Bill Self to Coach 2018 Team USA U18


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  • Definitely won’t hurt recruiting.

  • Vernon Carey JR and RJ Hampton should be on the team…

  • whoooaaaaa

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  • Langford and Grimes are also eligible. Count on Self and Danny taking the opposite approach of Cal last summer. They’re going to put the best team together, not the one with recruits he wants to sign. Those may be the same, maybe not. Depends who wants to try out.

  • Love the hell outta this.

  • Thanks Matty.

    “Bringing Self into the fold of USA Basketball was a long overdue move according to Purdue coach Matt Painter, who also serves as the chair of the USA Basketball Men’s Junior National Team Committee, which is responsible for selecting the USA U18 staff and athletes.”

  • I saw that earlier. Great news.

    I am not sure Coach Self will ever grow the long white hair in one the pics above. :smiley:

  • Coach getting some well deserved props. Also Nice to see our beloved and one of our favorite Jayhawks, Danny “I can put a team on my back and beat anybody” Manning.

  • Read this morning where Grimes is going to be there with him. - You would have to think this could do nothing but be a positive spin for Coach Self with these kids , just like I’m sure it did for K. Having additional time with Grimes , and getting the chance to work with some targets he is looking at , having that time to watch them work and them getting to know Coach better hope it helps. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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