Thoughts going forward

  • Friends, I’m ten times more excited than I probably should be at this point for beating a terrible team on the road. I’m just gonna be honest Pooka Williams looks very good and could be one of the best players in recent memory to wear a KU Jersey. He is shifty, fast and has one of the best bursts I’ve seen. We will find out how good of an OC Meacham is real soon, guys are gonna key on him hardcore from this day forward. Can he call the right plays and get him the ball in space? He definitely could help open up the passing game. I’m supposed to get free tickets Saturday and I’m excited, I hope I get to go. Reesing will be honored and you get to see Pooka. We need to fill that joint up for both of those guys and every other player that deserves a full crowd yelling for them. So what games do we have a shot to win? I thought for us to have a shot to go bowling we needed at least 4 wins In our first 6 games. Losing to Nicholls really hurt our chances. We have Rutgers at home, then Baylor on the road, OSU, @WVU, @TT, TCU, ISU, @KSU, @OU and Texas at home. So I think the best case scenario (not predicting this) we beat Rutgers, Baylor, TT, ISU and KSU. Is that possible? What would it take for Beaty to keep his job? I think Beaty has no chance winning 4 or less games, unless one is a road win in Manhattan, that would be too popular of a win to fire a guy IMO. Unless it’s his only other win than Saturdays. I think if he wins 5 it’s a coin flip wether he says or not, obviously 6 wins he stays.

  • Rutgers will probably still be favored this week. They won 3 Big 10 games last season, so I’d say they are in a much better state as a program than we are right now.

    Unless KU rides Pooka to death next week, and from here on out, KU will likely lose the rest of the games by double digits.

  • @Kcmatt7 KU opened as 3 point favorites. Rutgers is really bad this year.

  • @kjayhawks what was up with pooka almost not playing? Was there drama behind the scenes?

  • @approxinfinity I heard it was a school thing, certainly a rumor!

  • Pooka doesn’t like going to class. He’d be at lsu or Bama if they felt he wasn’t headed for juco. Still not sure what kind of voodoo got him eligible. This could be a week to week issue if he skips a bunch of classes.

  • @BShark I think this last game will certainly motivate him!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @BShark I think this last game will certainly motivate him!

    I hope so. He is an NFL level talent he just has to scrape by in school for three years.

  • Obviously winning a game and a road game at that is great for the players and staff. However, CMU is absolutely trash so I am going to reserve my judgements until after the Baylor game. I have said all along I just want a squad that is competitive and worth watching every week. If they go get smoked each week in the Big 12 then this win doesn’t really mean much.

    They should win Saturday against Rutgers as well. If that happens maybe the team can get some real momentum and confidence heading into conference play where outside of OU and maybe TCU the big 12 is weak.

  • @Woodrow no need to wait, Beaty is still a terrible coach. I’m happy for the players to get that win but this staf has to go.

  • @BShark Wait on what? I am assuming you are talking about Beaty… He is going to get fired no matter what happens the rest of the way. Whenever Long feels like the best time to do that then he will do it.

  • I said this Saturday , I was so dam happy - -WE WON how often do we say that? - - -Pooka is good - -really quick BUT like I said Saturday this was CMU let’s see what happens against Big 12 defense’s - There is no doubt he sure helps , but like was mentioned in this thread , you know or should know that it won’t be long before they really attack him target him. - Again like was said it might open the passing game more hopefully – OR play Kendricks more and run the option the dual threat. - Great win I don’t care at this point who it was - any win we should take with open arms - And I did well with one arm - -my other arm/hand was wrapped around my Budweiser cold one tasted ALOT better lol.

    As far as wins in the Big 12 I’m still very skeptical right now if we win one Big 12 game / beat Rutgers maybe we then have began the road back to some respectability Great win - -as Mark would say - - Keep chopping wood. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Kcmatt7 I would bet a hefty amount KU doesn’t lose every game going forward by double digits. Yes CMU is bad, but they kept up with a UK team that just beat Florida in the swamp. The big 12 looks down to me outside of OU and WVU, OU also just los their best player to an ACL injury. TT, TCU, KSU, ISU and Texas haven’t looked all that great to this point. Which doesn’t mean I think we will beat all of those teams but we may be able to beat some of them. The question to me is can Beaty improve these guys a little each week? Can Rickter continue improving the Oline? It actually does surprise me we are favored against Rutgers to be honest, thought we’d be 3 or 5 point dogs.

  • @kjayhawks

    TCU and OSU have looked pretty good and TCU is ranked #15 (right after #14 WVU) and OSU #24

  • @Woodrow Beaty isn’t getting fired no matter what. If he gets this team to a bowl game, he’ll be back next year. 5 wins, it’s possible, but still probably gone. I don’t think this team gets to 5 or 6 wins this year so I do think Beaty will be fired after this season concludes, but it’s definitely not a no matter what scenario.

  • The B12 isn’t terrible, there’s just not a title contender outside of OU. TCU, WVU, and OSU all look to be good teams that will be fighting for a second game against OU this year

    KU is capable of beating everyone else in the league under the right circumstances. KSU can’t score so that game should be close, ISU is still a question mark, but don’t seem like they’re as good as last year. Baylor and Texas Tech are good offenses, but won’t stop anyone. Texas is an enigma, they should be the 2nd best team in the league, but we’re seeing what happens when you don’t have a top quality QB with them.

  • @JayHawkFanToo TCU’s first half against SMU friday looked worse than our first half Saturday. I bet Ohio State beats them by 20+, OSU has a joke of a non conference schedule so hard to give them a ton of credit. WVU has Dana who IMO is the same guy as Scott Drew just in football.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I assumed most people understood that this team isn’t winning 5 or 6 games. So yes Beaty will be fired.

  • @kjayhawks

    We will have a much better idea by the end of the month.

  • If Beaty finds five more wins and gets bowl eligible, he will have coached well enough to deserve to keep his job. That would mean beating Rutgers this weekend and four of these five opponents - Baylor, Iowa State, Texas Tech, K-State, Texas.

    That would also mean at least two more road wins.

    If this team goes 6-6, Beaty will be in Lawrence next year. I envision 3-9 at best, and 1-11 is obviously in play since KU won’t have a huge advantage in any game this season. Like @Woodrow says, this team isn’t winning 5 or 6 games. If they do, Beaty may get a statue and a new contract.

  • @justanotherfan

    No doubt. At this time, the only winnable games seems to be Rutgers…maybe…

  • justanotherfan said:

    If Beaty finds five more wins and gets bowl eligible, he will have coached well enough to deserve to keep his job. That would mean beating Rutgers this weekend and four of these five opponents - Baylor, Iowa State, Texas Tech, K-State, Texas.

    That would also mean at least two more road wins.

    If this team goes 6-6, Beaty will be in Lawrence next year. I envision 3-9 at best, and 1-11 is obviously in play since KU won’t have a huge advantage in any game this season. Like @Woodrow says, this team isn’t winning 5 or 6 games. If they do, Beaty may get a statue and a new contract.

    I will personally build a statue of Beaty if he gets bowl eligible this year.

  • @Woodrow So you known the future? You know with 100% certainty that KU won’t win 5-6 games?

    I’ll agree the likelihood of KU winning 5-6 games is very slim, but I also didn’t think Florida St. would be in a position last year where they needed to win their final 3 games last year just to make a bowl game, but that happened.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    In all fairness it is not the same situation, 2 of the last 3 games for Florida State were a postponed game against 4-8 UL Monroe and 2-9 Delaware State both of which they were heavily favored and Florida State was a talented team albeit one in disarray. After the Rutgers game KU will be the underdog in every remaining game and the chances of wining 4 or 5 more games while not impossible we probably agree it is highly unlikely.

  • Beaty just winning at Mount Pleasant has earned him at least two more seasons.

    Beaty has proven phenomenal resilience under an awesome onslaught of special interests seeking to boot him out so each special interest group can get “its guy” the HC job.

    I am 100% behind Coach Beaty.

    Coach Beaty is a pillar of strength in this tempest of unrealistic expectations placed on him.

    Even if I did not think keeping Coach Beaty would be a net benefit for KU Basketball, I would strongly support giving him a rolling 5 year contract to discourage the special interests from preying on Coach Beaty and trying to get him fired.

    Rock Chalk!!!

  • P.S.: Urban Meyer could not have coached this KU roster to a road win over CMU at Mount Pleasant!!

    Not Dabo Swinney!

    Not Jimbo Fisher.

    Nick Saban probably could have.

    Vince Lombardi yes.

    But not Joe Paterno.

    Knute Rockne. Yes.

    But no other B12 coach.

    Beaty has done a very good job.

    The wins will come next season.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Missing the point about FSU. How many people going into last season expected them to be sitting at 3-6 last year?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 First of all FSU lost their starting QB in game 1 so that changes the dynamic of the whole season.

    On KU it is kind of common sense if you watch football that this team doesn’t have the talent and more importantly the coaching to win 5-6 games. After Rutgers they are going to be a underdogs in every single game and double digit dogs in most.

  • Sorry to be that guy - the realist in me says we’ve won all the games that we’re going to win this year. Prove me wrong team.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    My point was that it’s record notwithstanding, FSU had a lot of talent to win the last 3 games, 2 of which were gimmes. KU does not have that level of talent and the last 3 games will be considerably tougher; in fact, other than the Rutgers game, KU will be the underdog for all the remaining games. Do you really think KU wins 5-6 games this season? I certainly would hope and like if they do but I just don’t think it will happen. It is not like Beaty suddenly will become a great coach or the players will start performing way above their talent, right?

  • @JayHawkFanToo You mention the talent FSU had last year. Even playing with a back up QB, how many people thought FSU was going to be in a position where those 2 cupcakes were must win just to get to bowl eligibility?

    My point was never about the FSU’s talent level compared to Directional St., it was about FSU having a talent level that far exceeded what their record was.

    Want another example of a team doing something that made everyone scratch their head. This team had seasons where their W-L were 10-4, 12-1, 9-4, 0-12, 6-7, 13-0. Nobody saw UCF’s 0-12 season coming because their history didn’t indicate a season like that was looming, yet it happened

    The odds may say KU won’t get to 5-6 wins, I don’t think it’ll happen, but crazier things than that have happened in the recent past of college football.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    No doubt crazier things have happened. I am just saying KU’s schedule and personnel do not lend themselves to crazy things happening. 2-10 seems possible and maybe they can steal one or two games and make it 3-9 or even 4-8 but anything over 3 games would be a big surprise and 4 wins almost a shock…a good one though.

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