USA Today Coaches Poll

  • Ku #3.

    1. Duke

    2. Michigan St

    3. KU

    4. Kentucky

    5. Arizona

    Seems like just a mix and match of any other year

  • Full Poll

    1 Duke (20) 0-0 774

    2 Michigan State (9) 0-0 747

    3 Kansas 0-0 723

    4 Kentucky 0-0 678

    5 Arizona (2) 0-0 654

    6 Villanova 0-0 623

    7 Florida (1) 0-0 549

    8 Wichita State 0-0 543

    9 North Carolina 0-0 515

    10 West Virginia 0-0 458

    11 USC 0-0 396

    12 Miami 0-0 383

    13 Cincinnati 0-0 349

    14 Notre Dame 0-0 305

    15 Minnesota 0-0 303

    16 Louisville 0-0 295

    17 Xavier 0-0 284

    18 UCLA 0-0 275

    19 Gonzaga 0-0 242

    20 Northwestern 0-0 208

    21 Purdue 0-0 167

    22 Saint Mary’s 0-0 152

    23 Seton Hall 0-0 139

    24 Baylor 0-0 107

    25 Alabama 0-0 82

  • If Alabama is the 25th best team in the country College Basketball is down down down

  • I would for sure put Duke and MSU ahead of us so I don’t think it’s wrong. If AZ didn’t have THE CLOUD hanging over them + an injury I’d consider them as well. KU and UK def top 5 tho.

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    If Alabama is the 25th best team in the country College Basketball is down down down

    People forgot who is coaching them.

  • Seems like the teams that were mentioned in the FBI case have been hurt in the preseason rankings. USC, Arizona, Louisville all have teams better then their ranking

  • @BeddieKU23 I think TCU will hang around 20 to 30 this year.

  • I don’t see Gonzaga a top 20 team with what they lost. reputation ranking

  • Minnesota at #15 seems very HIGH

  • Barney said:

    @BeddieKU23 I think TCU will hang around 20 to 30 this year.

    I could see that, deep team

  • TCU ranked #30 in votes

  • @BeddieKU23 there you go.

  • Not a ton love for the B12 with 3 teams ranked, I think Alabama lasts about a week ranked. Gonzaga lost most their only FF and 2nd E8 team in history doubtful they are top 25. How much of a penalty will Arizona see this year, if any being involved in the scadal same for Louisville. Another story that is interesting is how WSU fairs in a lajit conference for the first time since creighton was in the MVC.

  • Yah, totally. But this poll almost always isn’t accurate midway thru the season. Right now, its just fun. Its just something to put out there to get the excitement built up for the season start in 2 weeks. That’s all it is to me anyways.

  • Wait…what? MU? According to a thread in the MU forum a poster stated that only Duke and UK have better rosters and predicting that any thing short of the Final Four would be a disappointment…never mind that MU never made it to the Final Four. Other posters more cautious but generally expecting big things from the team, most think that MU will contend for the conference title and will make it to the Sweet 16. Yep, meth does fry your brain.

  • I could see Missouri legitimately being #3 in the SEC behind Kentucky and Florida this year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    The knock on Cuonzo is that he underachieves. MU will have some talented but young players and could be good if the players stick around. The Porter brothers, if they are as good as advertised, will not stay long.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Never said Martin would keep them good, but the Porters are the best players Martin has ever had and once you get past Kentucky and Florida, the SEC gets real average real fast.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Martin had Jaylen Brown and Ivan Rabb at California, two excellent players now in the NBA and did not do much with them. MU has the Porters and Tilmon and maybe Harris, all of them freshmen, after that the quality drops quite a bit.

    The latest poll has MU as #5 in the SEC, other polls have them as #7.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’d bet a hefty amount Mizzou is a bubble team at best and probably finishes no higher than 5th or 6th in the usually 2 deep SEC conference. Martin has done nothing but under achieve and to be honest probably pays the hell outta recruits idk how else you get top guys with track record of losing and not staying in one place long. Remember Ben Simmons was pretty good too but couldn’t get LSU into the dance a few years back in that same joke of a conference. They went 2-14 in conference last year and 8-24 overall, it would be one of the best turnarounds in history. That and UK a few years back when they missed the dance had the #1 and I believe 3 top 10 players and still couldn’t get in, that’s a lot to put on the Porter kids IMO.

  • Will Arizona have enough coaching staff left to be competitive this year? lol

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