Is it coaching?

  • Look, I know we are a guard oriented team, but why didn’t we get the ball to Dok more? Does Self not tell them or do they purposefully ignore him?

    This is the type of game that concerns me. Anyone get flashbacks of UNI, VCU, Nova or Oregon during the game? I know I did. This has nothing to do with Frank, imo, as we lost a game this exact way with him. There is a much larger issue here that is more fundamental.

    Also, can anyone please explain to me why, when the game slows down, our guys act like they have never practiced offense before, can’t make good passes or make open shots? This was an authentic Bill Self style elite eight loss where the team acts like they’ve never been coached before and never shot a basketball before. When the shots arent falling, do we hope to shoot out of it? Why wasn’t Doke getting the ball in the block every single possession? It was so frustrating to watch Graham, Svi, Vick and Newman throw up shots (remind anyone of a recent game?) that bricked off the rim and overlook the seven footer in the post.

    So is this coaching? For upperclsssmen, they seem utterly clueless as to how to win when the shots aren’t falling. And it’s the same thing over and over. Against UNI, we had Cole and the Morrises, yet couldn’t get it done. Same thing the next year - what were we 2-20? And of course last year with the obvious limitations.

    Not trying to beat a dead horse, but this lack of execution or coaching is concerning and so obvious. Does the staff not see the trend? Or am I overlooking something?

    Regardless, we can’t shoot this poorly on open shots and expect to win any meaningful games. Also, our guys need to be coached on driving and kicking rather than trying to force it up over length. Frustrating to watch it over and over with no adjustment. Lots of potential for this team but to reach it it has to play smart not stupid. Tonight, they played stupid. Can’t do that and expect to win.

  • Do you think Self plays away from some of his strengths earlier in the game to have something up his sleeve for late? Do you think he was saving Doke either from a foul or an exhaustion standpoint?

  • @approxinfinity no to both. He barely got the ball in the second half despite dutifully posting up on the block.

  • In a time out the side line gal early in the second half Self was preaching to get the ball inside. We took a ton of threes for sure but I honestly felt like all but 5 were good looks. Everyone needs to calm the heck down, it could be worse. We could’ve lost by 40 to U.K. In this, which we’ve done before. We won so it doesn’t remind me of a elite eight loss and U.K. is as long as a team we will face which was like Oregon but LL would’ve fumbled the ball in half the dunks Doke had. It’s November, let’s see what happens with Preston and how Sam plugs in. This team played far from its best tonight.

  • @HawkChamp

    Doke does not yet know how to get himself open to receive a pass and he was also well guarded: once he learns to get into better position and the guards get more familiar with him it will get better.

    Now, how missing wide open shots translates to poor coaching? I fact it is quite the opposite, good coaching got them them the wide open shots but the players failed to make the shot.

  • Well I don’t know why we decide to even have Doke out there if we are not going to use him. 34 minutes, 3 fouls, 5 shots! Good thing there will be plenty of tape for Self to yell at them for neglecting him.

    It sure looked like our 4 main guards were all in it for themselves to prove to the scouts. In the end we did enough but the shooting needs to improve tremendously going forward

  • Here’s the thing, Doke isn’t exactly efficient unless it’s a wide open dunk. Also with no BP he had to play defense in the interior almost the entire game.

    Also, what @JayHawkFanToo said he isn’t great at getting into good position. Plus he also is not apt to pass it back out.

  • @BShark

    Absolutely he’s not a guy you can give the ball with too much to do. But we did about as poor of a job making opportunities for him as you can.

    Our guards have a lot to prove. That was about as poor as a collection of players can play and still win.

  • For sure. I really hope we have Billy for Friday.

  • Oddly enough, when the 3’s don’t fall, and you only have one inside threat, the defense will focus on denial to the post. And if the only post player has to be careful not to foul out, the defense will succeed more often than not.

    I thought Dok did great considering–and I admire him for not breaking Billy into a few pieces.

  • The whole team had to worry about not fouling, which never helps.

  • @mayjay now did we only have one inside threat or basically one? 😋

  • @cragarhawk Aha! Hanging me on my own pitard, are ye? 💥

    Key word there is “threat” so “only” is likely the best word choice y’all can use.

    So, we-all can use it free of any fear!

  • @mayjay just a lil early morning, post coffee, playful banter haha basking in the afterglow of victory no matter how ugly. 😊

  • @cragarhawk Actually, I think my intent was only one threat inside on the court. Mitch was still a theoretical threat and if he hadn’t missed that one it would have been awesome, massive, a-MAZE-ing, baby! PTP-er, all the way!

  • loving the activity on the board. At least we know its Basketball season. Ugly W’s are better ugly L’s especially against Kentucky.

  • Yeah, it’s hopping right now. Then tonight 🍾

  • Bill’s teams don’t begin to sort it out until conference most years. Lots of things to work on. I thought Newman was atrocious most of the game…same with Devonte. Yet we won the game. A++++ effort for going to war against a deep 5 star laden team with only 6 bodies ( Lightfoot only got a few minutes ).

  • Bilas says we are losing in the Sweet 16, might as well cancel the season. But Kentucky’s making the Elite 8. go figure

  • With five minutes to go, the sideline lady, who doesn’t resemble Holly, told the announcers the Coach was screaming for them to get the ball into Doke. Doke is a monster underneath and was 5 for 5, but he’s not Collison or Cole yet on sealing. Garret and Newman are not yet Brady Morningstar in getting the ball to the big man.

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Bilas says we are losing in the Sweet 16, might as well cancel the season. But Kentucky’s making the Elite 8. go figure

    Lol. What a twat. KU was playing with likely 3 less players than they will have in March.

  • BShark said:

    BeddieKU23 said:

    Bilas says we are losing in the Sweet 16, might as well cancel the season. But Kentucky’s making the Elite 8. go figure

    Lol. What a twat. KU was playing with likely 3 less players than they will have in March.

    Doesn’t matter, says we are the Atlanta Braves of CBB.

    Maybe he can see what we can’t. Hard to imagine so minus 3 players and a historically bad shooting night

  • @BeddieKU23 Yeah, the team will improve. I am also assuming that KU will have at least one of BP/SDS.

  • Jaybate has to be in heaven over the reemergence of badball. Except it’s 6 man badball. It’s a little like 8 man football, except the other side gets to play with 11 players.

  • @KUSTEVE Howling.

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