• They barely mention that this happens all the time with Nike sending their guys to Duke, UK and elsewhere.

  • @wissox dad didn’t want him coming here w/fbi investigation going on, hmmm wonder why?

  • So, why isn’t the father in a situation like this indicted if Gatto is? I know there are no charges yet related to this matter, but the father (just like Preston"s mother -------- allegedly) is a clear conspirator. And if the player is 18, charge him too. Selective prosecution.

    All this accepting the premise of the charging (and not getting bogged down in that debate) based on the prior discussion from @kcmatt7 and @mayjay and I believe @justanotherfan.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I get what you are saying but what would they charge him with? As far as I know it is not illegal to get money from someone willing to give it to you…as long as you declare it and give the government its cut. Granted, it might make someone in the loop ineligible but no laws are broken. It is not the role of the FBI to enforce NCAA regulations.

  • If daddy Langford was paid to steer Romeo to (most recently) Indiana an Adidas program, will it be now added to the indictment? How is different than Preston and De Sousa situations?

    Not a good time to be an Adidas program. There seems to be a concerted effort to prod the FBI to investigate Adidas program while not a peep about the other programs is mentioned and even Arizona seems to have escaped from the brunt of the attacks and Sean Miller, unlike a Pitino, seems to have weathered the storm with no personal damage.

  • @BShark I As you speculated, it just recaps and quotes extensively from the WPost article.

    @HighEliteMajor & @JayHawkFanToo Some random thoughts on your questions: I think if there is a difference it has to do with the apparent lack of anything wrong with what they did if the NCAA rules alow these things. (Whether the Dad revealed his AAU money to the school is missing from the story.) Also, the indictments seem to focus on the people giving, not receiving money. Finally, JHF2, don’t confuse the lack of news about other indictments with a pass being given to anyone. The important thing to keep remembering is that they apparently have the evidence in our case for the fed charges of wire fraud & conspiracy. Possibly a distinction without a difference. I would not be surprised to see some type of mass settlement involving lots more questionable recruits.

    A note on my parenthetical and my mention of NCAA rules in the above paragraph: Seems a pretty bizarre set of rules to allow that type of arrangement, and it seems pretty shady when no one admits they ever got any money!

  • @mayjay was that money reported to the irs?

  • Wait a minute.

    The apparent petroshoeco-agency complex reputedly doesn’t even admit to channeling players between brands!

    I am outraged that board rats are suggesting that the apparent petroshoeco-agency complex channels players among schools contracted with the same brand.


    This is flipping 2018 fer cryin’ out loud.

    No one has been convicted of ANY channeling of players between brands, or within brands.

    It might even be entirely consistent with entertainment values to channel players between and within brands.

    This is all irresponsible speculation.

    Stop it now!!!

    The Petroshoeco-agency complex may not even exist!

    Most D1 players may not even be incentivized under the table.

    Hell, cars may not be being financed.

    Pop up high schools may just be a conspiracy theory memed by the Deep State, or the ghost of Allen Dulles.

    The media-gaming complex might not even use the media to predictively program bettor expectations.

    Why, the mafia and Deep State may not even launder money through betting on D1.

    Don’t you board rats get it?

    D1 may be completely pristine.

    There may be no corruption at all.

    All 10 of those OADs a few years back may just coincidentally have ended up in Lexington lubricating their jump shots with mousse from Cal’s hair…and NOTHING more!

    "And I say to myself/

    what a wonderful world…"

    Buffer 1

  • @mayjay

    My point was that KU was not indicted but named as a potential “victim” and yet it apparently was hurt with Langford who in turn might end up hurting Indiana…see the tangled web that has been woven so far? What is the difference between Preston’s mom and Langford’s dad getting money? One might be a NCAA violation but neither appears to break the law.

    So far, the probe seems to have concentrated on Adidas and nothing else has come out about the other brands. Even Arizona seems to be off the hook. Looks to me the investigation has been targeted to Adidas and highly prejudicial. Maybe Nike and Under Armour are just better at cheating and if the FBI has not gotten any evidence by now, as shown by a lack of an indictment, then all the evidence has been likely laundered away and gone.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Other indictments might be on hold until they see if this one flies.

  • @mayjay Gotta protect that win percentage.

  • mayjay said:

    @JayHawkFanToo Other indictments might be on hold until they see if this one flies.

    Don’t you think that is highly prejudicial and gives the appearance of a targeted investigation?

    If the current indictment does not “fly” KU and by extension Coach Self will forever be associated to it and lots of people will always think that KU just got away with it while the programs associate with the other brands basically get a pass. It is essentially like spreading a rumor, lots of people hear it and considerably less hear the rebuttal or bother to check if it is true and the target of the rumor is forever tainted.

    Politician do it all the time throwing unverified allegation hoping they stick and it is considered highly unethical. You can expect this from politicians but one could only hope the FBI and DOJ are above this, although given what we have learned recently about the people that were/are in charge at both agencies, both appear to have been heavily politicized and weaponized to go against opponents of the people at the top

  • Romeo, Romeo where forth art thou? Oh on the freakin bubble. 😂 😂 😂

  • Where would this team be with Romeo? He would have made a difference imo. And I think Self would have made him a top 7 pick. Indiana sort of exposed him by leaning on him too hard.

  • I wish he’d gone to KU. He beat UW on a buzzer beater in double OT last week.

  • wissox said:

    I wish he’d gone to KU. He beat UW on a buzzer beater in double OT last week.

    I know… The $500 not in my bank account right now remind me constantly

  • @Kcmatt7 I would advise you never to bet on 20 years ability to put a basketball in a round cylinder!

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Where would this team be with Romeo? He would have made a difference imo. And I think Self would have made him a top 7 pick. Indiana sort of exposed him by leaning on him too hard.

    No Vick, Ochai probably keeps his redshirt unless Self pulls it when Garrett gets hurt. Maybe Cunliffe sticks around?

  • I think there is a good chance that if we landed Romeo Vick would’ve stayed gone. But I think when he was the good Vick early on he helped us win games. I’ve been saying it all year I wish Sam would’ve stayed and Chuck would’ve gone (if anyone, not saying I hopes he leaves) but Sam was a damn good athlete and with his size could’ve helped us defensively and rebounding wise.

  • I don’t think Vick would be allowed to stay if Romeo was funneled to KU.

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