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  • A couple of injuries coach released to night. Octavius Matthews, thought to compete for the starting RB job. The junior transfer has a career ending heart condition that his mother passed away earlier this year, prayers for this young man. Beaty says he will be a part of the program going forward. Kenyon Tabor a freshman TE thought to be Ben Johnsons back up and see playing time is out for the year. Cam Durley, sophomore offensive lineman also out for the year. Team captain and senior RB Denzel Evans out for the season as well, all with undisclosed injuries. Biggest surprise to me looking at the depth chart is Charlot battling to be on the 2 deep and Kerr Johnson getting on first team. Hopefully that points to how great our WR corps is.

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    Ok, so I don’t follow the sizes of linemen these days. I see quite a few 300-335 pounders. Are these big enough, if sufficiently skilled, to control the line of scrimmage against teams in the top half of Power 5 conferences? Just wondering.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Adenji is kind of small at 290 for a LT. But he is a stud. Will probably be a guard in the NFL. Everyone else is a good size… if the numbers aren’t inflated by 15-20 lbs that is.

  • Looking at the 2 deep, on the offensive side of the ball only 2 Seniors, both projected starters - - Jason Rhodes - - LG - – & Ben Johnson- - TE , - - On the defensive side only one Senior listed on the two deep and not projected as the starter - - - -This is good means we will be bringing back a lot of experience next year getting bigger and stronger things looking good for Depth - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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    Is that an unusually high number of season ending injuries before the first game is played?

  • @JayHawkFanToo seems maybe a little high, but usually there is a few idk that many teams get thru fall camp unscathed.

  • @Kcmatt7 Adeniji is a true sophomore. 290 won’t be his final weight by the time he leaves KU. I’m pretty sure he was playing at about 270-275 last year. He’ll probably be up to 320-330 by the time he leaves KU. Most of the linemen you see coming into college in that 310+ range are carrying a lot of fat on them that has to be dropped and changed to muscle.

  • @kjayhawks Two backs already out for the year? Ouch, might see a few receivers have to take some snaps at RB this year.

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    Thx 4 the assist!

  • The depth chart makes me think that next year is the year for Beaty and this group.

    There are five seniors on the offensive and defensive two deep. FIVE. That means pretty much everyone on the two deep is back next year, with the exception of probably Dorrance Armstrong. That means just six of the forty five guys listed will be gone next season. 39 players should return, along with Tabor, Durley and Evans, who all should be eligible for medical redshirts.

    That means that legitimately, KU could return every single offensive skill guy that gets substantial time this year. A returning starting QB, with a full group of RBs and WRs. KU could return all but one DB that plays significantly. In the pass happy Big 12, that experience will matter.

    As @jayballer54 said, only three total senior starters. This is an experience year, with the guys that will contribute to the next KU bowl team getting the game reps they need to turn those close games into wins next season.

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