Congrats to Austin Police

  • Apparently they identified, tracked down, and cornered the bomber, who blew himself up (or was shot, or both).

    @RockChalkinTexas I hope you have been okay through all this. Unfortunately, I know what a widespread community fear of random violence is like, because we lived in the VA suburbs of DC during the Oct 2002 sniper shootings very close to a couple incidents. My heart goes out to all you Austinians and hope they soon announce all his devices have been located so you all can enjoy a sense of relief and a return to normalcy.

  • Someone actually gave a tip which caught him. The reward was like $115,000. Crazy to think. He was just taking packages to the FedEx store and dropping them off like a normal package.

    Anyways, I hope that everything is found as well. I have about 5 friends who live in Austin and another 5 will be in Austin going to visit them on Thursday. I was honestly a little worried for everyone.

  • @mayjay Glad they got him. These past few weeks I have woken every day so thankful that I no longer had to be in Austin. Not just this but the SXSW event and the people from all over the world there for it. Having retired last July I have only been inside the City once, and that was to go to the UT game! They just released his name (24 yrs old) and right now they are surrounding a house in Pflugerville (next to Round Rock) that they believe was his. His parents live not too far from him so they’ve got some 'splainin to do. That area is where I went every day for my radiation and chemo treatments and know it well. I do think the Police, FBI and other agencies really did a superb job yesterday finding the link to the boxes dropped off and getting the surveillance video and then finding out that Texas can take a face shot and run that against the DMV pictures on a drivers license. Who knew they could do that? I think they said Texas was only one of a few that could do that. People need to be diligent until they know for sure where he had been the last 24-48 hours and apparently they have cell phone towers and technology to figure that out. Wonder if his house is wired since he was at a Red Roof Inn when they found him last night?

  • WTF???


  • @RockChalkinTexas If it is a new posting, it sounds like an opportunist trying to screw with people’s minds. Hope they catch this guy, too!

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