Kansas voted 3rd easiest schedule in CFB

  • The excuses for KU football continue to evaporate as preseason camp looms. Kansas was voted by ESPN to have the 3rd easiest SOS in terms of non conference this coming season. All while being tied for a nations best 19 returning starters from last year. The schedule consists of Nichols State, @Central Michigan and Rutgers. I’d say Beaty must win a minimum of 2 of these games to keep his job til conference play begins. Sadly I think I’ve become more interested in how many fans show up to the game so then the games themselves.

  • Best 19 returning starters? Really? Tied w/whom?

  • It’s all coming up Milhouse.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Not sure I can’t find the article that I read that in a few months ago.

  • @kjayhawks so hard to believe!

  • My multi undefeated season YMCA team once scheduled an easy team thinking it would be hilarious to audible on them—Kansas School for the Deaf. They kicked our asses.

    They even ran something like audibles, but they were inaudibles and completely fooled us half the plays.

    As Hilary discovered, gotta be careful of those you’re sure you can beat.

  • @kjayhawks “Sadly I think I’ve become more interested in how many fans show up to the game so then the games themselves.”

    I think the “19 returning starters” may have referred to how many fans are coming back.

  • I want to see the team succeed. But, man, I really am ready to end the Beaty experiment and go for a homerun hire after this season. Football only brought in $3M in ticket sales this season… Basketball made $15M.

    And, looking at the financials of the athletic departments, KU vs KSU, man we need to do better. It is critical to the athletics department that football makes a turnaround asap. We are talking about an extra $10-12M a year in organic revenue growth if the team can win 6-8 games a season. Contributions would probably increase by another couple of million as well. The next AD and the next Head Coach need to be big hires, and at any cost. We are officially no longer paying Weiss, so there is money to pay someone top dollar.

  • 6 games is what Beaty has to prove himself this season before the new AD fires him at that point or in November after the season is over. KU has a bye after week 6 so that’s the ideal time to fire Beaty if KU isn’t at least 3-3 at that point.

    If KU is 3-3 at that point, give him the season to try and reach a bowl game and if now, he’s gone.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Best 19 returning starters? Really? Tied w/whom?

    I seem to recall the story and it referred to…tied for “most” starters returning rather than “best”

  • Huge difference

  • @JayHawkFanToo @Crimsonorblue22 It said tied for national best with 19 returning starters I believe. Not best as in most talented, best as in most.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 that must have been before so many left, we didn’t have enough to scrimmage. I know, some were hurt.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You read it wrong then I read your response wrong lol. We are tied for the most returning starters not the best returning. We really only lost Mesa and Dorrance.

  • @kjayhawks yeah, best and KU fb don’t really go together. Hate it!

  • I figured it was because so many players got injured last year there were multiple “starters” at each position. Since they had the offseason to heal up they’re back. Returning 19 of 22 legit starters should give everyone a real good idea what Beaty’s coaching is actually doing.