• Today in Waco we will see if KU football really has really turned a corner and become competitive in the Big 12. Our defense must be successful to get a win over Baylor. Baylor plays two QBs, each of whom has been intercepted. I don’t expect two pick six gifts like last week, but I do see our defense playing with more confidence and aggression. We’ve got to show we can pressure the QB and our defensive backs can cover the skilled Bears’ receivers. A great defensive effort is necessary to win this game.

    So, if our offense stacks together several first downs on each series and keeps the Baylor offense off the field, KU football will be competitive today and just may pull off the upset. I really like that our rushing offense has controlled the ball, but we must get the passing offense going. I look forward to everyone’s comments during the game. Rock Chalk.

  • With Bender starting, I give us a .01% chance of winning.

  • @Kcmatt7 Starting doesn’t mean he’ll play the whole game though. It also could help by announcing that your “passing” QB is starting to keep Baylor from game planning to load up the box early.

  • Seems like both coaches are playing for their jobs. The team that wins lives to fight another day and move on and the loser likely headed to the bottom of the conference.

  • @JayHawkFanToo agree. Loser goes home lol.

  • It’s our Bohemian Rhapsody moment…is it real life…is it just fantasy… Now, it seems like that KU football has an opposite effect than basketball with my picks. When I say they’ll win, they lose. When I say they’ll lose, they win ( a little like bshark in basketball ), so in order to make sure KU wins today, I am predicting THEY LOSE.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    With Bender starting, I give us a .01% chance of winning.

    you know what? - - I think I’d even start Stanley in place of Bender - ya maybe Bender MIGHT and I say MIGHT throw a little better BUT Stanley is a hell of a lot more mobile - play Stanley and Kendrick with Kendrick the majority

  • I’m fine with Bender starting. Our pass offense just has to improve and he gives us the best chance of the necessary improvement. I sure hope Bender practiced the fade pattern this week and gets to throw it successfully several times. I thought Kendrick’s play last week was good enough to make him the starter, but Bender adds a level of stability to the offense. Kendrick’s available if Bender makes mistakes. I think today’s success comes down to how long the offense can hold onto the ball and how much the defense resembles its play the last two weeks.

  • @jayballer73 not a stanley fan myself.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    @jayballer73 not a stanley fan myself.

    that’s ok - -not offended lol - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 to me it just shows that this staff isn’t seeing the obvious. It sends conflicting messages to a guy like Kendrick, who at some point has to ask himself what more he can do to win the spot.

  • Mercy Nebraska getting their butts handed to then in a hat. - Michigan up 30-with only about 6 minutes gone in the 2nd half

  • Things that we need to see changed today: - -Over the last 8 yrs against Baylor we been outscored 399-102. - - - We have never scored more then 14 points in the last 6 years - - —we have been beat by 27 pts in 7 of the games and Baylor is averaging just a shade of under 50 points a game against us - This is what has TO STOP. - This is where we have to show we have made improvement.

    Baylor is giving up like 187 yards rushing a game - -you know they are going to force us to pass let’s see that improvement show that we can compete against better competition. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


    Buffalo is beating Rutgers 28-6

  • @jayballer73 I’m watching a lot of the Georgia/Missouri game. I watched the Georgia freshman QB, Jake Fromm on the Netflix series QB1 and want to see how he does in the SEC.

  • stoptheflop said:

    @jayballer73 I’m watching a lot of the Georgia/Missouri game. I watched the Georgia freshman QB, Jake Fromm on the Netflix series QB1 and want to see how he does in the SEC.

    Great game. Missouri is playing better but shooting themselves in the foot. Classic Missouri.

  • @Kcmatt7 Kendrick really hasn’t done anything to earn the job though. He’s an average at best runner and his passing accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. He may have completed that fade to Booker last week, but he under threw that pass badly. He’s also put some passes in spots that better defenders would have picked off.

    I’m not calling Bender a great passer because he’s not, but let’s not pretend like Kendrick is the second coming.

    The only reason why the 2 QB system is working this year so far is because Kendrick can decently run, but he’s not going to be good running against speedy Big 12 defenses that will just spy him and keep him from gaining yards.

  • Anyone else watching Mayfield at Cleveland? Our QB needs a little of that Mayfield attitude when on the field. That guy knows he’s going to get it done.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 But his ability to extend plays and pickup 3rd downs that Bender has no chance at picking up on his feet will carry this offense further than Bender can. Kendrick also forces a spy, meaning one less guy in coverage.

    We aren’t going to pass the ball well no matter who is at QB. But one is clearly the better runner. Bender looks like a 5.5 40 yard dash.

  • @Kcmatt7 Kendrick is averaging 3.6 yards per rush. His running ability isn’t so significantly better than Bender’s that he has clearly separated himself at this point. He might be able to avoid a couple of sacks that Bender can’t, but he’s not someone who will punish teams with his feet either.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Still 6 yards better per rush than Bender. In limited time, better Y/A from Kendrick. An avoided sack is the difference between a long drive and a punt. The only way we upset anyone is ball control and extending drives that eat clock. Bender isn’t going to do that. Even if we score more points with Bender, they aren’t as meaningful because they are going to come from quick strikes that put the D right back on the field.

    We are more likely to win a game where the offense scores 21 points and limits possessions than a game we score 35 with a ton of possessions. Bender is not going to take us for long drives and win the field possession battle.

  • I have a tough time listening to Coach Beaty. I’ve completely lost confidence in him. During his pregame comments he said this year’s team is focused on running the ball to keep control of time of possession. Also, focusing on not turning the ball over. Finally, that the offensive line has legitimate 2 deeps now and has made the most strides from last year.

  • Beaty is a goober.

  • @Kcmatt7 You seriously think 21 points regardless of the number of possessions is winning very many B12 games?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 We certainly aren’t winning a track meet with anyone in the B12 into the 30s. And we aren’t scoring 5 TDs no matter who is at QB.

    I don’t think we win a B12 game. The debate is who gives you the best chance at winning. Or, realistically speaking, keeping a game close. The QB who can give us the most time of possession is the QB who will give us the best chance at winning a B12 game. That player is Kendrick.

  • And I’ll be happy to admit I was wrong if today goes well.

  • @Kcmatt7 After looking good against OU last week, I State looked very average today against Akron. Average, unless the Zips are better than you’d normally think.

  • @stoptheflop Akron is a really good team

  • @stoptheflop They beat Northwestern last week. And Northwestern isn’t awful.

  • Yeah Akron is super solid.

  • Tough start. Almost a pick six against Bender. His receiver was covered by at least 3 defenders. Hoo Boy, not a good start.

  • @stoptheflop Reality check for a lot of people today imo.

  • well, that penalty on them didn’t help us

  • That penalty of ineligible downfield wasn’t the only penalty. Major holding which I can’t believe wasn’t called. I also am surprised that the penalty was accepted because we had them at 4th down. Maybe they kick instead of giving up the TD that just happened.

  • kU iS bEtTeR uR hAtIn BsHaRk

  • @wissox and that is why Beaty won’t keep his job lol. It isn’t just the product on the field. It is all the “WTF” moments that happen during a game

  • I’m not sure KU had the option to decline that ineligible man penalty. Sure seems like 4th and 1 was better than giving them another shot at the first down which they got

  • @wissox Two penalties on the drive that should not have been accepted.

  • @DanR Never forced to take a penalty. That was a coaching mistake

  • @Kcmatt7 head scratcher for sure

  • Holding is definitely not getting called against Baylor in this game.

  • I think the D is looking fairly decent to be honest except for a couple boners

  • announcer you are WRONG

  • I think illegal motion/false starts are the only penalties that can’t be declined because they happen before the snap.

  • @Kcmatt7 KU’s defense isn’t stopping anybody unless they’re forcing turnovers. They have to score points to win games because 21 isn’t cutting it except for possibly KSU.

  • Grier just dusted KSU’s defense.

  • Let’s go! Need a score here.

  • Oh God.

  • KSU’s receivers lack the ability to get separation. SLOW.

  • FG’s will be an adventure for both teams today because it is windy enough to move the goal posts around. Especially kicking into the open end of the stadium.

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