3, 2, 1 vs. 8

  • Without peeking, can you guess what those numbers represent?

    3 is the number of games that Vick has played less than 30 minutes

    2 is the number of games that Svi has played less than 30 minutes

    1 is the number of games that Graham has played less than 30 minutes

    8 is the number of games Graham has played all 40 minutes (Neither Vick or Svi has played all 40, but they have each played multiple games with more than 37 minutes).

    Graham has not missed a single minute of action since the K-State game… on January 13. This isn’t quite to an emergency level, yet, but it is a situation worth tracking.

  • In the last five games that DG has played 40 minutes, he’s shot a combined 28.8%. If you add in the other games that he’s played 40 minutes, one or two that were pretty good, the FG % creeps up to 35%. Not sure they are connected. I would be interested in his first half/second half FG % to see if there is any link. If the 2nd half is lower, I’d think there is. If the second half isn’t lower, then probably not.

  • Sacrificing Graham for number 14. He also appeared to be wearing something on his left shoulder last night during post game. Maybe contributing to his low shooting average. I can’t believe Self hasn’t found a way to get him a few minutes off each half.

  • I was going to guess that 3 was the number of games that the Big 12 second place teams have lost. Two was the number of games that the Big 12 first place team has lost. One is the number of games that Azubuike has - or ever will - hit two consecutive free throws in. Eight - the round in the NCAA that KU will bow out to a lesser team because elite college athletes can’t hit free throws.

  • Did anyone notice Self using Newman to initiate the offense Monday instead of Graham on a bunch of occasions. I think that was Self’s attempt at resting Graham while playing him. Using Malik to bring the ball up instead of Devonte looked to me like his attempt to save some legs. I’m sure the zone helped Graham as well at times.

    Graham is struggling with his shot but I’m not really convinced its due to the minutes. He takes a ton of contested shots (which I think contributes to his declining %'s) and when he gets into the lane we already know he’s not a prolific finisher. 3’s and Ft’s are his strength’s.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Maybe KU can fly Frank, while he is in the injured list, to teach Devonte how to finish at the rim and draw the foul. 😄

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    Maybe KU can fly Frank, while he is in the injured list, to teach Devonte how to finish at the rim and draw the foul. 😄

    He’s good at getting past his defender but with Devonte its either all the way or nothing. I wish he would have developed a floater.

  • @Blown

    The problem is that once we pull DG from a game, we immediately start giving up ground to our opponents. We can’t really afford for any Big 12 team to start a huge run on us.

    Giving DG one minute off here and there doesn’t really benefit him much. Not as much as the risk it poses on helping our opponents start a long run.

    Self is doing a great deal to try to limit DG’s wear (as well as all our guys). He is looking beyond games and instead viewing the complete energy spent throughout every week and he is limiting practice times and focusing on doing whatever he can to bring his guys into a game with fresh legs.

    Self has never put this much effort into preserving the energy of his players. He continues to expand his coaching abilities by facing new challenges. If we ever win another NC under Self, it will happen because Self has never stopped learning himself and expanding his coaching capabilities.

  • @drgnslayr

    Self has to preserve energy because he’s playing four regulars at least 30 minutes per game. Guys just aren’t getting breaks during games, so you have to back the practice schedule off. You can’t afford to have any guys get hurt. The rotation was wrecked when Newman was out. Guys have to have energy, so practices have to be more like shoot arounds because you aren’t getting any deeper at this point unless Self starts giving Cunliffe and De Sousa real minutes.

  • @drgnslayr Do you remember at one time the argument was “These are 18-22 year old kids. They don’t get tired.”

  • @Blown I really don’t recall anyone suggesting kids don’t get tired, just that it is over-Blown, no pun intended.

  • Lots of players around the country are playing big minutes, just as many as Devonte and our perimeter. I’m sure those fan-bases are worried about guys wearing down just as much as we are focusing on it. It’s the time of the season where its a grind. No excuses though, even teams with depth are usually settled into rotations by now and the best players are playing a majority of minutes. I expect Devonte despite playing 40 minutes in games to adjust to the situation. Self has said he wants to play so its up to Devonte to fight through at this point if he’s not going to ask for a rest.

  • @HighEliteMajor Oh, I recall them! Mainly from folks back on KUSPORTS.

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