NBA Trade Deadline

  • PURE INSANITY this year. Wow wowowowowow.

  • @dylans got you covered here my man

  • Yeah overlapping posts.

  • Good for mason

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Good for mason

    Very much so.

  • I have never seen anything like this. A team basically starting over from scratch halfway through the season. Craziness.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    I have never seen anything like this. A team basically starting over from scratch halfway through the season. Craziness.

    Yeah it is pretty wild. Not sure they will be better, but they were definitely correct to jettison Isaiah Thomas, that just was not working.

  • If you’re trying to beat Golden State, you need 4 or 5 guys that can play on the perimeter, guard multiple players of different sizes, and give you something offensively. You cannot beat the Warriors if you don’t have that. Cleveland just went and got a few guys like that in a few hours with Hood, Nance, Clarkson, and Hill. And they still have Lebron, so they will be a factor.

  • @justanotherfan I think on Paper, they got better. But trying to get on the same page midseason isn’t going to be an easy task.

  • Cavs have zero chance this year barring several key players going down for GS. They may not get past Atl to even get to Boston. I like the moves for the Cavs, they got younger and more athletic not to mention hit a culture reset, but they are not catching the Warriors. The Cavs need a better point guard and Paul George or Kwahi Leonard to be on the same plane as the GD Warriors.

  • @Kcmatt7 Midseason moves usually don’t work out for the reason you say. And @dylans makes a good point that this doesn’t change the Warriors situation. The Warriors are still well ahead of everyone else.

    But the Cavs at least now have seven guys they can put on the floor against Golden State - Hill, Clarkson, Smith, Hood, Green, Nance and Lebron - that can shoot from the perimeter, defend multiple positions, and handle the basketball. They have two others - Thompson and Love - who can play the 5. Thompson as the rim roller/defender, Love as the floor spacer/rebounder.

    Boston will still push them (and could beat them), but they are likely better than Toronto now, and nobody else in the East has a chance. If they beat Boston, they meet the Warriors, and if the Warriors aren’t there…

    The Cavs put themselves in a better position to win the title than they were in 24 hours ago. It might not work because the Warriors are world beaters. But if that window opens even a little, Cleveland has positioned themselves to step through.

    In a way, it reminds me of Jacksonville’s situation in the NFL. The Jags should have upgraded at QB this season. They were in a position where they were going to win their division. They were heading to the playoffs. If they upgrade at QB, now they know they are on the same level as New England and Pittsburgh. Maybe you still don’t beat those teams because New England is a dynasty, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a good QB if you happen to be up 10 in the second half against New England in the AFC title game? Chances to win titles don’t always come around. For all we know, that was J-ville’s shot right there. Maybe Fournette gets hurt next year. Defense takes a step back. Whatever. This year may have been their shot. They were right there. The door was open. They didn’t step through.

    Boston added Greg Monroe today to shore up their second unit. They put themselves in position. Houston loaded up their roster to have a showdown with the Warriors last summer. Chances are, the NBA champion will be Golden State, but if not, there are really only three teams that put themselves in a position to take the crown if the Warriors misstep - Boston, Houston, Cleveland. Everybody else saw the juggernaut and sat on their hands.

  • I see this more as the Cavs and Lebron laying groundwork to go center shopping.

    Embiid and Phillie are probably driving the Cavs to dismantle now to move up in the draft or something.

    Or is there a good NBA center with a fat contract they have created salary room for?

    Without a center to counter Joel, how can Lebron even get to the Finals to play GS?

  • @jaybate-1.0 The Cavs are ridiculously over the cap. And the new contracts they acquired put them another 16 million over the cap. So they can trade some of those contracts for player or players of equal contract dollars and remain over the cap. Or they can dump tens of millions of dollars in contracts just to get to the cap. The Cavs are in a tough spot salary cap wise. I believe they can only go further over the cap by re-signing their current players.

    That’s why many speculate LeBron will leave in free agency, the Cavs aren’t getting much better next season. But I’m not sure. You could see the writing on the wall when LeBron left Miami- he hated being the bad guy and desperately wanted to be the good guy again. They only way he could do that is to return to Cleveland. He brought Cleveland a championship; now I don’t know what he wants to do, but any obligations he feels towards Cleveland should be fulfilled.

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    Thx for the details

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    The worst team money can buy…or LeBron can force you to buy. 😄

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