Doke's dunks last game

  • I just wanted to voice my opinion that Doke didn’t deserve that Tech for hanging on the rim after one of his dunks in the first half last night.
    After watching the replay a few times I really thought he was trying to NOT get hurt or hurt the other poor player right in front of him.
    I mean had he let go of the rim right after throwing it down he would have hit the ground or gone right into the other players right next to him.
    I get that Coach Self is trying to tame the beast that is Udoka because, come March NCAA, everyone of those refs will call that Shiite immediately.
    But I do not think the play in question deserved a tech foul. He was trying to avoid self harm or harm to others.

  • @Lulufulu I don’t think he’d have swung wildly if he didn’t grab the rim in the first place. I agree with Self, better he get called now and start working on breaking that bad habit before in heat of passion in an close game he get called and it really cost us.

  • @Bwag It’s probably one of those things that just-feels-too-darned-irresistible!

  • When I dunk…well when I imagine what it’d be like I know I wouldn’t hang on th… I think Doke diserved it but I think most dunkers diserve techs for their antics these days.

  • The rules calls for a T when a player hangs from the rim after a dunk. Players are not allowed to pull themselves up on the rim, nor are they allowed to hang on the rim after a dunk attempt, unless they are doing so to avoid injury to themselves or another player.