Stumpy denies everything.

  • Pfffft, he is just taking a book from the current administration.

    I mean, WTF!! He was caught on wire tap talking about Ayton and $100,000.

    How is he innocent? How?

    His coaching career is over.

  • Even if he is guilty why come clean right?

  • “I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!”

    Sorry for the politics… but he reminds me of Slick Willy.

  • I watched his press conference, he could not make a statement as strong as that without it being true. No lawyer would advise him of that. Rather, if he was truly guilty, he would go away and have his lawyer make statement for him, ala Rick Pitino.

    So, that means that either ESPN or the federal government is going to get sued by U of A. Or perhaps both. I read that ESPN is standing by their story, so does that mean that the Feds lied to ESPN about the wire tap, or fabricated a wire tap?

    This is going to get very interesting!!

  • Stubby was never caught on tape by the FBI working out a bribe with Dawkins. In this instance, the liar is ESPN, not Stubby. Doesn’t mean he’s clean, but those were false bogus charges that were laid out there, and then ESPN changed the story after the damage was done.

  • Until the age of digital hyper reality, where anything digital can be faked without leaving tracks, and this weird vying for a new level of oligarchic global power apparently involves trying to frame Trump for collusion with Putin, and grabs for control of USA states, I would have been pretty down on Stumpy. But now my belief in innocent until proven guilty is hugely reinforced!

    Stumpy is at a school crucial to controlling a defense heavy state in a geo strategic position necessary to shut off illegal imigration and narcotics that also just happens to have with a powerful US Senator hostile to Trump nearing the end of his career. Power grabs are probable in Arizona. In power grabs, patsies often get caught up and sacrificed. Look what is going on in Michigan and MSU. All fall down.

    UA and Tucson are the only potentially viable footholds in Arizona for Hilary/DNC/NeoCon/Neolib/Crown of GB to make a play for even a share of control in Arizona. They desperately need an new anti Trumper Senator to stonewall the wall in that State.

    There is a slim chance Stumpy got caught in the crossfire, same as Self, or lots of other coaches and officials in key states could get caught up in the brass knuckles power plays.

    This is some of the most brutal hard ball I have seen in my lifetime, so it’s getting harder and harder to rule daring enterprises out EVER.

    Either way, it will all probably come out in the wash eventually.

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  • @SlickRockJayhawk No lawyer! Why not make as strong a statement denying it as possible? He can’t lose anything more if he is guilty by shouting loud and hard that he isn’t! Press conferences can sway people long before charged are filed.

  • Stumpty Dumpty

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  • @mayjay

    Too many things do not add up like discussing a payment long after he committed? I am not saying he is not guilty but we are a long ways away from stating with certainty he is.

    Like I said before, I see lawyers, lots of lawyers and lots of law suits in the future.

  • I expect at seasons end for Arizona to make a final judgement… Still have the fallout from the assistants and all that to deal with.

    Arizona at the moment has too much to save face on. They won the Pac-12 and likely will be a Top 5 seed in the NCAA’s. I’m sure the boosters wanted stability until the season was over.

  • "Let me be very, very clear: I have never discussed with Christian Dawkins paying Deandre Ayton to attend the University of Arizona," Miller said prior to the game. "In fact, I never even met or spoke to Christian Dawkins until after Deandre publicly announced that he was coming to our school. Any reporting to the contrary is inaccurate, false and defamatory. I’m outraged by the media statements that have been made and the acceptance by many that these statements were true. There was no such conversation."

    ESPN boldly announced that the FBI had him talking on a wiretap about a 100K bribe for Ayton with Dawkins. Only problem was, the FBI wiretapped Dawkins from June 2017- Septemeber 2017, and Ayton signed with AZ in 2016. Oops. Then ESPN changes the story from " The FBI has Stubby on wiretap offering bribe" to “sources said”…hmmm.

    Trier gets suspended for PEDS, screams bloody murder about it, appeals it, and is quietly reinstated. Hmmm…

    Lots of really strange events happening to AZ - a bribe that never happened, and a “failed” drug test that obviously was a “mistake”.

    For the record, I despise Stubby. I think he’s a bully, and a cheat. He knew what Book Richardson was doing the whole time. Book was the fall guy. But I hate corruption, and malicious lies from " trusted sources" even more. I find it hard to live with the fact knowing that AZ is cesspool of slime ( which will get drained shortly), but I hate the fact that ESPN would prostitute themselves to either A) make up a story wholecloth, or 😎 run a story in the belief it was true, even if it destroyed an entire basketball program, and not print a complete retraction, with a huge apology, and a public termination of the guilty party.

  • Stumpy and his dramatic appeal. Let’s not forget… this is Stumpy! Calipari-lite.

    I don’t believe a single word out of his mouth and never will.

    There is a tape. Let’s hear it. Hope it leaks.

    I believe the tape more than words from Stumpy. And his dramatic appeal makes me believe it that much more because he was extremely coached on how to fight this most.

  • I imagine the FBI has an understanding with the NCAA not to disrupt the upcoming tournament. I expect the 💩 to hit the fan afterwards and the fireworks to follow.

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