Is the Phog losing its Phogginess?

  • Seriously, doesn’t this come back to the rearrangement of seats (which ones the donors get versus the students)? Or is it just attitude?

    Do we still have more conference titles than home losses?

  • It’s just not that great of a team.

  • Crazy that 80% of this year’s losses have been home games. That’s an anomaly. A very noticeable one.

  • i think the place was so much louder 10 years ago personally from being to at least 1 game every year. Too many folks on their phones and the place is quiet as a mouse fart if we get down early. The seat arrangement stinks but it’s been that way forever. I do wish some of the people sitting closer would actually get into the damn games. Ether way AFH has took a huge hit this year in toughness, and ticket sales are down in terms of last night over 1000 were still available. It used to be impossible to get tickets or very hard they day before a game. We could very easily lose 1or 2 more at home and put the sellout streak in jeopardy.

  • @kjayhawks I was there last sat and it was awesome. Were you there? I was at 5 games last year, the Kentucky game where we broke the sound record twice in the same night. I’m going to 3 more games this year, I’ve never been to any like you have mentioned.

  • Certain individuals in this year’s team are in a Phog but we will be fine.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 The Fieldhouse is a rockin’ every time I’ve been there (about once or twice per season) the last 25 years. I’m all for cell phone scramblers though, I miss half time shows.

    The problem isn’t the arena, it’s the team. They strike fear into exactly no one (that’s not rooting for them). If the team defense would pick up this would be one scary team. 20-0 spurts in less than 3 minutes, but only if they figure out how to stop someone on D.

  • @dylans we are lacking another big guy, should have been billy Preston!

  • @dylans I think Bruce was scared!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Of his shadow? THAT’S why I’ve got 6 more weeks of winter (basketball)?!?

  • I think it’s a little quieter ever since they took some of the students seats away.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 3 more games!!! Jelly!!!

  • If KU really wants more racous fans just lower ticket prices to encourage a different set of fans in. We may get to see someone enjoy the game instead of worrying about the fleecing they took to get into the door.

    Personally I think it’s still great in person. TV has never done it justice. Allen Fieldhouse is the best basketball arena and experience bar none, but I’m sure it could be even better.

  • @dylans Every game has sold out since 2001 or something like that. Seems like they have the right price-point. I’ve never really heard of students that wants to come to the game that can’t get in.

    @kjayhawks What exactly are you wanting the people “down close” to do? Adults, generally, are not going to stand up and jump around like the students do. There will always be older folks that aren’t going to yell and scream. Not sure of the point. AFH has nothing to do with the team losing. It’s hard for me to fathom someone complaining about the environment at AFH.

  • There have been more people filing out early when down the last couple of years it appears. That is the only thing i’ve noticed and I am in AFH a few games a year.

  • Lots of adults jump up and down and yell.🤣

  • @HighEliteMajor Lowering the prices does nothing for the student. Students season tickets are cheap. That’s not at all what I mean.

    Yes, it’s a good price point for the University. Have you by chance priced season tickets and the donation required to get you out of the bleachers in the corners? I’m nowhere near wealthy so an $80,000 “donation” isn’t happening. But feel free to buy those tickets (please don’t buy Romeo a car though).

  • I Think the field house can still be very loud. - -I have noticed though it does get pretty quiet pretty fast if we get down 8-9 points, this is something that didn’t use to happen in the past.

    I remember times when I was in the filed house at a game and you might as well save your breath if you wanted to talk to your friend sitting next to you -if you wanted to say anything to him. The only time you could might be during a time out or half something along those lines.

    During the game on more then one occasion with friends of mind - I swear it was sooo loud I always left with a headache it was so loud, didn’t matter who they played - -although there were exceptions. - -I wen to a KU/UK game - - - - -FORGET IT LOL. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I was at the game Saturday and it was loud. I forgot my ear plugs that I usually bring, and my ears actually were ringing for half the day. The crowd really got the team going early in the second half when KU made cut into the lead, and then two timeouts (one by OSU and the under 16:00 timeout) took FOREVER. Were those CBS timeouts longer than usual? Total momentum killer. Crowd was “helping” pretty loudly on D at the end, but OSU kept hitting ridiculous baskets at the end of the shot clock.

    I saw a few lame ass fans leave with about 2 minutes left who seemed angry that they weren’t going to get the victory they were entitled to seeing. Game wasn’t over at that point, IMO.

  • Heck I was at the Omaha game and the crowd was loud until KU scored 100 and 1/2 went to sit in the parking lot…

    Watching games KU doesn’t play in the crowds are mostly sad. KU, Duke, UNC, and UK almost always pull good crowds on the road, but most other programs don’t inspire large crowds even at home.

  • Cracks me up when fans blame the fans in attendance for the poor performance on the court.

  • Roy used to blame fan attendance for poor court performance.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 i WAS THERE FOR A&M

  • @Barney I know!

  • OR , how about it’s a combination? (Slight sarcasm intended)

    The team isn’t good this year. It’s partly lack of Billy, definitely. But from what I’ve read, hasn’t the administration shifted seats around over the past 5 or so years?

  • I just wish we would give all the seats right near the floor to the students. That would have a huge impact and would help support the TV announcers who boast about AFH while the camera person zooms in on a big donor section sleeping.

    We can make up any excuses we want… but I don’t think we would have beat OSU on Saturday even if we had Wilt at the height of his career. Our team completely sleepwalked through that game!

  • @chriz I would say its been temporarily misplaced at this moment.

    20 years since any KU team lost 3 in our house.

    I’m not liking this team much right now but I’m confident they will get their swagger back, whether it be this season or next. It will happen.

  • I’m just hopeful for #14. Win #14 and flame out in the first weekend and it would suck, but at least we get #14. I’m not sure if we get ANYTHING this year. Maybe some home cooking would’ve made a difference?

    Just interesting that we’re experiencing this and a couple years ago we were having premonitions of this exact problem.

  • Crowd got the most excited when Doke made FTs, 😄

  • Saturday was the first game I’ve been to in 20 years. It had some loud moments, but wasn’t as loud as some I attended. I thought it might be because it was an 11am game. But, it could be the acoustics from the seat I was in - This was fate first time I have sat in the corner.

  • @bskeet Glad you got to go.

  • @drgnslayr I see your point dude but Oh HAHAHA! Wilt would have scored 111 points on Okie St and got ALL the rebounds in the game. No other KU player woulda had to do Shiite!! 😆

  • @Lulufulu

    You’re awesome!

    Yes… maybe Wilt would since Devonte would be feeding him the ball. Someone would have to feed the Big Dipper!

  • @drgnslayr

    He could feed the ball to himself, remember that one year when he was told he was too selfish he led the League in assists.😃

  • How about these 2 FACTS! The first one is amazing if true. I haven’t checked it for accuracy but if it is that is amazing.



  • @RockChalkinTexas

    I’m thinking we need to extend our Texas streak throughout this season if we want to stand a chance at #14.

    Wow… Phog… what is that KC sweater he is wearing? Do you know, or anyone know? It looks like baseball.

    I’m already getting excited for MLB! I love spring ball!

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