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  • Well I’ll get this in and then wait for someone to go somewhere else , or lock up the thread here , but at least people will still see my thoughts - -for at least a bit. Once again I enjoy this site put that out right now - very informative. - -I love exchanging replies, - -I have NO problem exchanging views even maybe when we have strong differences at times. - -Not everyone going to get along or have the same views on certain topics - -players , whatever the case may be all the time - -that’s fine. - I myself I can take the heat as well as put some out with becoming seriously vial dis-respectful That’s is where my view comes up in here on this. - -Since I’ve been here I have noticed there are some really thin skinned people.

    I’m NOT a bad person - - I’m really not , if you trully knew me you would realize that. - - This is a forum right? - -a sports room/site. -BUT it is so obvious that in many many cases threads if a person - such as myself says anything that what others considers to ripple waves or rock the boat - then it’s time to lock it down. - Like I say now I’ll wait for people to reply and say such things as " if you don’t like the way things are here get the hell out" - - heard it before -got to say now that’s mature, but it will come , I can count on it - or I like to start trouble - -heard that too. - -My response is no - not at all - -but doesn’t mean we have to agree on EVERY single thread - doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to express a different view. - -Yet if we do- -seems like people have a quick finger lock it up. - -Well pretty much all I got - now wait to be banned or get this locked or told to get the hell up - -makes things so special.

    This kind of goes in line with a marriage - -when I was working - -got into a topic me and some of my buddies talking about spouses and agruements with them at different times. - A young kid says OH me and my ol lady NEVER agrue NEVER. - -to which the very loud response was - - - BULLSHIT. - you never argue? - -Nope - -to which we responded by saying if you NEVER ARGUE then that’s not a relationship - that just means someone is kissing someone’s ass - -that’s not a marriage.

    Same goes here we are not going to agree on every topic - -every sentence. - -w all have different opinions in one form or another - -that’s ok that’s whats great about America -we can express our freedom of speech -freedom of expression. - -nobody says we have to agree on everything - -it may get heated at times but sooo what? - -Are people that thin skinned? - If you are I feel sorry for you when something serious comes around. - -doesn’t mean we have to automatically have to " lock it down"

    Great room guys - -like to see EVERYONE’S threads whether we disagree at times or not - -doesn’t mean it’s not a really good room/forum - - - AND I’m DONE - - - - -READY ? - -GO. bring it down now. - -lock it up - tell me to get the hell out - I’ll survive - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Since I did the deed I’ll explain my view point. I locked it because you were getting pretty belligerent with HEM. I think beyond reasonable discussion. Lines such as…

    now tell me was that a word/phrase that took you some time to come up with or did that just roll right off your tongue?

    ? lol So tell me how old are you again?- -Please take note I’m talking about physical age - -not maturity level as you have showed us you obviously have a lot of room to grow there.

    We can all see why you weren’t an official very long - -pretty light scheduling huh - -suck ass to much huh? - -it’s ok we all have our fields - obviously yours wasn’t this.

    You were just being antagonistic. This is after HEM had a pretty well thought out reply after you had poked and prodded previously.

  • @BShark It’s ok - -you proved my point - - -if A guy is going to call someone who he doesn’t know personally as a jackass as he was referring to officials - - -I he wants to be little a Umpire by calling them " Jaba the umpire" -then he needs to be ready to undertake some of the same things I said. - -If he likes to go around and marking condescending remarks about someone’s weight - c-calling them fat lazy - how the hell he know what’s going on with this individual - could be several reasons he is like that - over active thyroid? - who the hell knows. - -But I get it - some it’s ok - -others it not - -perfect no problem here. – Lock away. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark AND before HEM as you call him decided to respond to my initial thread - only after that did he decide to unleash his sweet little barrage if you run that route - -It’s ok though you cool my bad - -didn’t mean to ripple the waters - -let’s remain calm - Gotcha. - don’t mind me I’m just a out cast that likes to cause trouble by not agreeing all the time - -I ripple the waters - NO PROBLEM - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY - - -ROCK CHALK - -I’ll still be here lol

  • @BShark I think you are being a bit unfair to @jayballer54 by suggesting he made it personal. @HighEliteMajor dumped major truckloads of accusatory and denigratory dirt on the majority of referees, a group 'baller obviously is proud to be associated with. Any time your group gets attacked, you are going to take it personally. So, the response was predictable to an incendiary attack.

  • Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Let’s try and move on please. I think we can have better basketball discussions than this.

  • Yeah really I just wanted it to be over with, and not a prolonged fight. That was my goal.

  • @mayjay Thanks bud - -but I’m letting it alone now , it’s ok but thanks for the thoughts . - -I just rub SOME wrong that’s all, can’t get my views put down in words correctly I guess without offending some people. - appreciate it bud. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 @mayjay Thanks for the chuckle … and officials really are the finest folks I’ve ever met. Good day.

  • My 2cents (which no one asked for, ever) is to be careful characterizing a group (yes, even kentucky fans, refs, etc.) with a broad brush.

    Obviously, sweeping generalizations can be stereotypes and are oversimplified views of reality. They can unintentionally offend those that don’t fit the characterization…and even those that do.

  • Shoot, sounds like I missed something juicy somewhere on this burgeoning site! Oh well.

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