KU Dokes on Stanford 75-54

  • This was a tale of one center giving a dunking clinic, one center being dunked on, and two perimeters giving a mediocrity clinic.

    The Dunker aka Udoka Azuibuke, went 12 for 15. He didn’t bother with FTs, going 0-2. Stanford decided to reject all film evidence regarding the benefits of fouling Azuibuke, and instead fouled our best FTs most of the time. It was an odd strategic choice by Jerrod Haase, who proved himself a coach more interested in executing his system than adapting it. At a place like Stanford that is a recipe for a short tenure.

    The two perimeters had the turnover equivalents of productive coughs (KU 11, SU 14), fouled each other quite a lot for a relatively slow, 61 FGA game, and matched each other with tenacious FT defense (low 50% range by both teams). KU’s perimeter won the stealing game +3.

    Inside, the edge in scoring effficiency was, of course, all KU. But Stanford amazingly was +1 in blocks. In rebounding, KU continued to approach the glass indifferently; i.e., as a category to dabble in, but not to dominate. Stanford was actually +2 on the glass for the game. Completely inexplicably, given KU having a footer and Stanford and KU shooting only low 30% range from trifectaville, Stanford kicked KU’s butts on the offensive glass +6.

    Clearly KU has decided to guard opponent’s shooting percentages down, and then guard them some more, rather than guard them and then rebound. It is not an easy strategy to make sense of, but it seems to distill to this. We aren’t very good at rebounding. But we can guard. If we can just keep guarding them hard, and letting them have enough second shots at low percentages, sooner or later we will get the rebound just by chance. I am not sure how this will work against better teams than Stanford.

    My feeling was that the two previous losses to Washington and Arizona State ranked as conclusive evidence that our small ballers need to take rebounding slightly more seriously. But that bump in seriousness was no where visible versus Stanford. Might I recommend that the team spend some time on glass vaccing practice during the week of getting better? No, no, no. I can’t suggest improvement in a fundamental of the sport after a 21 point win. That sounds churlish. Still, just between us, giving most teams plus 6 on the offensive glass could mean some more of those unsightly L’s on the schedule summary, if unaddressed.

    Both benches did give clinics in anti-impacting. It was actually impressive how many persons were rotated in without so much as a ripple of impact on the basketball lake.

    KU won, because it Doked Stanford, and because Devonte and Vick were a combined 5 for 8 from trey.

    It all worked out pretty well for KU, which won 75-54.

    Yes, Stanford sucked and Jerrod Haase needs to forget everything Roy taught him about basketball, emulate Bill Self, get some players and foul a center that makes FTs around 50% of the time, instead of letting him shoot 12 of 15 (80%) literally from inside the rim itself .

    The take away?

    Never, never, never, never, EVER let Bill Self play 70 point take what they give us giving him his footer just dunking it.

    That Canis lupus familiaris does NOT hunt.

    Put another way: don’t let KU Doke you.

    Rock Chalk!

  • Great win before Christmas. Watched the first half replay and was happy with it. Doke was really good. Loved the pace we played at.

    The best part of the night though was having Frank Mason on during the first half. That was phenomenal. So glad he got to see his hawks play

  • @jaybate-1.0 One of the very few times I just could not stay awake to watch the game. Sounds like we mauled them pretty good.

  • Svi had an impressive offensive game other than going 0-5 on 3’s. We’ve not seen him get to the rim as often as last night.

    Shocked at how bad Stanford was. Some of their TO’s were just awful.

    Graham’s assists were of the highlight real variety.

    We complain about our crowd in KC. The Trees ought to complain about their crowd in Sacramento more.

  • @wissox

    And the purple floor—really hideous!


    It was not as close as the score. Self dealt Jerrod some professional curtesy. Looked like we could have boarded a little and made its 30 point win easily.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Frank is in the big time, but still looked like himself. Go, Frank, go!

  • And i will never EVER get tired of the sound of the rock chalk chant in away games

    (I personally have attended 3 ku road games in the past 7 years and ku fans were the majority )

    Jayhawk nation is everywhere

  • jaybate 1.0 said:


    Frank is in the big time, but still looked like himself. Go, Frank, go!

    In the first minute of his interview says I wish I could have played here 4 more years. Hard not to gush over that

  • @wissox

    I read an interview with SVI about the draft camp and he indicated he was told to be more aggressive and he was that against Stanford. I wish Newman would do more driving to the hoop.

  • @BeddieKU23

    The announcers were very good. Even when the interview with Mason lasted a fair amount of time, it did not feel like it took anything from the flow of the game. DickItch should watch replays of this game and learn how is done right.

  • There is just no way around it just plain and simple. Frank is just 1 st class individual all the way around thru and thru.

    He just strikes me as a very polite quiet respectful individual. He has worked hard for where he is today and U hope he has a really good NBA Career. Think about where he came from - Him and Devonte pretty much un recruited -to Frank landing at KU -to being named NPOY - -then from not on any draft boards to being taken by Sacremento

    Just proves hard work – dedication pays off, - -OH something else I noticed with Frank last night during his interview. - - Frank has added a little bling bling to his dress attire lol - - looks good. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’m glad Svi took the three’s, but he flat took over driving and dunking on the weave.

  • Svi seemed to be telling us, “I can do anything Vick can do.”

  • The concerted effort to get the ball inside to Doke was obvious and a great to see.

  • @drgnslayr Fred Astaire he is not. I still get really worried with all the awkward falls, ankle grabs, and clunky screens. We are one tweak away from disaster and it wears on you. He is so young; his coordination is out of sync with his body. But getting better daily like jojo did.

  • @drgnslayr


  • Dok was a Beast in this game! I just got around to watching the game on ESPN replay a few minutes ago… been busy. work work work, now its time for play. I’m off work til next year! But I digress. Udoka looked really good IMO. Made some really good moves down low in the paint, shaking his man or even double teams for powerful dunks and nice smooth over hand hooks and neat lay ins. He also tossed a couple sweet passes too! I was super impressed with his progression this time.

    On SVI. I think he was also a Beast this game too! Man, some of those drives for dunks off the curl were absolutely nasty! He loves that lefty lay in, he loves that pull up from 10 feet, he loves that step back long range 2 or trey. He was showing all kinds of game on both sides of the court! I loved it!

    Bring on the Big 12! Rock Chalk!

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