• I consider myself a realist more than an optimist. Last week’s win did pump some life into my interest in KU football. The Rutgers game is yet another chance for our offensive line to show improvement. Maybe, the excitement over Pooka Williams will pump some life into the O-line.

    Rutgers is a run first oriented offense and I hope Coach Beaty focuses our offense on the run today. KU must generate more yards on first down. It seems every series is faced with third and long over and over. Why do I have this nagging worry that Beaty and Meacham will rely too much on the pass today? I was able to watch Bender’s facial expression and body language during the Nicholls State game; he wasn’t leading or playing with any confidence. I hope we rush the ball today and that we find some linemen who will protect Bender so he gains some confidence.

  • we still seem to want to throw that dam little screen/flare out in the flat. - We need to get that dam thing out of our playbook. not ONCE have I ever seen that produce anything positive. Seems like every time we try and run that - -the Defense is there before we even get the dam pass out to the receiver. - -GET RID of that dam thing. If we can’t try and move the ball more vertically then horizonal then something is wrong.

    Pooka seems like the real deal , we shall see. I’m going to try and contain myself some and see how he fares against BIG 12 defenses however that all depends on our O-Line they have to be able to create some holes for our backs to run through. We know that it isn’t going to be any time before opposition starts keying on Pooka that’s when Bender really has to step up and get other players involved. - -Sims needs to step up and be involved.

    I’m still saying we DO WIN - we win our 2nd in a row yippee - -I think we can beat Rutgers my score is 27-17. - -O-Line just has to keep improving every game - -one game at a time. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Both teams suck. I still have absolutely no faith in the KU coaching staff so I’d lean towards picking Rutgers. I think it’s a toss-up though.

  • BShark said:

    Both teams suck. I still have absolutely no faith in the KU coaching staff so I’d lean towards picking Rutgers. I think it’s a toss-up though.

    OL BUDDY your always such a sweet bundle of sunshine lmao. - -Oh Ye of little Faith what shall I ever do with you lmao. – I think coach will do his share of crazy play calling and try to lose this for us - BUT I think the guys will have just enough.

    So see come on now - -wouldn’t you feel so much better feeling optimistic have that little ray of sunshine in your little pee–picken - -Crimson & Blue heart - -make you all tingly with happiness – just remember. Breath in - - - Breath out - - - Breath in - - - Breath out - -it’s gonna be alright AND - - AND - -AND only 14 days lol - - -come on say it with me ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 And jayballer, if we lose Coach Beaty will remind us in the post-game interview that the sun will come up tomorrow; which is not at all what I want to hear from a coach earning $ 1.7 million this year.

  • Lots of fun Big 12 games today: TCU with a chance to show it’s legit against The Ohio St. Oklahoma St can post a good win for the Big 12 by beating higher rated Boise St. And Texas has a chance to bounce back with its home game against Southern Cal. Heck, I’ll even look in on the Okla game against Iowa St during breaks in the KU game.

  • Offense plan: Pooka right, Pooka left, Pooka middle, Pooka here, Pooka there, Pooka everywhere.

    Defense plan: Dineen right, Dineen left, Dineen middle, Dineen here, Dineen there, Dineen everywhere.

  • First possession 3rd and ten and we call a time out. WTF

  • Man I thought pooka was gone there

  • That incomplete pass by Bender was a good decision. It’s also nice to have a reliable kicker with good range.

  • Any clue how to watch this trainwreck of a game?

  • @wissox FSN

  • My future father-in-law went to Rutgers, so we have a little friendly bet going on. Nice to have something making this a little more interesting today.

  • No, I live in big 10 country and they’re showing penn st./Haskell indian college or something like that.

  • Weird penalty against our defense. “Not ready to play.” Huh?

  • PICK SIX !!!

  • When did Clint Bowen learn how to coach against anybody?

  • @wissox I bet you could stream it.

  • @wissox Fox Sports Go should have it and it’s free as far as I know.

  • What he said ^^^^^

  • Nice start Jayhawks. Keep it going.

  • ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt has a running joke about picking Rutgers against the spread, and always losing.
    This week he said he’s done with picking them. Good call, Scott!

  • KU actually looks competent so far today.

  • I like what the D has going on. When Dineen tackles everything, you can play the pass a little more. If we want to win games, it’s going to be from the D making big plays and creating turnovers.

  • Fun day

  • Torneden having himself a game today!

  • Ok just run the ball here and get points no matter what.

  • @Kcmatt7 Need a TD to demoralize Rutgers.

  • Have to hit that throw!

  • 💩

  • That’s Bender’s biggest weakness, lack of touch on his passes.

  • Holy shit

  • There’s the Kansas we all know

  • Well, that was an offensive series from hell…two overthrows, a blocked FG, and a score for them.

  • This game is an insult to dumpster fires. @jayballer73 is this too negative? I’d say not. ;) :p

  • How go from what should be 17-0 to 10-7, wow 2 shit passes by Bender

  • The poor special teams absolutely drives me crazy for a team that sucks. You can control that. And if you ever want to win against even a mediocre team, you can’t have mistakes like that.

  • Hawaii Army is a fun game so far.

  • Our offensive scheme is garbage. Few motions. No Jets. No misdirection.

    It’s a disgrace to the spread offense.

  • Clemson is SCORELESS with GEORGIA SOUTHERN after 1 quarter.

  • @BShark missed a field goal. Bet they still cover the spread.

  • Two motions, two first downs.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Our offensive scheme is garbage. Few motions. No Jets. No misdirection.

    It’s a disgrace to the spread offense.

    That’s the thing some people aren’t getting, I feel. If it was clear the team executed crisply and just got their asses kicked physically I would feel much better about this coaching staff.


  • I like that formation with Kendrick in the inverted wishbone. Lots of options with him in that formation.

  • @BShark Couldn’t say it better myself.

  • BShark said:

    Clemson is SCORELESS with GEORGIA SOUTHERN after 1 quarter.

    Made more hilarious by total yards

    Clemson 144

    GS 12

  • Finally got that corner pass. We probably need to work on that.

  • That’s how you throw a fade route

  • Poor Nebraska having to play a walk on at QB after their starter got hurt last week from a dirty Colorado player twisting his knee after being down. Was one of the dirtiest plays I’ve seen in awhile.

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