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  • @justanotherfan I don’t count them as really winning. They are supposed to be National League, so it devolves to the Rangers instead.

    That doesn’t work? Well, ok, . . . my bad.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Stock down 3% today.

    Nike stock closed at $83.47, an all time high for the company, yesterday.

    Still needs some time to stabilize before we can really say what the trend is, but it looks positive right now after an initial dip. Probably should check back in a month or so to see where its at then.

  • @justanotherfan this move makes me believe Nike wasn’t meeting guidance. Needed something radical. But I don’t know that we see LT effects of this until 2019 ER in April of 2020. However, Nike is definitely a great buy right now. I’m sure their Q3 report will be off the charts.

    I’m still trying to feel this all out. Nike probably also just raised the sales of UA and Adidas. They would be good ST buys as well.

  • Blake Bortles, 3 TDs and up 21-3 at half against New England.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick, 4 TDs and 1 INT in a win vs Defending Superbowl Champs.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’m trying to figure out if Fitzpatrick sold his soul to the devil or what, he looks great so far.

  • @kjayhawks he’s done this so many times. He should be a legit starter in the league. One of the best brains and arms. But the Bills are one of the worst franchises in history.

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  • Notice how Kap is signing endorsement deals and now trying to copyright his image in order to sell merchandise. This has always been about money for Kap.

  • @Woodrow Any logical thinking person knew it was a bout money from the get go, gets benched and then desides to protest. The time of everything he has done coincides with money.

  • @Woodrow Kanye West isn’t a shameless self promoter at all.

  • @BShark

    In what planet do you live?

    Kanye West has been viciously attacked by the liberal press with disgusting racial insults led by no other than CNN anchors and guests.

    He has also been savaged by liberal Hollywood for expressing his opinion while Taylor Swift had been praised and placed on a pedestal for doing the exact same thing…except for the liberal side.

    BTW, you forgot that Kaeperenick carried his protest at his employer’s place of business and on company time and forced million of fans to watch his antics while West does on his own time and dime.

  • @JayHawkFanToo It says the people that told Kaep and Bron to stick to sports. It just seems like there is a bit of a double standard, is all.

  • @approxinfinity not sure what Kanye has to do with Kap or me…?

    Sorry if you were a puppet that fell for the Kap jig.

    Also I’m sure you are proud of CNN for calling Kanye a “token negro”. Imagine if Fox News did that. Then there is Don Lemon clown ass who used Kanye’s DEAD mother to insult him.

    For the record I don’t really have a opinion on Kayne. I don’t like him or listen to his music, but I don’t hate him.

  • approxinfinity said:

    @Woodrow Kanye West isn’t a shameless self promoter at all.

    Also if we are being honest this isn’t going to help Kayne in any way with his following. So this is really a bad business decision for him. Kayne doesn’t need to do this to be relevant he has millions of fans who like his music. Kap was irrelevant until he started doing his act. Big difference.

  • @Woodrow I was being facetious. You were riffing off of @BShark 's post, as was I. I’m not a Kanye fan at all, and have had that opinion pre-MAGA. He is a self absorbed ass. Which is why he gets along with the President.

  • approxinfinity said:

    @Woodrow I was being facetious. You were riffing off of @BShark 's post, as was I. I’m not a Kanye fan at all, and have had that opinion pre-MAGA. He is a self absorbed ass. Which is why he gets along with the President.

    Strongly agree. Also Kanye has self-admitted mental issues.

  • Which rapper did Obama have there that was on house arrest and his ankle monitor was going off lmao sounds like high class citizen. I guess I dont really care about Kanye or Trump just dont see why its a big deal.

  • @kjayhawks The whole thing was just me posting a snarky thing because the truth is either side will blindly promote their side. IE people telling Kaep and Bron to stick to sports but the same people are suddenly very interesting in hearing Kanye’s political ideas.

    I was just having some fun with it, and felt this thread was the spot for it.

  • @BShark I agree, politics are just see who’s the bigger hypocrite these days. That’s why I’m independent. I encourage all people to not vote for ether of the two parties. If you want change neither of those will do it, they both have had their chances.

  • The best thing, maybe the only good thing except as a distraction, about West’s Oval Office visit was the look of utter stupefication on Trump’s face during the really intense part of West’s rant. It made me wonder what the Donald was thinking as he just sat there in apparent disbelief:

    “Who let this guy in here? Cameras in here are supposed to be on ME!”

    “I could learn something from this…”

    “How can he go on so long without mentioning collusion?”

    “Maybe this guy can replace Nikki. We need a more involved representative at the UN.”

    “I bet I could sneak out with Kim and he would never notice…”

  • BShark said:

    @JayHawkFanToo It says the people that told Kaep and Bron to stick to sports. It just seems like there is a bit of a double standard, is all.

    Absolutely there is a double standard but we need to compare apples to apples.

    Lets compare the reaction to two similar and very popular singer/entertainers. As I showed above, Kanye was viciously attacked by the MSM and Hollywood for expressing support for Trump, something he did on his own time and dime and did not force anyone to watch it. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, did exactly the same thing except she was shilling for a liberal politician and was widely applauded by the MS and Hollywood. This is the real comparison and the real double standard, don’t you agree.

    I have no problem withe Kaepernick doing all the protesting he wants but I always indicated he should do it in his own time and not at his employer’s place of business where he forced fans to put up with his antics and in the process hurt his employer’s bottom line and by extension the livelihood of his teammates. Of course we now know it was all about money and an excuse to hide the fact that he was replaced as starter as his skills had greatly decreased and did not warrant a starting job and he chose to not go away gracefully like most reasonable athletes do but threw a fake hissy fit instead. Even some of my liberal friend are now pretty disappointment with him and feel they were used, some still don’t see it or more correctly see it but refuse to admit they were duped. To each his own.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Swift didn’t do anything similar to West, who besides supporting Trump also said slavery was a choice and that the 13th amendment should be repealed (or some such nonsense). West also dissed Swift badly years ago. Both of these, along with others, have hugely undermined West’s popularity with many blacks and young music fans.

    Incidentally, Taylor Swift has been pilloried by the RW which had thought she was on your side. So, you might to find some other fruit than apples to compare–this is more like peaches and hedge apples.

  • @mayjay anytime anyone has came out in favor of Trump they are under attack. I’m not a Trump supporter by any stretch but if you can’t see the double standard in that you are truly blinded by you’re political affiliations. I pretty much dislike all politicians, I think they are all liars and cheats. But the Democrats confuse the crap outta me these days. The Kanvavgh (spelled wrong) deal for instance, several democrats in office right now have been accused of sexual assault and Ellison(D) beat the living daylights outta his wife with no out cry. I’m for women’s safety as much as anyone else but only calling out people you don’t vote for is chicken sh**. You’re for Justice and equality or you’re not, it’s like reporting your neighbor to west for raping and beating your wife then voting for the neighbor to east that’s doing the same. Next is the McCain deal, so the guy that was called a racist, white supremactist, nazi and a trader for info he gave up as a POW during the presidential election by Democrats. Now because he didn’t like Trump he’s the greatest republican to walk this planet. Next one of the many women that claimed to be sexually assaulted by Clinton was called a whore and skank by Democrats, the Daniels gal that claimed Trump paid to have sex with her (who by definition is actually a whore) was giving Democrats life lessons and called a hero for no apparent reason. You want to look up all the the Democrats that have been busted for prostitution that are currently in office? There are several, I say we end the parties right now and start voting for independents. Everyone needs to take off there Donkey or Elephant hats and see that all of these people lied and cheated to get to where they are.

  • @mayjay

    I completely disagree with you. Comparing Kaepernick an athlete who made his statement at his employer’s place of business and on company time and forced people to watch it does not equate to a singer that did it on his own time.

    Now, Swift and West are both singers, both made political statement - this is an exact apples to apples comparison - and West was savaged by the MSM and Hollywood even including racial slurs by a host of CNN. In contrast, the MSM and Hollywood applauded Swift for making also a similar political statement.

    Again, this is textbook apples to apples comparison and if you don’t see it you are blinder than a 🦇 .

    Maybe you don’t like the content of Kanye’s message any more than conservatives like Swift message but I just did not see any criticism of her from the MSM or Hollywood like it criticized Kanye and I did not see any conservatives calling her names or using racial slurs either…even Trump mildly indicated that he likes her now 25% less…

    I did not criticize Swift, I thought she has the right to express her opinion like any other citizen and so does West.

    I did not criticize Kaepernick for demonstrating either, he has the right to do it on his own time and not on company’s time or at his employer’s place of business where he does not have that right…as many, many , many legal scholars made it abundantly clear…and before you accuse m, once again of making legal claims, I am not, I am just quoting what actual constitutional attorneys said, including know lefty Dershowitz, which can be easily verified by a quick Google search.

    I also praised those players that took the time to meet with police and go to Congress to testify since they had at least the desire to try to find solutions. Like most liberals Kaepernick did not do any of that, instead, in his few public appearances he insulted police officers and praised Castro and Chavez, two totalitarian dictators. It is obvious he did not want a solution, he wanted an issue and publicity…and he got both and a big payoff to boot.

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