Border War to start back up??

  • Discussions of an Exhibition game for charity! I mean, we can all put aside everything for a game that doesn’t count and for much needed proceeds to go to hurricane relief.

  • I’m fine with it. Also Bill Self is a WIZARD. Genius move to divert attention from the crappy UDK article at media day…

  • I would rather have the charity exhibition game against another blue blood; MU would not be my first choice, or second or hundredth…

  • @BShark You think he was just saving this for a rainy day?

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    @BShark You think he was just saving this for a rainy day?

    This seemed to happen pretty fast and it is a great distraction. Idk 100% obviously.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Sure. I mean I’d love them to play the Memphis Grizzlies. But that isn’t going to happen. It is very logistical to have two local teams who will sell out the Sprint Center be the ones who play. I mean, both teams can bus in and bus out same day so there should be little to no travel expenses. And as far as exhibition games go, this one will have a fantastic edge to it. And it is a much better tune up game to have on the schedule than freaking Pitt State.

    In fact, this could be a very cool tradition that starts. Exhibition games being granted immunity from the NCAA rules that don’t allow D1 teams to play an exhibition game against one another, as long as the proceeds of that game goes to charity. Instead of paying a D2 school to come get smashed, teams could get real tune-up games and raise millions for charity. A win-win situation.

  • @Kcmatt7 I hate mizzou! All our guys could play.

  • @Kcmatt7

    The small schools KU plays in the exhibition games, such as Pitt State, Fort Hayes, Emporia and so on derive the bulk of their budget from that one exhibition game and they use it as a big recruiting tool with players that otherwise would not play at AFH. It was started as a way of helping “Kansas” small program and it has helped these programs immensely so, I just don’t see it ending any time soon.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Agree. And I will add that I hope this Missouri thing is simply an extra exhibition and doesn’t remove one of the others.

  • @BShark I don’t believe this is an NCAA sanctioned game whereas the two exhibitions against Kansas schools each year are NCAA sanctioned and ineligible players cannot play in those games.

  • Texas Hawk 10 said:

    @BShark I don’t believe this is an NCAA sanctioned game whereas the two exhibitions against Kansas schools each year are NCAA sanctioned and ineligible players cannot play in those games.

    Ok cool. Thanks for the info.

  • I hate this idea. I want nothing to do with them. Find another team. UMKC for all I care.

  • @FarmerJayhawk Normally I feel as you do, but for the hurricanes I will be happy to hold my nose! Best way to generate lots of ticket sales is by this type of thing.

  • I miss the border war, just saying…

  • I think the ONLY reason Missery is popping their little weasel heads up is now is - -they think they have a chance to compete against us with their class they brought in -they aren’t concerned about anything doing with Charity - like I read from a fricken Mizzery post of Jayhawk Nation - -saying and I quote " wondering why the gayhawks still don’t want to play - -the last thing he remembers is the gayhawks bent over and getting it put to them still mad that they left the conference’

    These guys are relevant TO NOTHING - - they only hope they could pull this out - -that don’t give a damn about charity. - -They left the conference - it’s been our stance to have NOTHING to do with these pieces of crap - should always be that way you left - -stay gone. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’d like a resumption of the border war.

  • If Facebook is an indication (considerably larger sample than our forum), the overwhelming majority of fans do not want this game. Most indicated they would donate if KU does not play MU.

    I say, if we are going to play another Division I team, let’s play another top program and raise some serious money instead of giving publicity to MU.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I am confused. If it is NOT an NCAA sanctioned game, can they actually play and not get in trouble?

  • @JayHawkFanToo NCAA has to ok it. Playing for a charity will probably be ok

  • @JayHawkFanToo I’d donate to that fund.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I am not sure the NCAA would be that open to this game since it would open a floodgate of “charity” games as a way of getting an extra game before the season.

  • @dylans

    I would too.

  • @JayHawkFanToo ok then

  • @JayHawkFanToo Just read details, schools have to waivers because of how to close to the season it would be. Trying for Oct. 22 and only eligible players would be able to play.

  • @JayHawkFanToo doubt they could raise the same kind of money just taking donations.

  • @JayHawkFanToo what a world we live in that people are against raising millions for charity from basketball games.

  • Anyone who doesn’t like it or anyone who would “threaten” to donate money to a charity just so this game doesn’t get played has their priorities backwards. You wouldn’t donate other than to see this game not being played? What is wrong with you? How selfish are you? If you’re that person, you should not only NOT watch the game but you SHOULD feel guilty and donate the money anyways. I for one, will be more than happy to see 7-8 future NBA players get on the same court and donate money to charity (for which I have already donated money previously for). This is awesome and anyone who doesn’t see it that way needs to step back and see what good could come from this.

    I hope this starts a trend of charity preseason exhibition games that literally raises hundreds of millions of dollars each year. What a great way to raise money.

  • @Kcmatt7 before calling people selfish, maybe you should know what they do for a living or in their spare time. I dislike mizzou so much! So many reasons.

  • @Kcmatt7Nothing wrong for hope - - Hope springs eternal - -But it Ain’t happening - -it would become a mockery for some schools. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22 doesn’t make someone unselfish in this particular scenario. I don’t care if Saint Teresa didn’t want this game played. She would be wrong and acting very selfish.

    Unless singular donations would raise more money than this game, not wanting it played is selfish. Childish. Whatever you want to call it. Putting your wants before the NEEDS of others. GROW UP. It is a basketball game. It doesn’t mean a damn thing in the whole scheme of things in this world. But this one game could raise a million or more dollars for charity COULD mean something. Something to a lot of people. And yet, somehow, some people still would rather not see a freaking basketball game played.

    Tell me @Crimsonorblue22 what would you call it if not selfish?

  • @Kcmatt7 any other team would be fine w/me.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That isn’t the scenario we are in.

    A game vs. KSU makes no sense for either team strategically. UMKC wouldn’t sell out. Wichita St. might have sold out. Maybe. Nebraska wouldn’t sell out. There isn’t anyone within driving distance who could play this game next Sunday and sell out the Sprint Center.

    This is a guaranteed sell out and it will sell out in a day once tickets go up for sale. At outrageous prices I would assume.

    Who else could make that work? Logistically. Who could get their team to KC to play a sold out game? Pull their players out of class for the time needed to play that game? Who would be willing to give up practices even if they flew in Saturday and left Sunday after the game? Nope.

    I’m sorry, but this makes sense. Both economically and logistically.

    Who would of thought the 24 year old on the forum would be the rational one in this discussion…

  • @Kcmatt7 Kinda enjoyin’ your take, young whippersnapper!

  • KU sells out everywhere, against anyone, even in freakin’ Europe. That argument doesn’t hold water for me.

  • The comment above from @Kcmatt7 makes this obvious … what other game would sell out so quickly he mentions? Right. OF COURSE. And I’m not getting into this debate again. I’m tired of winning this debate.

    And KU didn’t sell out the Sprint Center vs Georgia last year – only 12,100 in capacity 18,972 arena.

  • @dylans you haven’t been to a Sprint Center game I take it. Or a preseason exhibition game where the GA, student or big donor seats aren’t full. Add another 3,000 seats to that and combine it with a one weeks notice.

    Nobody sells that out. And not at the prices you can sell this game for.

  • This will sell out. BOOK IT.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I respectfully disagree with you. Nobody used the word threaten, you did. A lot of people have donated already, I have, and would prefer to donate directly instead of doing it just because of a game.

    You are questioning other people’s motives and priorities without knowing what they are. I don’t question your thinking or priorities on the subject and I am sure that you have your own reasons. It would be nice if you extend us who don’t agree with you the same courtesy.

    BTW, wouldn’t it be less selfish to donate just because it is the right thing to do than doing it because you get to see a game? Isn’t it more of a quid pro quo than a donation?

    Coach Self has indicated in the past that KU does not make much money playing in KC ($100K) and it only does it for the fans in the Metro area; KU makes more than 6 times that amount at a AFH. If you want to really raise money, play the game at AFH. The game itself will likely be a little more than a glorified scrimmage as the teams will not risk players on a meaningless exhibition game and mostly backups will play. I don’t believe you can expect people to pay full ticket costs.

  • Should have charged a small fee for late pm.

  • @JayHawkFanToo That is only assuming that the Sprint Center is actually charging both teams to host the event. I doubt that they are since they can just write this off as a charitable donation on their taxes and probably actually make more money doing that since they can get the full cost of the revenue they will “lose” written off of their taxes. As most corporations do. So instead of charging revenue and getting taxed on it. They can “donate” the facility and any revenue they would have made will be able to be written off on their taxes instead. So now they get their revenue plus the 33% tax they would have gotten on profits from it.

    And, I guess we will see about ticket prices when they are released. I’ll go ahead and bet that they aren’t cheap and they do sell out. At full prices if not higher. I feel pretty confident that Devonte will still get 25ish minutes at the very least. If transfers can’t play, I feel pretty confident in that because then only 9 guys would be able to play right? I bet Cuonzo plays his best for a lot of minutes as well. He needs to see what he has. This will be a lot more competitive of a game than you are giving it credit for. Devonte would have played 30 minutes in Rome if there was a close game. Bill is too competitive. I would count on the same for this.

    Finally, I agree that it would be the right thing to do just to donate. Something I have (and you have too apparently) done already. But now this is a chance to get money from those who haven’t donated yet. Or more from those that wouldn’t have otherwise donated more. And those who say that they would donate money instead of seeing this game are only willing to donate money in order for this game not to happen. It isn’t noble or less selfish. It is still a quid pro quo. Donation for no game is just as much of a quid pro quo as a donation for the game.

  • Can’t we just donate the money to hurricane relief? this program makes enough money. Muck Fizzou

  • @jayballer54 I completely agree with you. They are only doing it because they are “good” (at least on paper) right now.

  • Any team but Mizzou. Invite Wichita State to AFH or Sprint Center, why not. Mizzou turned its back on a 100 year old rivalry. Shun them forever!

  • pretty heavy on the no too. Same w/phog. Not many want to hang out w/the trash to the east. Someone suggested isu, they bring a great crowd.

  • @Kcmatt7

    And what taxes would that be? The Sprint Center is owned by the City and has a managing partner that runs the place and takes a percentage off the top, the rest is used to pay the bonds that were issued for the construction and currently, the revenue is not enough to pay the bonds and the city/tax payers have to foot the difference. The Sprint Center is in no position to give away badly needed revenue.

    Do you really think the coaches will allow players go full blast for a meaningless exhibition game? The Italy trips was used to evaluate the level of play for the various plasters/lineups and I am pretty sure the coaching staff has it all pretty much figured out by now. If played, this will be no more than a exhibition scrimage, much like ones the team plays in the summer with former players. Can you imagine what would happen if they go full blast and one of the key players, say Doke, gets injured and is out for the season? That would pretty much ruin the entire season; no way Coach Self risks it in a meaningless game. Other than some early press, zero upside for a KU.

  • “Trash to the east”? I dislike MU with the best of them, but the foolish statements never cease to amaze me. It’s just sports.

    @JayHawkFanToo So are you suggesting they don’t play full speed? How else do you play? You take it easy? You can get hurt just as easily in practice.

    Play hard and kick their tails. Full out. Game on.

  • @JayHawkFanToo @Crimsonorblue22

    @HighEliteMajor and I have previously disagreed on the issue of playing them, but not this time. I am surprised at the amount of resistance, because I always thought the best argument against playing was that there was no really good reason to. Now there is.

    People also need to realize how much the kids might want to do this. They may have seen the fundraising efforts of UK. Many come from highly disadvantaged backgrounds and want to do something to help the many people who have been left virtually destitute by the storms. A game that brings enemies together for a good cause is a no-brainer. And pretty welcome as an example, actually, as our culture keeps careening toward deep rifts that threaten to become permanent.

    As to all the worry about injury possibilities, if the coaches are willing to risk it, I don’t think they need our oversight on what is wise. If the game were to be forced on the coaches, I would feel different, but why trust HCBS on everything about running his team except this?

    HEM and I have used the divorcing spouses analogy before. In this case, it is like two spouses who hate each other working together to provide desperately needed emergency care to their kid.

    There is a time to set aside grievances in service of a greater good. And consider the headlines if petulance rules the day: “KU Won’t Play Mizzou Even To Raise Money For Hurricane Victims: Angry Fanbase Says It Isn’t Worth It” with a sidebar on the UK total and other fundraising efforts.

  • @JayHawkFanToo First of all, a percentage off the top is funny. It is more like 50-50 split. Except that AEG gets the first 16% and then it is split 50-50 after that. Also, it is 100% AEGs decision as to whether or not the donate a game to charity. NOT the cities. Secondly, the city pays back those bonds with taxes on hotels and rental cars. Not the building itself. So, yes, AEG very well could “donate” the facilities and there isn’t a damn thing that the city could do about it. Nor would it really affect the city in any way. The money the city makes from the Building, doesn’t pay back the bonds. It is the reason that the Sprint Center has been upgraded before. Those funds go back into the building or to unrestricted city use.

    And both teams will play their players. Last season, Frank played 52 minutes in two exhibitions last season. Devonte played 50 minutes. Josh Jackson played 45 minutes. Year before: Frank played 47 minutes in two games, Perry Ellis played 48 minutes and Devonte played 55 minutes. Year before that: Perry played 39 minutes. Frank played 45 minutes, Wayne played 41 minutes. The players we want to see will play 20 hard minutes damn near guaranteed. Which I would very much play full price for.

    If the coaches already figured it out, why do we play the other two exhibition games? I mean that is also a meaningless risk for injury right? And yet our players appear to play hard and for 20 minutes at least. I just don’t see your point being factual in any way whatsoever. You couldn’t find data to support your claim if you wanted to. Bill Self is competitive and will play his team to win the game when push comes to shove. Doesn’t matter who they are playing.

    Do you, or do you not agree that paying to play is the same quid pro quo as not paying to play?

    What is the main reason you are so against this?

    I am also going to challenge you, @HawkInMizery, and @Crimsonorblue22 to start a crowd source funding page to try to raise money to see this game not happen. If you do in fact raise more money than will get donated to Hurricane relief than if the game were to be played, I will gladly succeed all points I have made. I won’t watch the game, and I will donate to your fund as well. But, if you don’t raise enough money, you should not watch the game or support it in any way and you should donate the cost of a ticket to charity anyways.

  • @HighEliteMajor Right? I call someone selfish for not wanting money to be donated to charity (not even asking them to donate the money themselves) and get crap from the very same person who then calls other people trash without knowing what they do on their own time.

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