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  • I don’t care for CNN or Fox News lol they both stink. CNN has posted several stories that appeared to be nothing short of fiction and Fox News thinks Trump is Jesus return.

  • @approxinfinity probably has a good friend that works at fox

  • Here’s an article on the fallacy of the “Good Guy With a Gun” rhetoric being pushed by the NRA:


  • @approxinfinity

    That was the very first link that came up on Google. I personally do not and have not watched Fox News or any of the networks for a while now. On the other hand, you must watch it quite a bit because you seem to know all about it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I know more about the content of the links you post than you do? We’re getting somewhere! :joy: Im glad you’re not reading Fox.

    Tell me man, are any of these conservative sites worth a look in your opinion?


  • 8/7/18 - Links below. ANTIFA thugs doing what ANTIFA thugs do. Black Lives Matter thugs interrupt a police officers wedding. And the leftist politicians endorse harassment as a preferred method of protest (and remember, when this stuff is done, the left is silent). The left has normalized harassment, in place of good old fashioned debate. You’ll find the leftist thugs spitting, destroying property, and engaging in other vile conduct. It began during the campaign when it was the left that targeted and assaulted Trump supporters. Physical attacks. Vandalism. A group to be proud of there on the left. And as we know, the leftists believe that the rights under the Constitution only apply to them – their m.o. is to shut down free speech, to attempt to intimidate, to pressure social media to silence the right. Those rational voices on the left are being drowned out. They don’t speak up. They don’t condemn. They are being pulled farther and farther down the rat hole. So when the left determines that anything goes, well, you can imagine the media coverage of Trump supporters confronted Cory Booker, or Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth (Pocahantas) Warren, or Maxine Waters at restaurants or at their homes. The last link is the best link.

    The reality is that a return to civility is sorely needed. Good old fashioned debate and freedom of speech. Both talking and listening. Doesn’t meant it will be pleasant or lacking in harsh words. But try mentioning it to leftist crew. They’ll scream, spit, tell you to f-off, and try to shout you down.







  • @HighEliteMajor Trump has energized the radical left that’s for sure. Their behavior is as disgusting to me as Trumps over the top rhetoric.

  • At this point, my only hope is that both parties continue to drift further and further away from the middle.

    That will finally leave room for an independent to run for humanitarian reason’s only. Not for greed or power. But simply to serve their fellow countrymen.

  • 8/8/18 - A man who lived the fight. A man who has perspective. Jim Brown.

    “I’m going to give you the real deal: I’m an American,” Brown said in an interview with ThePostGame. “I don’t desecrate my flag and my national anthem. I’m not gonna do anything against the flag and national anthem. I’m going to work within those situations. But this is my country, and I’ll work out the problems, but I’ll do it in an intelligent manner.”

    Look at the attacks on Dak Prescott from the cowardly left after his statement. Standard issue for the leftists. No way that he can actually think for himself. Name calling, insults, the norm for the left.

    Don’t ever, for a moment, believe that the kneelers love and respect this country. The kneelers look at this country with disgust (as does much of the left). And it is why they are the enemy. Anyone that looks at this country with disgust is my enemy. Because without this country, I have nothing. Folks love this country. Folks would die for this country. Folks would kill for this country. Folks would defend this country to their last breath. And the kneelers can’t comprehend why they are viewed with such contempt. Protest, complain, march on Washington. Have at it. But when you turn to insulting our country, don’t expect those that love this country to simply turn the other cheek.


  • While Brown said he preferred if players would stand for the national anthem, he also respected the players’ right to do what they want — even if it is to kneel.

    “Well, if you take the bottom line, what are we talking about? We’re talking about freedom to express one’s self, and if you don’t break any rules then you have that particular right,” he said.

  • Ehh my white brother was murdered by his white ex-wife and the white police officers did nothing about it. It’s not just a race thing. The police are genuinely bad at their job and like most people many are lazy which give the rest of them a bad name as well.

  • Illegal immigration is a major issue here. I’ll bet 10-15% of the local population is undocumented. The problem is many of these productive people have been denied citizenship for over a decade inspite of every legal attempt to become just that legal citizens. One of my farmers just was granted citizenship after 12 years of applying and having no record and paying taxes religiously. It’s a broken process that many just give up on.

  • @dylans Only going to get worse too.

    People don’t realize how inept new police officers are going to be from here on out.

    Why be a cop anymore? It used to be a good way for good people to serve their fellow man. Now, It is a shitty way for average people to make a very mediocre living. They get crapped on from all sides. It requires more school (note this is not training), it pays less, the retirement is worse, and people hate you. The quality of people applying for the job has only gotten worse.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’m afraid so and if it’s this bad for white people it’s only worse for others

  • I keep checking this thread occasionally to see if HEM in dropped the N word yet. Nope. Uses “kneelers” instead.

  • DanR said:

    I keep checking this thread occasionally to see if HEM in dropped the N word yet. Nope. Uses “kneelers” instead.

    Idk that I’d go that far, I wouldn’t say I agree with all that HEM has posted but a difference of opinion doesn’t make someone racist. I don’t get the why the left is that way. “You see it our way or you’re a racist, bigot nazi!”. Especially from the group that wants to take away free speech and the right to bare arms, which is exactly what the nazi did. Imagine businesses working that way, if you use Jim’s plumbing you’re a racist nazi! , only use Jeff’s plumbing.

  • @kjayhawks @DanR never says bad or negative things about people.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 riiight lol

  • @kjayhawks I was being serious.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 yes because insinuating that someone is racist is nice, wow.

  • @kjayhawks I think @DanR stands up for people.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I don’t think insulting people or accusations of racism is standing up for anyone especially when he hasn’t post anything remotely racist. I’m fine if folks disagree but that’s a little out there I think. I’m a little worried your gonna start calling me racial slurs for disagreeing with you, after all that makes you a racist.

  • @kjayhawks the reason I stood up for him is because we are not racist. I will not say another word, you are not understanding me at all. I am the most easy going person there is. I will shut up.

  • @HighEliteMajor You said “Don’t ever, for a moment, believe that the kneelers love and respect this country. The kneelers look at this country with disgust (as does much of the left). And it is why they are the enemy. Anyone that looks at this country with disgust is my enemy. Because without this country, I have nothing. Folks love this country. Folks would die for this country. Folks would kill for this country. Folks would defend this country to their last breath. And the kneelers can’t comprehend why they are viewed with such contempt. Protest, complain, march on Washington. Have at it. But when you turn to insulting our country, don’t expect those that love this country to simply turn the other cheek.”

    Isn’t kneeling just another form of protest? Didn’t people die for our country for the right to protest? Even if it’s protest that offends people? I think our flag, our anthem, certainly our constitution gives people the right to protest in sometimes reprehensible ways.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I honestly don’t think you even know what your point is. HEM is posting stuff that Danr doesn’t agree with (which is perfectly fine) so Danr is waiting for HEM to post some racial slurs, insinuating that he is racist. HEM hasn’t posted anything racist or used racial slurs on here, that would make a person believe he is in fact racist. Danr believes he is racist because they don’t see the kneeling situation the same. Ik Danr is a Democrat(I’m not a republican, don’t call me one please) he has even said it I believe. I personally and several other people that I know are to, are tired of hearing how anyone that ever disagrees with a Democrat is “ racist”. That IMO is part of the reason Trump won, that’s been the only argument Democrats have had for the last 3 elections, you cant vote for the other guy he’s racist. Hell even Ben Carson was called racist because he was a republican. I’m willing to bet right now regardless of who the republican nominee is for the next election I guarantee you they will be called racist repeatedly from the left regardless of race, gender or religion. I believe that to not be a nice or logical thing to do. I enjoy talking with you @Crimsonorblue22 and @DanR but I’m standing up for people that are being insulted and called racist daily in this country for no other reason than disagreeing with a Democrat.

  • These labels for people like “kneelers”, whether you believe them to be racist or are not, are a vehicle to dismiss and hate your neighbor more easily.

    I find this line of thinking in your last post divisive, deeply disturbing, and I believe it leads down a dark path where people act impulsively without rational thought.

    Why are you trying so hard to dismiss the humanity of people you disagree with, @HighEliteMajor ?

  • @approxinfinity I 100% agree with what Jim Brown said in the article, it’s their right to do the protest, I just wouldn’t do it that way. Maybe HEM did go to far with some of what he wrote in your opinion and that’s fine but your vehicle comment is no different than what people are saying and doing to Dak, they want people to hate him for not kneeling. That’s the issue with politics and parties, one side can do it but the other side can’t. I do my best to respect others opinions even it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I’ll be the first to admit I do fail at it from time to time.

  • When Saul converted to Christianity from Judaism, and changed his name to Paul, he had very different ways of addressing Gentile congregations and Jewish congregations. When he preached to Jewish congregations, he pointed out issues he had with the Jewish faith. When he preached to Gentile congregations, he spoke ill of Jews, calling them “uncircumcised mongrels” and other foul names.

    This was not a good look for Paul.

    We shouldn’t speak of those we disagree with by labeling them names, repeating those names over and over in a derogatory manner, and talking about them as subhuman. It’s evil. It’s just evil.

    We should speak of the things we disagree about, and let rationality rule the day.

  • Maybe this thread should be closed, I’ve already said more on politics and crap I usually don’t waste my time with. I still love everyone on this thread regardless of their opinions that I agree or disagree with, I just gonna move on and stick to sports my friends.

  • @kjayhawks There’s a big difference here between what people other than us do, and what we do.

    As far as I’m concerned, what antifa, or a few dozen protestors somewhere are doing is nothing compared to what we do, right here, right now. We can control ourselves. We can act with dignity and compassion. Let the outliers be outliers, not fodder for our own hate.

    Let the murder-death-kill channels shill their dirty swill. It doesn’t matter nearly as much as what we do, each and every one of us.

  • 8/9/18 - So now we are treated to the spectacle of a publically funded organization again attacking anything conservative. Planned Parenthood, with its public funding supporting its fraudulent organization, will buy advertising to attack Trumps nominee, Brett Kavenaugh. I cannot imagine a more sick pursuit than to make your life’s work the slaughter of innocent human life based on convenience. Ah, the joy it must bring the soul. Perhaps the sickest organization in this country. Public funding of this twisted assembly of jovial murderers is the true abortion.


  • @kjayhawks this thread is a glaring example of what is wrong right now in our country. If you do not agree with the “left” you are automatically labeled a racist. Its pathetic and laughable.

  • @HighEliteMajor Agree 100%

  • @kjayhawks

    Racist - a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

    Nothing in there about having to use epithets.

    If a person shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, they are, by definition, a racist.

    If a person believes a particular race is superior to another, they are, by definition, a racist.

    The real trouble is, many people spend more time worrying about being called a racist than looking inward to see if their words and actions showed discrimination. Whether their words or action expressed prejudice. Whether their words or actions conveyed disrespect or disdain. That’s the problem. Maybe they don’t even intend to express racist attitudes, but their words and actions suggest this superiority, or an inferiority of another race. Maybe they don’t intend to express such a bias, but they engage in behavior that is discriminatory. That’s still, by definition racist, but they will only have the opportunity to change that (if they want to) if someone points out that particular words, actions and behaviors indicate prejudice or discrimination.

    I don’t really care if I encounter someone who doesn’t use epithets or slurs. If that person doesn’t show me a normal measure of human respect simply because of the color of my skin, that person is a dictionary definition racist, and I don’t have to hear them say the N word to prove it.

    So don’t look for epithets and slurs to see if someone is a racist. Look for words and actions that imply superiority of one race or another, or inferiority of one race or another. And then look for opportunities to encourage better behavior. That will make us all better for it.

  • @justanotherfan I agree a 100% buddy. I just dont think HEM is a racist and I personally don’t agree with calling someone that who has different views than you, that’s my point. Not that if you don’t use racial slurs you can’t be racist. It’s a common thing these days from Democrats either you agree with them or you’re a racist. There is very little to no middle ground. I didn’t like Obama’s healthcare or Foreign policy, I am considered a racist for doing so. I honestly think Obama and I would get along fine talking about basketball and whatnot, I’d be happy to meet him. I have no ill will towards him, i just didn’t agree with some of his political agenda. I personally am an Independent, Patriot that stands for justice and Equality. This will be my last post on thread, someone else can have the last word if they want no biggie, good day to everyone.

  • 8/9/18 Err on the side of free speech. I see that Adam Jones and the conspiracy theorists at Infowars have been banned by Facebook, YouTube, and other such media. Twitter, though, has resisted the ban. Really all of these companies have evidenced the typical liberal bias. Widely prevalent. Initially, of course, these are private companies. They can handle matters as they choose. But what is the best way for these companies to handle speech and content? Very simple. Be an American. When it comes to political speech, opinions, these companies should permit a very wide berth. Free speech makes you uncomfortable. And we can dislike it … or hate it. Much like my opinion with the kneelers. I hate it. I don’t respect the opinion. I don’t respect those that engage in the conduct. But our country has many opinions. My only issue with wanting it stopped is the “when” – because the employer has the right to dictate the work place. A simple an unassailable point. If the NFL and players agree to permit the kneeling, then I have choice to make based on the employer’s assent. I may not like it, but if someone doesn’t want to stand for the anthem as a spectator, or elsewhere, that’s free speech. On social media, the thought police governing expression of opinions is now a significant threat to our dialogue as a nation. We should all fully resist the urge to support social media banning thought and expressions. We can draw the lines at matters that equate to crimes. But if Antifa wants to decry the white man, or InfoWars wants to speculate on 9/11 theories, let it be. If the speech is criminal, such as threats or communications in support of terrorism, for example, then that should be line. The same line that is present when you open your mouth. How can anyone in America, knowing the first amendment, support anything less? Here’s how. They are the true fascists. It’s easy to see. Easy to diagnose. Where do you stand?

  • @HighEliteMajor so you think that Alex Jones saying “Hillary Clinton is a frickin intergalactic alien” is a healthy talking point?

  • Terrorists like to recruit followers with falsehoods and assertions that are impossible to keep/prove (1000 virgins for the martyrs). They prey on minds that are receptive for something intriguing and exciting and primed for reinforcement of beliefs, the seeds of which were planted when they were young and susceptible.

    I am not sure what Adam Jones’ motivation is/was, but his tactics seem eerily similar.

    Obviously the owners of the platforms felt he crossed a line.

    I think the interesting question is, where is that line that leads to a ban? When Al-Qaeda crossed it, there wasn’t as much uproar. But I would like to think that it’s in everyone’s best interest to know what that line is (for Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, etc.) and how it’s defined, so that it is consistently enforced.

    It would lead to a healthier discussion about whether the line is too lenient or too strict and in what ways… I’m sure the arguments would be just a passionate, but that’s a more healthy debate rather than arguing about act made in apparent solidarity but without revealing the rationale or logic. For instance, did they all use the same criteria? Did they all decide to ban because of the same concern or violation, or did they each do it for a different reason?

  • Guess I’m a racist. I can’t stand stupid people.

  • @bskeet It certainly would be healthier to have that debate. I think thats where our mainstream news corps have utterly failed us. That would be an interesting, non-partisan and viable talking point to engage the viewing audience with. Instead, we get divisive entrenched garbage that keeps us locked in a partisan war.

    We are a nation steered by ratings. Our tyranny of the majority listens to celebrities.

  • @HighEliteMajor I’ve been saying for years the left has fascist tendencies as they curtail speech on campuses. When Condoleeza Rice is banned from giving a commencement address at Rutgers, what else is it than fascism? The somewhat silly bakery debate has fascist tendencies. If a businessperson wants to exercise his religious beliefs that way, why should he be forced to go against what he believes? I could go on and on.

  • I think there is this thought that somehow American laws and rights transcend our borders and is the law of all nations. The thought being is a non citizen has the same rights as an American and Americans would be treated as non citizens??? Thereby creating this mass hysteria that anybody that is off kilter most be silenced and their platform taking away. Hence Adam Jones is compared to terrorist, even though he has never preached violence. . Which in theory would be the right and just thing to do. However as we are seeing in America’s two party system. Their is a big push by the DNC and liberals to shut up opposing views, without even having a debate. So it raises a big question and extreme problems. What if someone is silenced merely because they have a differing view? That doesn’t fit Liberal and DNC agenda. Will they be silenced too?

    There was a NBA basketball player that stated he believed the world was flat. Yet his platform wasn’t taking away. He wasn’t kicked off Facebook, Google, Apple, and so on. Even though he was clearly using the media platform and his status in the NBA to preach his beliefs. So why the different punishment. Because one is preaching a political view and the other isn’t. So if one toes that DNC line they can say and belief whatever they want. Cross that DNC line and you will be silenced. Not sure that is freedom of speech?

    It’s been my experience that when a person/group resorts to name calling. Any chance of comprise or a healthy debate is lost, and is replaced with harsh feelings. Just a thought.

  • @DoubleDD The difference btwn flatearthers and Alex Jones is that Alex Jones deliberately used these platforms to incite hatred and violence (unless you got some seriously aggro alt-alt-flatearthers in mind)

    Over the years, I have frequently heard from the right that we should allow businesses to do whats best for business, even when large numbers of people oppose the companies’ actions. Think gun companies, Walmart, etc.

    It is interesting that in this case the right does not want to allow companies like Facebook and Twitter to do what they want to do, even though they believe that their actions are best for their businesses.

    Facebook has been under all sorts of fire for their impact in mob mentalities being cultivated in other countries. We Americans exceptionalists are not so exceptional that we don’t have our own mob tendencies.

    Yes, the social media platforms have created a mess, but if you believe in laissez faire economics, we should let them sort this problem out as they see fit, doesn’t the private sector know best?

    If we don’t think media platforms like Twitter and Facebook should be restricting hate speech, maybe we should take a glance at the gigantic elephant-fox in the room filtering their content a whole lot more.

  • @approxinfinity Those are valid points, but I have a bigger problem when it’s the government at any level, or even grassroots organizations, forcing people to conform to a certain viewpoint. It reeks of fascism in my mind. It’s telling someone ‘you can’t think that way’ and then punishing them for it.

  • @wissox Do you have a big problem with the Trump administration being in bed with Fox News? Do you think it makes sense for Bill Shine, former co-president of Fox News and longtime friend of Sean Hannity to now join the Trump staff?

    I can guarantee you that an agenda for what Fox viewers are allowed to think is being shaped by those people. Fox is the source that the President encourages people to accept as “real news” while all other sources are “fake news”.

  • “Pointing to black on black crime doesn’t solve this. When black on black crime occurs, someone can be held accountable for the crime.”

    Not really. No one wants to snitch in black on black crime, so no one’s held accountable.

  • @approxinfinity

    I see your point, but I think we are comparing apples to oranges here. Not sure how we can make a connection with a box store to a mega social media outlet. As one sells products and the other a platform to express and share. Also not sure Conservatives as a whole really care about the fate of Alex Jones. Just not really seeing a big outbreak on the issue.

    It is a tough topic to debate from any point of view. As there has to be some kind of oversight on these social media sights. I think we all would agree?

    Sadly I have no answers to solve the issue. The problem as I see it, isn’t Capitalism. I’m on aboard with you, on letting companies rise and fall as they may. As long as freedom is maintained the market will create what is needed. Look at Fox News it was created to fill a void of non Conservative view points. Now it’s the Number 1 News channel in the country, even besting the world wide giant CNN. Free market is a good thing. People will in the end decide for themselves if they are allowed freedom, and Companies will rise and fall because of those choices.

    This isn’t the problem. It’s the Government and a certain political party pushing to suppress that very freedom, and trying to seize control of the platform, thereby dictating the what can be expressed and what can’t. Scary indeed.

  • @DoubleDD The government didn’t make these platforms remove Alex Jones. I also misspoke in earlier post where I implied Twitter removed him. They didn’t while others did. And this proves that this is a decision very much being left up to private industry for better or worse.

    What you said about Fox, that they filled a need for conservative news, I think we should discuss. Again, for better or worse, private industry was allowed to sell a product without interference. That product is being marketed as news, but our generation is old enough to remember when the expectation was that news was supposed to be an unbiased portrayal of events. I.e. there should be no “liberal” news or “conservative” news.

    A desire to seek out “liberal news” or “conservative news” should be an acknowledgement that in fact you are no longer seeking out “news” but rather you are seeking out an opinion. Not only is it tenuous to call an opinion “news” it is also tenuous to call it “conservative” when it is so clearly in bed with a political party and that party’s president. Should we assume that no matter what the party does every action is conservative? No! The news was once called the fourth branch of government. An impartial watchdog. It should remain free from political influence.

    Fox News is neither conservative nor news.

  • @approxinfinity I used to watch Fox a lot. Although I’m still conservative in many ways, I grew tired of their act. I’m afraid they haven’t provided an alternative to ‘liberal’ news outlets. And they’re getting worse as Laura Ingraham proved yesterday.

  • @approxinfinity

    Well to be fair what choice does one have? Sure it would be nice to watch a perceived news outlet and get both sides of the story. However this is no longer the case. I myself bounce around.

    Almost all news is biased in way or another. So goes the argument. The concept of a pure journalist is dead. Almost all have an agenda and a political view to push. And all have a boss that signs the checks.

    I’m not sure where I heard or read it. Yet the saying goes, “he who controls the media, controls the minds of the masses”. This is all too true in today’s climate. The days of good honest debate and comprise are dead. Look no further than the Russian Collison, and Trump? You have CNBC’s top news star pushing the narrative that Trump is a Soviet spy. And you expect a Conservative or a regular joe to watch that and say yea that’s good fair and balanced reporting? Especially when you have no true evidence to back such claims.

    I don’t think so. I said to you once before that the DNC and Liberals created Trump? Well the DNC and liberals created Fox news. If one can’t understand/see the control the DNC and Liberals have over the Media platforms, then they will never understand why Fox is the #1 news media platform in America, and Conservatives talk shows dominant Am Dial/radio.

    Some people just refuse to be brain washed.

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