• Never too early to get this one up and running.

    Let’s start a memorial, magical journey today to San Antonio…

  • People not working today: How are you passing time until the game? I am glad it is an early Thurs game. I always hate being in the Fri evening slot, especially those years where upsets pile up!

    I am going to be ripping out some drywall and fishing cable for our kitchen reno. And looking at the clock…

  • Best snow storm in history happened in 1997 near Madison where I was living at the time. About 15 inches fell Thursday into Friday on the first two days of the tourney. School called off. KIds were young enough that they didn’t care if I hogged the TV all day. My wife may have minded a little bit though! Of course the strange and horrific end to the season a week later took all the shine off of those two glorious days.

  • @mayjay

    Working til noon. I almost took the day off but if we get further into the bracket I want to save those “get out of work days” for that possibility.

    If I wasn’t working I would have continued with our bathroom reno

  • @mayjay Working. I prefer the later games for selfish reasons. On the occasion that my beloved Jayhawks should lose I no longer watch the tournament, so if they play later I can enjoy more games. My viewing season lasts as long as KU’s season. I derive no joy in college basketball if KU isn’t still alive in the tournament.

    So go Jayhawks!

  • @dylans I’ve gotten the same way. When the Jayhawks (or in most years the Badgers) lose, I’m about done. I’ve not even watched the semifinals the past few years except for a few minutes. I still watch the final but kind of bitterly!

  • getting pumped - -ready to go. -Thing is the guys better have their game face on. - I know they will. - This is not a # 16 seed they should be more like a # 13 something like that - this point has been brought up by many - This is not one of our stronger KU teams - this to has been brought up many times. - Our margin of error is the smallest it has ever been - we can’t afford to look past anyone = and I don’t believe we will.

    Just spending the hours reading articles about us and the other games on today. - We have three today - we need to represent out league well. - - KU – Texas Tech & Oklahoma - -All know is Oklahoma better pull their head out and play well. - Our league needs to show get these clowns to shut the hell up - -Let people see that our league is as strong as the Coaches have been saying - -I’m ready hope the hawks take it to them.

    I read this morning in each of the last 7 first round Ivy league games in the tourney they have been decided by single digits. - - 5 of those have been decided by 4 points or less. - -Penn is defending the 3pt with a 29.2 % - But a lot of that goes with the competition they play also. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73

    Their 2-7 record vs teams with a winning record would suggest they are rightfully a 16 seed. We’ll see. I think we crush them

  • @BeddieKU23 Computers now saying 20 point win. Not sure about that but I think KU covers 13.5.

  • Yep. I see one of two scenarios. One is we get on a run first and Quakes never recover. The other, probably more likely, is both team feel each other out, first 10 or maybe even first half is relatively even. Then in the second half, HOF coach makes a few adjustments, and we turn on the afterburners leaving charred remains on the floor.

    If there was ever a Must Win this season, not being the team to give up the 0-132 streak, this is that game. DG has been here before and no way he allows a loss today.

  • BShark said:

    @BeddieKU23 Computers now saying 20 point win. Not sure about that but I think KU covers 13.5.

    We should be very concerned if we don’t cover.

    I don’t see anyway we should be excited if we struggle to beat them.

    Penn hopes to do a lot of things every 16 seed hopes to do every year. We have a gigantic talent advantage at every position and just need to play to it.

    I would love to see us up double digits at half and visually looking like the team we were last weekend


  • @BeddieKU23 The number getting down to 13.5 is insane.

  • @BShark

    Vegas is playing this one well. I would hammer the over

  • BShark said:


    Seems how I have Rhode Island winning I’m watching

  • I took URI as well. OU is crap, should be in the NIT.

  • @mayjay I took a half day. Got in at 7 and leaving here in 15 minutes.

    I’m sure most of you aren’t avid gamblers or hate to “set money on fire,” but this is the most fun time to bet. And, IMO, you get your money’s worth. You put $2 on a game that you would normally not watch and you will find yourself cheering for a team you never thought and on edge for 2.5 solid hours. That, to me, is 100% worth $2.

  • alt text

  • My mom just texted me that she is cheering hard for URI. <3 <3 <3

  • Wondering if I’ll keep my tradition of getting the first game of the tournament wrong ruining my chances of a perfect bracket 1 game into it?

  • I hate that call against Young. There’s no way that dude was set.

  • @stupidmichael I’m scared!

  • The 2nd foul call on Young was even worse. And I’m really not pulling for OU here, but good grief, horrible.

  • Want Rick Barnes to meet Texas and destroy them.

  • J’:moneybag: manning up for OK at the right time.

  • approxinfinity said:

    Want Rick Barnes to meet Texas and destroy them.

    Tejass isn’t making it that far.

  • I’ve little faith in the lower 1/2 of the big12. It looks like OU is trying to prove me wrong. 10 brackets and none if them have ou (or ksu) (or MU, but that’s for personal reasons) advancing.

  • @dylans Rhode Island is basically letting McNeace just run free. Good gosh

  • It sounded like the announcer just said OU plays in the Big South conference. Anyone else hear that?

  • RIU is creating a rotation nightmare for themselves the way they are collapsing on young.

  • This game is GREAT. Woowweee.

  • Greensboro is not afraid of Gonzaga LOL.

  • Greenboro’s defense is inspiring.

  • That was hot

  • Fatts is killing them


  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Fatts is killing them

    I wonder which jazz musician he was named after.

  • RIP everyone that had Tennessee losing.

  • This game is a microcosm of OU’s season. First half solid, 2nd half LOL.

  • I’m so pumped!! Let’s go Jayhawks!!


  • I’m glad i didn’t put too much stock into OUs chances at a run.

  • Welp we suck.

  • Going to lose to Penn unbelievable.


  • Great start lol

  • Lightfoot is not the answer today we have to pound it with silvio

  • Sure Penn isn’t a good three point shooting team but KU is leaving them WIDE OPEN. So of course it’s possible that they can be 3-3.

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