that they are going to be afraid to call a blitz - or carry out a blitz - these players are getting fined thousands of dollars for trying to do their jobs

  • The NFL is simply trying to figure out how to reduce the dangers in a violent sport. There will be adjustments as they struggle to balance all the considerations.

    Meanwhile, does anyone think that it isn’t worth trying to avoid this–

    Georgia high school football player dies after sustaining a head injury in a game - CNN


    All the “No one made him do it” or “They have pussified the game” comments cannot make a real tragedy go away.

  • @mayjay

    When you think about it, it is amazing that in what is considered to be an enlightened society a sport that violent still exist in its current form. Numerous studies have documented the long term negative effects of the many hits players are exposed; some younger players are walking away from the game after a couple of years citing the risk. Players are getting bigger, faster and stronger and the risks are increasing as well. Too much money at stake so the sport will be around for a while; very few players would make the money they make doing anything else other than football.

    When the NFL plays in Europe, players are seen as gladiators walking into the arena risking their lives; perhaps an accurate description albeit one that many fans will not even consider.

  • @mayjay ya these kinds of things need to try to be avoided. - However the way they are calling this abusing the rule is insane. - Officials really not sure how to call the game. Just like an article said - -last year or year before whatever - -they had trouble in how to rule on what constitutes a catch - this yesar their inconsistency of rougher the passer is causing players not knowing how to attack or play.

    Coach’s understand the rule - - players understand the rule - -Fans understand the rule - -what these people, DON’T UNDERSTAND is the way the ref’s are calling the rule - - INCONSISTENCY. - -Why are they calling it inconsistent ? - - Because hell they don’t really understand the rule themselves. I mean and I’m gonna use Green Bay being a fan of theirs I’ve seen Aaron get tossed around like a rag doll - -Nothing which this incident has been brought up so it’s not just me - -and yet other times the defender barely lays a hand on the QB - - and it gets called. - Like articles are saying if your gonna go that route - -let’s just put a red jersey on the QB for no contact - - or go to flag football. - -like the article said - -Football is a violent sport - -always has been , been a contact sport. - Your asking players to change the way they have played for 20 yrs like Clay Matthews said.

    The rule might be fine - -the way their calling it - -abusing it is not. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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