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  • This actually took place last month–

    I never really had a Jeff Foxworthy moment “You might be a redneck if”, but today l had a “You might be an old geezer” experience. I needed to get lab done at a place l had never been before and l happened to know the receptionist. She was fantastic at taking my card and explaining what l needed to do. She then handed me two forms that needed to be filled out. The first one was very simple, the privacy act one. She saw that l was struggling to see what the blanks were and told me print your name, sign it and date it. As l finished filling it out l saw the second form had lots of questions and l told her l had better go get my glasses from the car. She chuckled as l hurried off to get them. When l came back and began looking over the questions l was REALLY glad l had gotten my glasses and didn’t require her help to fill in the blanks. I had never been asked some of these questions before and l’m not completely sure l answered them correctly. Question one: Sex at birth. What? Another question: Sexual preference. OMG! One of the boxes for that one was: Don’t want to reveal. l thought about checking that but figured that might put me on some watch list. I don’t want to mention some of the other questions, but the receptionist knew l was caught off guard. She had one of those sighs “l know”. Transgender questions l could only guess at because of Bruce-Caitlyn coverage on tv. Before l get caught off guard again filling out a questionaire l’m going to Goggle “Correct application answers for Old Geezers”.

  • @Gunman For “Sex at birth” you could have said, “I hope not! That is just sick!”

  • That’s funny!

  • Unfortunately this the society we have become. I read a story where gay groups are filling lawsuits indicating that Christian couples are unfit to adopt children…sigh…

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  • @mayjay I wanted to put ‘Same as presently’ but figured not enough info. Second choice was ‘Not until high school’ but reckoned that to be too much info.

  • Warning: adult humor ahead! Or, more accurately, really juvenile joke ahead!

    @Gunman There was a Playboy joke back in the 70’s that had someone answering the “Sex: M or F?” question with, “F. I haven’t M’ed in years!”

  • Good one mayjay; hand’t heard it before.

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