Look who's all alone in first place!

  • Way to go Pokes! Now KU needs to keep the sweep streak alive.

  • Sole possession.

    Now just win baby!

  • According to Greenberg it is everyone in the field but Kansas.

    Watching Greenberg defend himself with nonsense when Kansas takes #14 is priceless! He’s the “cherry on top” for me this season!


    Let him speak his stuff… but did he really have to bring that skepticism on our home court? In AFH?

  • Former coach Greenberg. So smart!

  • @BShark

    He is like all the non-believers… He saw a shiny box and took the bait. He didn’t pay attention to the past 13 seasons… just like the rest of the skeptics.

    Hey… we still have to stay focused to get this done. No time to celebrate. But he is already making different sounds and looking like an arse.

    I’ve loved Jay Williams through this. He not only stood up for us, he jabbed a knife into Greenberg every single time he has had the opportunity.

    And he is going to really enjoy jamming that knife in one more time!

  • If KU keeps getting better, Villanova will somehow have to “win” the national championship again.

  • Lies, damn lies, and Stat Greenberg!

  • Politics + Basketball = 2 swamps.

    Buffer 1

    Buffer 2

    Buffer 3

  • @BShark

    …and that is the reason why it is “former”…😄

  • We have got to be really focused and on top of our game Saturday for sure. - It is going to be a war. - That place is going to be jumpin - -they having their blackout - Game day - - I can’t imagine them being able to shut our shooters down twice like they did earlier - - BUT then again we are going up against a team that actually defends the 3 - -NOT like Oklahoma.

    Of course a huge part of this is going to be Evans - -how healthy will he be? - - I’ve just got this sneaky feeling he is going to be fine - -or so they will say - he will try I’m sure- he sure didn’t look fine last night.

    We lose Saturday well then they still have to go to West Virginia but I’d much rather end this Saturday - -let’s not count on some one else’s help - -let’s do this ourselves - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • My second horse in this race will be Virginia. If you guys haven’t watched them, their team d this year has been superb.

  • @approxinfinity


    But have they got acceptable shoes?

  • @jayballer73

    If KU SHOOTS 45-50% FROM TREY, and doesn’t get the 2 FTA visiting team treatment, which now appears within the opportunity set of what refs are permitted to resort to to achieve the kind of game desired by legal entertainment values, KU should win by 15.

    KU was clearly better than TTech on a good shooting night without Silvio. With Silvio giving an at least possible 10/6 in reserve, KU could beat them by 20 on a good KU shooting night.

    It will only be a dog fight, if KU shoots down in the low 30s. If KU blows cold below 30 it loses.

    Regardless, KU holds two huge edges in every remain conference game.

    1. Self Defense the second time around is usually waaaaaaay more effective.

    2.) Silvio letting both Doke AND Mitch play balls to walls, and the opponent knowing KU can stay big for stretches if IT HAS to.

    KU will beat Tech.

    KU coaches and key players know the pressure.

    TTech has never felt it, much less overcome it.

    KU by 15.

  • Buffer 1

  • In a great position to win illusive #14

  • @jaybate-1.0 Well I have confidence we can win for sure , by 15? - -eh maybe not so much - before Monday we hadn’t beaten ANYBODY in the conference by 10 little lone 15. - -Plus we are going up against what did they say Monday Tech is probably one of the best if not the best defensively in the league. - They showed a graphic Monday during the game and teams ARE were shooting in the low 30’s from the 3 against them.

    This is exactly what they did to us exactly last time out - -they are gonna run us off the 3 - -we going t have to make a lot of contested shots not gonna be like Monday. - I feel we CAN win but not gonna be easy - and I just don’t think there is anyway we beat Tech at Tech by 15 - - Again a lot is going to depend on what kind of Health Evans is in. - -A healthy Evans - - -then it’s game on - - with out a healthy Evans then I like our chances even better.- I’m with you only not quite as confident by the margin. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73

    Prudence is a virtue.

    But 15 seems prudent to me.

    We only lost by 12 the first game:

    shooting 23% from trey;

    -15 on the glass;

    -5 on TOS;

    -2 on strips; and

    and we played them short handed with Svi fouled up on the back end of a 2 in 4.

    We are going to be rested and hitting on all cylinders.

    We could own these guys in Lubbock, unless Self rests the guys for Texas at home Monday, which now that I think about it, he might do.

  • During the last contest with TT Newman came off the bench, Vick only scored 2 points, and De Sousa did not enter the game. Over the last 3 games ALL 3 have been good. Newman, and Vick are averaging about 16pts each and De Sousa is eligible. Todays KU Basketball team is completely different than the one TT faced back on 1/3/18! KU could easily win this by 15.

  • @Statmachine think svi fouled out

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He did and he was 4-11 from the field that night too! The team had just added De Sousa and Preston was still going no where fast. That KU team didn’t have an identity. Coach Self was dealing with some personnel turmoil and Newman was coming off the bench for Garrett for 4 games in a row. Then after that Vick was coming off of the bench for Garrett. Cunliffe had just gotten eligible and was taking Minutes from our starting rotation. I would imagine there was a lot of uncertainty and behind the scenes drama that led to Self taking action. I truly believe that todays team has that identity and have now gelled. Make room for the 14th Trophy 0_1519347250048_Big12trophy.jpg

  • No conference team has swept KU while Coach Self has been coach. I don’t expect this will change.

  • @Statmachine boy that’s a trophy from the early days of the streak lol, still has Fizzou, Nebraska, Colorado and A&M on there.

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