Stay classy Baylor...

  • Interesting comment from Baylor player who obviously needs to watch tape of the game. SMH.

  • Oh that’s great! Wonder if it was an original thought or just parroting his coach.

  • Kinda chicken sh** to say after a win IMO. I really didn’t think that there were that many questionable calls in the game, maybe Malik’s and one late (in the first game). I thought Baylor got several offensive fouls on KU Saturday off of flopping. It’s funny I was giving some of my KSU coworkers trash the other day because they always claim the refs are paid to be sure KU wins in AFH. I guess those guys aren’t earning their keep this season lol. I personally think the home team always gets a few favorable whistles in CBB most games.

  • @kjayhawks

    A couple of fouls on Doke and Lightfoot were just plain bad calls and had a bearing on the outcome.

  • Just to take an alternative view, we are fans of a blueblood, so I’m pretty sure lots of players/coaches and fans think similar thoughts. There’s been times I’ve felt we’re getting some calls.

  • @wissox if you can’t say something nice…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Really? I said something not nice? Whatever.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @wissox if you can’t say something nice…

    Thumper and me are with you.

  • wissox said:

    @Crimsonorblue22 Really? I said something not nice? Whatever.

    I think @Crimsonorblue22 was being facetious

  • @chriz Ok, thanks, it wasn’t the worst thing ever said to me even if it wasn’t facetious.

  • @wissox

    I know that blaming the refs makes it for a convenient excuse for opposing teams/coaches like Squeaky. Can you think of a time when the calls overtly favored KU? I can’t. Sure, there are times when KU gets one or two favorable calls but usually those are make up calls or followed by calls for the other team. KU NEVER gets the whistle advantage that teams like Duke get.

  • @JayHawkFanToo No can’t think of a specific time because we benefit!. But when we say Duke gets all the calls, doesn’t that make us kind of like Bruce whining about us getting all the calls?

  • @wissox

    Do you not watch Duke games? As a Wisconsin fan you should remember how Duke was handed a Championship by the refs when they beat Wisconsin…right?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Well you caught me in a little inconsistency! Yes I’m still miffed at the Duke whistle appearing at the worst times! 1986 final four comes to mind as well.

    However, we’ve had good success against Duke actually in the tournament and at the champions classic. Did we overcome the Duke whistle and win anyways, or did we just have a fairly called game? I suspect it’s the latter which sort of (I’ll grant you a sort of here!) dispels the notion that Duke gets all the calls.

    @If our local leagal expert @mayjay could hold a trial in a court of law about the Duke whistle it’d be an interesting case that maybe turns out differently than we suspect.

    For the record, no I don’t watch Duke games unless it involves one of my teams. I really can’t stand that team and am really too busy to watch some other team as well.

  • Let’s just put this to bed.

    Higher profile teams tend to get calls. “Well coached” teams tend to get calls. That’s just the human element of the game. If the officials believe team A is “well coached” and “disciplined” they will tend to view their play more favorably than if a team is “poorly coached” or “out of control”.

    Let’s use Duke as an example. If Grayson Allen had done his tripping incidents at some random school, he likely would have been suspended by the league. We all I think agreed on that last year. But because he was at Duke, the ACC generally thought that Coach K would “take care of it”. That’s just the benefit of the doubt that higher profile programs and coaches get. Coach Whoever at Up and Down State U would not have gotten that benefit of the doubt, and his player would have been suspended after the first incident.

    That type of thing extends in game as well. That’s just human nature. Coach K (or Izzo, or Self, or Williams, or any number of other Hall of Fame or near Hall of Fame coaches) gets the benefit of the doubt, and that extends to their team as well.

  • hasn’t this team shot less free throws than most of the league ?

    Svi’s travel last year was egregious but that’s the only one I recall.

    As mentioned above a couple charges last week were huge that went against Us.

    Big 12 coaches have decided calling out the officials is going to be a good idea moving forward so Kansas will get fewer calls and the refs can say, “see we call it even”. or it backfires 🙂

  • @wissox

    Just because we have success agains a team does not equate to having favorable or equitable refereeing, right? Games with a national audience are naturally going to be called more evenly, of course the Chiefs probably disagree with this.😄

    I have zero doubt that some teams get favorable calls more often than not. As others have mentioned some of it has to do with the coach. Coach K is constantly after the refs an hence his team get the benefit of the doubt or the favorable call more often than not. Look at West Virginia, with all the pressing and checking they do, they should have twice as many fouls and yet they don’t, likely because Huggy is riding the refs the entire game.

    Look at the Baylor game, a couple of the foul calls against Doke and Lightfoot were really bad, particularly the block against Mitch when it was an obvious charge. These calls affected the game big time as Lightfoot fouled out and Doke played restricted minutes because of his foul situation and the Baylor player has the gall to say KU gets the calls…what an idiot. In other sports coaches and players that criticize refereeing get fined, about time the Conference starts doing likewise.

    For a blue blood, elite team, KU likely gets a lot less favorable calls than other teams partly because you really don’t see Coach Self berating the refs or complaining about them after the game. It does not help that idiots like Fraschilla make unproven statements allleging referee bias at AFH. If you look at the overall count, I would suspect KU is in the negative side, i.e. getting less favorable calls than the average team does.

    I try to catch as many big games as I can in the evenings and on weekends while, by your own admission, you have an extremely limited experience to back up your claim. Before you state that Duke does not get the calls, watch a few games they play and then tell me they don’t…or re-watch their title game against Wisconsin, if you can stomach it…

  • @wissox Agreed. People say that about Duke, UNC all the time. Coach K is infamous for working the refs, which is well known, and he gives his team an edge with that. But “they get all the calls” simply puts those complainers in an inferior position, implying they cant get (ref’s) respect.

    Frankly, what’s there to be impressed by Baylor? Losing to this year’s Baylor is just disgusting about KU’s performance more than anything they did/said/complained about.

  • @Ralster

    No team gets “all the calls,” on this we can all agree; however, wouldn’t we also agree that as I posted “some teams get favorable calls more often than not” is also correct?

  • This topic is always going to be there. I do believe certain teams tend to get more calls going their way. Part of it may be based on team reputation… I know most of it relates to the coach’s reputation. No one has a “better rep” with D1 refs than Coach K. He definitely gets the calls, especially when he pushes. His chew out of the refs during the NC halftime was the difference in bringing his team back against the Badgers. A few of those second half calls were really killers…

    If anyone can complain it would be Bruce at KSU. In his particular case, I don’t think it is so much the rep of Kansas and Self that gives us the edge… it is Bruce’s bad rep with refs that helps sink the purple kitties. He should feel lucky he isn’t T’d up a lot more! But, in the end, he can’t expect to receive many generous calls.

    That Svi travel last year was unreal.

  • Blown said:

    hasn’t this team shot less free throws than most of the league ?

    Yeah… but that isn’t because of the refs. It’s because our guys lack hustle. It is very clear to many that we don’t like to push contact.

    Zero aggression = less FTs

  • Playing defense without fouling is what great teams do. Our tough as nails defensive teams had that characteristics. As much as people whined about Bo Ryans teams getting away with mugging, he made guys practice defense holding tennis balls. This taught them not to grab which translates to better defensive fundamentals.

  • Style of play is the biggest culprit in disproportionate calls. Think West Virginia. They play pressure all the time. Refs simply can’t call every foul that happens during a WVU game so eventually they stop trying. Being the more aggressive team is always going to be more beneficial. Drive the ball, get more calls. Play tight defense all the time, get more benefit of the doubt on D. Same goes for shot blockers. Try to block everything, refs will see you as more likely to have stayed vertical (Doke has actually done a fairly good job in this area). Traditionally good teams with seasoned coaches with high win percentages do these things so seemingly get more calls. It’s all about setting the standard for refs early and relying on that standard late. Doesn’t always work. Sometimes WVU will get a ref that calls it tight, especially early, and WVU is in trouble early. Then the game becomes about adjusting the the officials rather than adjusting them to your style of play. That usually spells a loss if all else is equal.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yep, definitely agree. And I have to admit that if there ever was a team that seemingly gets more calls, it is Duke. Now Im not necessarily complaining, as whenever we aren’t actually facing Duke, we ourselves get perceived as another ‘Duke’ getting preferential calls…which I don’t really buy, case in point Baylor game. But man that game against Duke a few yrs ago when Tyshawn got tripped by their bearded 4man (no call), so it goes oobounds off Tyshawn’s knee, then a phantom “travel” call on either Tyshawn or EJ, then the Dukie guard who traveled twice before heaving up a 3 that counted of course…and we lost a game we should have won. EastCoastDollars at work, I get it…

    Sad fact is Ratface wont even smile in acknowledgement…the facade doesn’t come down til they’re on the BlueDevil plane ride home…

  • @Ralster

    …as long as the check clears the refs don’t mind…😄

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