Pity on out???

  • The Washington Post is reporting that according to his own attorney, Pitino has been effectively fired. I guess the law finally caught up with Tricky Ricky…

  • He fought the law and the law won.

    Louisville has to clean house to help come penalty phase time.

    This web could expand.

  • They can’t officially fire him for 9 more days due to his contract is what I’ve read. But yea, he’s fired. And theoretically, Bowen is no longer allowed to practice. What do you even do if you’re Louisville’s basketball program at this point? Who becomes the head coach? You can’t really promote one of the assistants from a crooked program. Who would take this roster at this point? Would the NCAA let the entire roster leave and play somewhere else eligible immediately?

    UL should probably just not play basketball this year tbh, and the rest of the roster should be free to go play elsewhere. But that’s just my opinion.

  • ESPN saying someone like Tom Crean or Thad Matta. Both need a job…

    The NCAA is going to have to move swiftly to decide on the current roster impact. They should have the right to seek another situation in light of this. It is completely unfair to them caught in the crossfire especially with practice about to start soon.

  • I’m thinking Bill needs to be on the phone trying to fill that last scholarship.

    I can’t believe the NCAA won’t allow an exception to any incoming freshmen.

  • @drgnslayr “My head coach was fired because his staff was involved in fraud and corruption” should meet the immediate eligibility transfer guidelines for EVERY player.

  • Jeff Goodman was saying Louisville should take a shot at Chris Mack from Xavier. No chance of that. Cream and Matta would both make sense because no currently successful coach in their right mind would even accept a phone call from Louisville right now. Get a retread that doesn’t have an NCAA track record, weather the storm that’s coming because this will probably be an unprecedented punishment in basketball, then go get a good coach after the storm passes and rebuild after.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Agree. Mack would have to be insane, or drunk on bourbon to take the job.

  • Don’t count any coaches out. Money talks. Especially when they will probably not have to pay out Pitinos contract.

  • UL should do exactly what UK did. It should hire a guy that has left not one, but two schools in sanctions he was unaware of. UL should find a coach with a strong tie to the Nike-WWW complex.

    But who could that be?

    Larry Brown of course!!!

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    He fought the law and the law won.

    Louisville has to clean house to help come penalty phase time.

    This web could expand.

    Yes it will expand and I fear this type of behavior might be more widespread than people think. I am worried about CBB.

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