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  • I’ve posted quite a bit concerning the FB issue with KUSports. (under William Blake)

    It can be read at:


    I realize it is starting to be an old issue, and perhaps I’m hitting the rug once too often, but dust is still clouding the air.

    Anyone like to comment?

  • I think the message has been sent to them loud and clear, and at this point voicing any more objections is probably just falling on deaf ears. Let their comment section die its slow death and maybe eventually they will come around to realizing that it was a really horrid idea.

  • I believe your account was removed, William.

  • William Blake? William Blake? That cracked me up. That was the best read on LJW since the data mining policy began. I’m hoping that something can be resolved but apparently with the national spotlight shining hotter than ever, everyone in the media is trying to make a buck. LJW, for whatever lame reason, and even the University itself with the $50,000 fee to earn the right to pay even more money for season tickets. Even those tickets available on Stub Hub are being scalped for the Pittsburgh game at 3 times face value. But my seething anger is at Time Warner blocking half of KC from watching the 6 games that are exclusive. KU tells us that you can watch them on ESPN 3 for only $108.00. I’m 65 and can’t buy beer for two and a half hours to see a game at a sports bar. At least there is radio. For over ten years I have not missed a Jayhawk game. As Jaybate said, “Used to be the rich folks went on cruises and the common folk watched basketball, now, everything is reversed.”

  • I was commenting on KUsports with a valid, verified, and vetted facebook account under Az Hawk, which could be a totally legit name, and unbeknownst to me all my posts were not visible to anyone else. When I was signed in it looked like my posts were there, but when I logged out or erased cookies, then the posts were gone. I only found this out because my dad was looking for my comments, and I told him they were on the site. How cruel (and funny) is that? I was posting away what I thought was awesome commentary, so good in fact that nobody even dared repying to these magnificent comments, only to find out they were only for me.

    I guess KUsports made my comments unviewable to others because of my “sketchy” name, but they didn’t inactivate the account right away. Maybe others are caught up in this without realizing it. They are posting away over there under the facebook approved “Jay Bate” into the great void. I bet there is someone out there named “Jay Hawk” as well, but I’ll be damned if we will ever see them post at KUsports. As for me, I hope they don’t know latin over there at KUsports and think “Accipiter” is just a weird last name.

  • I’ve now been banned from KUSports under my current FB account.

    I can’t believe they decided to take this attitude with the fan base that also played a big part in helping build their popularity.

  • @AzHawk97, LOL

    It turned out mine was in the same boat. And I agree with Slayr, it’s unfortunate kusports.com took the hardline route. With the number of visits they got (before the policy change), they should be able to negotiate much better terms with the advertisers. So I don’t see what they’d gain by killing a good product.

  • My name is Daniel Reinigungsmittel. My ancestors were too stubborn to shorten the name to Smith when they came over from Bavaria in 1847. (Well, at least that’s the story my great-granddad told me, and I’m sticking to it).

  • @DanR Or maybe Von Daniel Reinigungsmittel der Munchen?

  • So if it’s going to be played like this… I don’t see why I should give KUSports the marketing click of viewing their pages any longer.

    They may receive some $$$ only by having a high amount of views to their pages.

    My question is how to stop going to their site directly but still be able to read their content? It is one thing to link their pages to this site… that actually helps their viewing numbers. It is another thing to copy their content and post it (which may be a copyright infringement).

    But what about using websites like http://archive.org/web/ that archive websites? That site doesn’t seem to run into copyright issues and you can read content through their backup servers. Problem is… the content is not stored second to second, so you may not be able to stay exactly current.

    Does anyone have a solution for viewing their content without going directly to their site?

  • @ Wishawk. Granny Geschirrspüler was supposedly from Munich, but most of the Reinigungsmittels are from Salzburg.

  • slayr, I was very unhappy with the sudden peremptory manner in which LJW changed posting policy. Bush league business practice from a site which I had come to respect during my couple of years of posting. My children have long attempted to lure me to facebook, but I have never been comfortable with such public internet exposure. I am a private person who chooses to reside in a very secluded private homesite. My 67 year old baby sis tweets or texts daily; hoots at my intransigence regarding such social media participation. I was not about to be railroaded by LJW or anyone to be squeezed into the facebook box. I dearly miss the virtual community at LJW postings, but am done with that site. I really hope that this buckets site, or perhaps the lounge site catches on and draws daily posts from most of the former LJW crowd. jaybate, especially, I miss daily.

  • drgnslayr, think of it this way: you’ll only be clicking on each story once to read it instead of 50 times to keep up with the comments. Those guys do work pretty hard to crank out stories, so I’m fine with them getting the credit for viewing the content.

  • @DanR. Ha! I’ve never been to Europe, but looking forward to it someday. But I thought Salzburg is in Austria (my old favorite, Sound of Music).

  • @drgnslayr Hadn’t been to KU Athletics in a while so just checked it out. There is no commenting there but there are plenty of articles/videos. There is also Bleacher Report that has a lot of the same articles that LJW had and I get an email with the new articles they’ve posted. bleacherreport.com Just some suggestions.

  • Danr: Salzburg is beautiful. Made the drive to there from Munchen.

    As for getting around copyright. Have X (# of paragraphs in article) people visit per day. Each person copies a paragraph. They paste it here to make the article. Thus they only get X hits per day and we get the articles…

  • drgnslayr, let’s not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Gary, Jesse and Matt deserve their salaries. LJW is owned by a real tuckus and it’s not easy working for that guy.

  • Don’t have facebook, don’t want one, don’t answer the google questions, won’t lie on those either. I used to check the LJW site a few times a day and now almost never, maybe once a week. Thought I would have more withdrawal but don’t. My real name is steve and I respect they get to make the rules to visit the site.
    I was told if you use a service and don’t pay for it, then you are the product. I don’t elect to be a Facebook product.

  • We seem to be losing freedoms left and right (no pun intended). The LJW policy of forcing commenters to have FB pages can’t be justified by the reasoning they gave us.

    I’m happy to be here.

  • I was upset earlier today when KUSports whacked my user account… but I’ve had some time to process that and enjoyed a nice pastry from a local bakery. I’m over it.

    I’m happy we all now have this site to work with. If the admins need any help improving the format of this site, I’m happy to volunteer.

    ParisHawk, you are right and I don’t want to cook the goose… unless I can improve my Peking goose sauce recipe!

    If we can build this site, or another site with the same intentions, we can eventually grow it to the point of earning media status with the athletic department. I contacted an old friend today that used to work in the AD and she said they are always happy to accept additional media outlets. Perhaps there will be the day when we have our own capabilities to create our own stories on Jayhawk basketball!

  • Like many of you, I have been fascinated by this running discussion regarding the JW’s policy changes.

    At the root of it is a concern that anonymity leads to uncivil discourse. So, they have chosen to use Facebook registration as a means to force users to disclose who they are.

    Obviously, there are holes in this approach.

    1. Just because a community is anonymous doesn’t mean it will engage in uncivil discourse.
    2. Just because a community is not anonymous doesn’t mean it will engage in civil discourse.
    3. A Facebook account does not guarantee accurate identity of a user.

    By the way, did anyone else find the irony of protecting the anonymity of the reporter who asked the stupid question?

    Is it a stretch to compare the need to protect a reporter’s identity with the desire of a community contributor to remain anonymous?

    Do reporters deserve a form of identity protection that customers do not? That would seem like a double standard.

  • Dragon, I read all of the comments. It’s interesting that Gary Bedore is commenting on all kinds of different stories. He never used to do that. I suppose he’s trying to drum up interest. Heck, he’s probably linked up with KUBuckets as well. He keeps insisting it’s better. We all know it’s not better. It sucks, really. I’m still kind of ticked by it. I’ve never seen such anticipation of a season and as it kept building, boom, there it goes.

    Oh well, thanks again Approx for doing this. I seem to have trouble linking at work. Not sure why, it was working earlier.

  • I understand that Bedore has to toe the company line. I don’t agree with his, (or anyone else’s) statement that it is not intrusive to open a facebook account with the bare minimum of information and your privacy is protected. I don’t want anything about me, including my name, to be out there anymore than it already is (and I know it is). I’m not worried about the NSA as some have mentioned. They are going to do what they do and those limits will be hashed out in political circles. I just don’t like the lack of privacy associated with facebook.

  • I just read one of Bedore’s post that says you can potentially have the LJW verify who you are via telephone and then you can post on the LJW site. I might try THAT…

  • @danr you hit it on the head. For the longest time, their ads were not geotargeted or in any other way targeted. They were serving me ads for Lawrence restaurants and I live in VA. To me this means they weren’t making money on their ads. Now, I’ve noticed that their ads are suddenly targeting me as of today, based upon recent Google searches I’ve done (it was an ad for Redis, the data store for this site, which is kind of funny).

    Well the important part, as Dan mentioned, is that ads are sold by CPM (Costs per impression) and so if you visit the comments 50 times, versus visiting it once or twice, thats the lion’s share of the advertising revenue if they implemented their ads the standard way (which they didn’t before if they were trying to sell me food in Lawrence).

    They most definitely are feeling the pain of losing that revenue, considering they’re trying to implement targeted ads now. The blog section is more crucial to them than the story for CPM.

  • Bingo, approx! If they are selling CPMs then it is based on all of us constantly refreshing their stories to get updated blog text.

    Hawk8086 - I thought they want to verify by phone and then use your real name on your postings. Maybe I understand it wrong? I’m not concerned about the NSA… if they want my rear, they can have it! I just ask that they wipe it first!

    Wissoxfan83 - I’ve already vibed in that KUSports staff is snooping this site.

    bskeet - The civil discourse argument doesn’t hold water… mostly because they have always moderated the content on that site. We’ve all had some of our posts trashed going way back. Plus… when we were targeted by KU haters, we all did a good job of discrediting the post in a respectful manner.

    It feels like we downgraded our residence from a middle-income ranch to a trailer home… but we’ll carry on and we’ll do some remodeling and before you know it, we’ll match our old residence, or maybe surpass it! I’m looking for new carpet and light fixtures now!

  • @drgnslayr This weekend I’ll look into what kind of features I might be able to add; agree with you, we have a lot of power to fix this place up and I’m all for empowering you guys and doing what I can too.

    So if its a trailer home, let’s at least say a trailer home on a 100 acre lot, and the land is all ours!

  • Can we get a shout from the Amen corner on that! Again approxinfinity, many sincere thanks, as we’re really starting to snowball.

  • Approx… I consider that trailer on a 1000-acre parcel in the Rockies!

    You’ve really come through for the cause! 3 cheers!

    Thanks for pulling the weight! If you need anything… let us know.

  • Guys, I think Im in the same boat…my posts under Ralster Jayhawk only show up when I log in, and arent there when Im not logged in. I am so DONE with those narrow-minded LJW staffers. Bedore’s answers to people showed he had NO understanding for the various reasons people choose anonymity: posting at work needing privacy; or maybe wanting to keep a fave pasttime hobby separate from professional personal name; or what if someone with an ethnic name doesnt want to entertain sneers/jeers from exposure to the www? Also, some screen aliases may have simply been fun nicknames (“ralster” was my nickname while I was at KU). But instead, Bedore wants to hide behind the simplistic ‘civil discourse argument’? Sorry, Bedore, we already had the line-item censor (suggest removal option) and also had actual trolls/hecklers from other schools get their accts deleted (I was fine with both, as it was “targeted”). But this arbitrary decision is a joke. Also, by not acknowledging these very real reasons upstanding citizens and KU alums may choose to remain anonymous, they simply fostered disdain and spite. I may read stories, but to hell with the posting over there. I see HEM is back there, but my stint there is done. I dont believe Bedore for 1 second. Ha! “freedom of speech” curtailed by “freedom of the press”? Which one is the LJW oxymoron? Maybe both. (thanks to kubuckets readers for allowing me to vent, and I’ll refrain from further posts about LJW’s policy, as its a lost cause at this point).

  • I concur with posters above that the LJW decision to change policy was based solely by potential financial gain, notwithstanding assertions to the contrary by various staff writers.

    The issue that is constantly overlooked is that of safety. Any cyber safety expert will tell you not to provide or post your real name on line unless you have the means to control it. Even Facebook allows you to restrict who sees or doesn’t see your personal information and posts. If you are careful you can have a fairly secure experience. The same cannot be said about the new LJW site, where you cannot control who sees your posts.

    At one time or another, we have all mentioned our hometowns and parts of our background in order to illustrate our point of view. During the TV/ESPN3 blackout, most every poster indicated their hometown and even their cable provider. Add to this your real name and you can see how anyone with a minimum Google background can track you and show up at your door; with all the nuts trolling the net, this is not a chance I want to take.

    A few years ago, the Kansas City Star had a very lively Sports Forum and then they decided to change the format and the Forum quickly died. This is how I ended up at the LJW Forum. Looks like individuals wholly unqualified to make these type of decisions cause the death of both forums. Interesting that the feature with the most post is about this subject and the great majority of the posts are openly critical. I feel bad for Jesse and Matt that work hard to deliver quality columns only to see their readership drastically diminished.

    Here in the Heart of America we have the expressions - if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it - and -if you can’t fix it, don’t break it-. The LJW did not head the first and seems caught on the later.

  • Agree 100% ralster, I like slayer, have been informed that I do not have an account with LJW which as we all know is a crock. The past week I have been posting there, with great reserve and complete & total civility, our general. no brainer concerns about the asset linking our LJW accounts with a public social network, also suggesting that the boards are no longer the ultimate avid fan outlet they once were, while offering alternative for our friendly board rats. Like I said, it’s a no brainer. But yesterday & a day or so prior, jrosss72 began replying to me exclaiming that we whom have vacated are just snooty, or some descriptive term called sneetches & explained his prior issues with Jaybate, LJW security, & yada, yada, yada. We’ve likely all seen their counter punches & frankly I enjoyed them because of jb’s humorous command & control of their confrontations. I made a final reply back to him last night & viewed the comments on the thread 5 min ago, & they now say I’m not a registered user. POOOOOOR me! Effem’ I’m contacting the LJW by phone & email tomorrow & demanding that all my personal info is completely & permanently deleted from their site, as per their friggin’gold plated user policy, and I have retained a lawyer to pursue the matter as far as necessary. They will have no choice but to remove all data from their files & public viewers, and I am not bsing one iota. I do have an attorney on retainer. Again, they will have absolutely no choice. But may I also add with complete candor, what a bunch of ungrateful pricks they’ve turned out to be. They appreciate what the dedicated fanship has contributed to their site through the years, like a pig appreciates a white shirt. I’m washing my hands, & life goes on. End of story, sorry to bore you guys but it really pi$$e$ me off. And my first name is Phil-not JACK!

  • Also, mr dslayer, you absolutely, positively nailed the title for this thread…The band would be proud and would likely request all royalties be contributed to kubuckets.com YeaH!-Eighth album on Polydor records in the UK & MCA in the USA. Great post! And IMO the damn witch IS dead.

  • These kinds of bone-headed business decisions are more common than we all might think. If your wondering why smart people can make such bad decisions, you might want to check out a new book Customers Included.

    It’s really about customer experience, but written for business executives… Lots of examples of colossal flops and failures from all types of businesses – including the Google Wave and the Netflix debacle a few years ago when they tried to make customers pay separately for the streaming business and DVD by mail business.

    What the JW has done could easily fit into one of the chapters…

  • @drgnslayr That’s a wonderful idea of posters writing articles for the site. I volunteer to be a reader. 🙂

    Actually I have no issue with the site running some ads to support it’s operation, just not intrusive. With the number of visitors coming to the site during the season, the cost to maintain a reasonable performance may be pretty significant.

  • Banned

    I didn’t post much on KUsports, but I did love reading the articles and more so the comments to the articles. I’m just so glad I’ve found most of you here at KU Buckets. (I do wish Jaybate would show up). The insight and the passion you guys displayed with your key boards left a KU fan like me wanting more and more. When everybody was at KUsports I guess I just took things for granted. However I’m starting to see that participation is quite important. I live a very busy life but I’m going to try be more involved this time around. Thanks for KU buckets. OH and I will be reading.

  • I too have contacted LJW about the Facebook policy and I got no response. I am 28 and do not have a Facebook account and was not gonna make one just to make a few comments. I’ll gladly come here and put my two cents in.

  • Do we know if KUsports has lost significant viewership? I still have the horrible habit of clicking on my KUsports bookmark tab almost unconsciously. But when I wake up, and realize I’m at KUsports.com for the sixth time that day, I then realize there’s no longer any point to click on any of the stories I’ve already read.

    So disappointing.

  • Wow, the LJW hasn’t had a thread like this one since … well, you know.

    It’s really pretty funny. I don’t see Brett McCabe (kingfisher) over there posting his cell phone number, address, and employer. As I noted on that site a couple of days ago, he could be the Brett McCabe from Chicago, Denver, or Omaha. Who knows? It’s still anonymous.

    It is purely a money making deal. I get it. At least they could say that. The “civility” stuff is a red-herring.

  • The only positive change is that Gary Bedore is now participating in the LJW threads.

    I think Gary may be sincere: for years he has used Twitter to criticize anonymous posting, and now he consents to dialog with the onymous folks.

  • It’s interesting to watch the social dynamic develop over in the LJW comments, but I’m curious to see how they handle the first real troll or flamewar. There are a couple rather abrasive, thin-skinned wieners already dominating the conversation, so it’s just a matter of time before someone gets his little fee-fees hurt. Back in the day, Jaybate would just beat those guys into submission with sheer endurance.

  • Or maybe Gary is just commenting on his own articles to generate more site visits?

  • I noticed that Mike Rotchhurtz has an account. He really should get that checked out. How long before another alias is yanked? I haven’t and won’t take the time to create a Facebook account, so no posting on KUSports since the change.

    The comment section at KUSports is really a joke with just a handful of people commenting with very little to add to the discussion. No offense intended Blown and Wissoxfan, but your few comments don’t balance out the nothingness that that site has become. It’s a tragedy that such a fantastic time waster has come to an end.

  • When jb hammered those guys it was like a hilarious soap opera, & honestly was entertaining as hell to read his thorough mastery of the English language. That jross guy & jaybate had a running feud that became classic & ross is over there now trying to spin it into cotton candy, with futile literary skills almost as poor as mine. It continued for a long time as he would usually call out jb on a comment & then just get toasted & roasted like Rocky Mountain Nuts. Also bedore is posting about 1/2 doz comments per thread, likely to make the post count appear much greater. That board is dry as old popcorn without an HEM or a slryr or the candor & spontaneity we generated on it daily. Guess they’ve just blown off all of the efforts we put into, for instance, the Thomas Robinson tragedy, and the huge effort that was taken forward. That’s precisely what I mean when I say “the pig in the white shirt.”

  • Gone are the days I’d hit my refresh button on the KUSports main page to see if the blog reply count had risen… giving me reason to track down the latest replies. Sometimes it was a challenge… when the blogs were long and you are looking for one new reply and it wasn’t at the bottom.

    I’ve got a big fat smile on my face right now! We’ve accomplished a blog page that is building some weight!

    I bow my head to all in here who are showing their resilience and taking on the challenge to start a new habit… errr… maybe state that as an old habit on a new pony!

    As I write this 24 viewers are online, sifting through.

    I probably converse with about 10 hardcore Jayhawks in person and I’m going to make sure all of them know where to go to read the real goods!


    BTW: Gosh… the uncivil discourse in here is killing me! We better put up an electric fence around this!

  • slayr, I love ya. Will that do? 🙂

  • I have a feeling in 5 days we wont even be concerned about what happened on kusports…Although I was practically a ghost on there I always enjoyed reading the wisdom and insight that most of you would post. Glad to see it back up and running again! Still waiting on that jaybate account to post…

  • Loooongtime creeper on kusports, so glad to have this new outlet. Was going through KU hoops withdrawal and the games have not started. All of you witty and knowledgeable posters help shorten the dog days of summer when bball is only an anticipation. Saw “Jaybate” registered as a user here. Hope it’s the real thing. We’ll know as soon as he posts.

  • Blown, none taken. I’m still posting there on occasion just out of habit more than anything else, and for some reason, I can’t post on here at work. That’s gonna be tough to take, as I spend most of miniscule 25 minute lunch break reading KU stuff.

  • @wissoxfan83 not sure why… there was an outage yesterday with our provider for a while in the afternoon, so maybe that was it if the site was completely unreachable.

    If it something where you can see the site, but can’t post, let me know and what browser you’re on… otherwise, I think maybe it’ll be all clear now.

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