Kentucky Wildcats - United Center, Chicago - Tuesday - 8:30 - ESPN

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  • Famous Alumni

    Brave Ashley.


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  • Her mother Naomi also attended UK.

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  • Famous people who have lived in Lexington.


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  • This year we feature the other side of the story.


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  • Can’t forget this guy.


  • Hey! No fair! They get two warm up games! UVM is a tournament team this year. They should be.

    Anyways, it will be a good game. We showed UK what for last year at RUPP. It’ll be our bunch of vet players against the typical UK freshmen. I watched most of their game against Utah and Utah almost beat them. Vet team of less than elite athletic ability almost beat UKs team of green frosh pro wanna bees.
    If KU comes out strong and stays strong for all 40, then I like our chances. We can match their physicality, length and athleticism and add veteran presence to it.
    KU wins this one. Udoka double doubles. DG Triple doubles.

  • @wrwlumpy My wife walked by as I was scrolling and said, "Enjoying yourself? – right as I was at the cheerleaders’ pictures.

  • They won against Vermont by 4 today.

  • @wrwlumpy

    Wow! I had no idea their mascot was a bobcat!



  • @Lulufulu Tuesday will also be UK’s 3rd game in 5 days, conditioning may be an issue for them Tuesday night.

  • Texas Hawk 10 said:

    @Lulufulu Tuesday will also be UK’s 3rd game in 5 days, conditioning may be an issue for them Tuesday night.

    Seems strange they’d have a Sunday afternoon game just before the big Tuesday affair.

  • @drgnslayr I cannot tell if you are being facetious. Bobcats and “wildcats” (when used as a noun and not two words) in N Amer are the same animal (11 subspecies). They are basically large lynxes, running up to 30 to 40 lbs. People sometimes think the wildcat is the same as a cougar (aka puma, mountain lion, panther, & catamount) but that is a larger cat (60 to 220 lbs), closer in size to lions.

    All are “wild cats” but if I had chosen the mascot, I’d have gone with the more imposing catamount. Congrats to Vermont, whose Catamounts held their own yesterday!

  • Seems as though the term is a bit conflicted:

    Says the Cougar is considered the largest of the small cats. And also considered a wildcat. :shrug:

    A wildcat can be a bobcat, but a wildcat doesn’t have to be a bobcat. (Square/rectangle)

  • @wrwlumpy Harvey…oops!

  • @dylans @mayjay

    Forget about felines, I will take a dog any day and of course the mighty, albeit mythical, Jayhawk. 🤣

  • @dylans The first reference is only about the “old world” (European and African) wildcat. In the “disambiguation” link about the term wildcat, it has references only to the bobcats in N Am, which is what I referenced as talking about. The owl lady in your second reference makes the common mistake of using wildcat for puma. Taxonomists don’t seem to agree. I have not found any scientific (as opposed to animal groupie) references to “wildcats” (in N Am) containing pumas, etc. Only bobcats and lynxes. A puma etc is a “wildcat” in much the same way that people confuse apes and monkeys.

    Let’s keep calling them the Kentucky Bobbiecats and see if they get mad!

    Sorry, @JayHawkFanToo, I do prefer cats over dogs since no dog will ever resurrect the beautiful collie of my childhood, Frisker.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Yeah, cats suck.

  • @mayjay You are correct Wikipedia calls the mountain lion a big cat, but not a wildcat. The three listed wildcat species are the Ocelot (now that would be a cool house cat), Canadian Lynx, and Bobcat.

  • @dylans I gotta tell ya, I really had no idea before reading it today!

    Let’s call 'em the Kaintuckee Linxseseseseses, boyz 'n girlz!

  • I went to this event when Wiggins/Embiid were freshman at KU and Parker was a freshman at Duke. Kansas and Kentucky had the most fans, and every fan base just booed Duke. Hoping for similar occurrences tomorrow. And also a Jayhawks win.

  • @drgnslayr Actually UVM’s mascot is a Catamount. Its a type of wild cat. Not a Bobcat. I was made aware of that distinction while I lived there.

  • @Lulufulu Correct. Not a “wildcat” (bobcat). A wild cat.

    Who knew a simple space could, despite looking empty, carry such an amount of meaning?

  • You shouldn’t give me openings to do this:

  • @KUSTEVE Not Cat Stevens?

  • Off topic a bit, but our good friend Jesse Newell was featured in Parrish’s weekly poll attacks :

    I’ll start with Jesse Newell – The Kansas City Star reporter who covers KU. He has West Virginia ranked 14th and Texas A&M ranked 16th on his ballot, which would’ve been reasonable at any point before a shorthanded Texas A&M team beat West Virginia 88-65 on a neutral court last Friday. But now it’s completely unreasonable. Because a shorthanded Texas A&M team beat West Virginia 88-65 on a neutral court last Friday. And why anybody would rank Texas A&M behind West Virginia after that is impossible to understand.


  • Hey Rooster, how do you think we’re going to do against kentucky?

  • @KUSTEVE KU by 7 … . “Bank It” as in Basketball !!

  • I look at UK and I know two things

    1. Kevin Knox and Wenyen Gabriel won’t shoot below 27% each all year. They just won’t do it. They are too good to play that poorly all year. Be ready for a course correction at some point.

    2. UK won’t be this disjointed on both ends all year. Too much talent to not put together better stretches, even if it doesn’t last a full game.

    Bottom line, KU has the advantage here, this isn’t a team of superheroes. But Kentucky will be better than they have been through two games - but probably not enough to win. KU by 4.

  • mayjay said:

    @drgnslayr I cannot tell if you are being facetious.

    Strangely, my middle name isn’t “Fineus” (or “Phineus”), the King of Thrace… or “Phineus” from “Phineus Phreak” and the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

    My middle name is “Facetious!”


  • mayjay said:

    @Lulufulu Correct. Not a “wildcat” (bobcat). A wild cat.

    Who knew a simple space could, despite looking empty, carry such an amount of meaning?

    “I chased after a bobcat with a stick. I ran away from a cougar with a gun!”

    Last words of guy who cheated on his wife.

  • @KUSTEVE Thank you.

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