Okie St On The Hot Seat ?

  • Yea not looking good for them. NCAA is getting a task force together that should start investigating next month.


    Kind of makes you wonder… we see all the big bucks given to programs on top of the table. How much cash is given to players/families/coaches/others under the table? I’m curious to know the ratio. I think we all may be surprised just how big it is… under the table!

  • @drgnslayr The kids probably start making money in junior high. A highly regarded player could ask for the world, and would get it, one way or another. The word that keeps coming to me is endemic. It would seem the simple way to fix this is allow high schoolers to be drafted. Those that go to college have to stay two years, period. Let the high schoolers that aren’t drafted go to college. The NBA gets the cream of the crop, and gets two years of training. The college game gets more experience, which means better basketball. The NBA is already openly discussing raising the draft age. College baseball has a mandatory 3 year college stint. It could work if they wanted it to.

  • @KUSTEVE Or just let kids get drafted and play college if they don’t sign.

  • @KUSTEVE Whoa!

    So whats likely to happen? Okie state gets the death penalty?
    Or something like loss of schollies and no post season for x amount of years?

  • Curious to see if Underwood’s abrupt departure from OSU is relevant. Plenty of reasons to jump from that sinking OSU ship, but he’s the coach that brought Lamont Evans there from South Carolina.

  • I read a story from Daily Kansan today that FBI has requested information from KU and perhaps KU is under investigation as per its ties with Adidas. I hope this is not true.

  • @AsadZ Something to that effect involving KU showed up on Yahoo today as well. I was surprised someone hadn’t copied the link and turned it into a discussion topic today already. I’ll see if I can locate the article and post a link.

  • Here’s a link to the UDK story.

    Here’s the FBI letter, which basically says, this is our standard response and no indication that records do or do not exist.

    The reporters have a reading comprehension problem.

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