Any boxing fans?

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    Ok so now you know I have to be talking about the Mayweather and Conner fight.

    Mayweather is money. You can’t take anything away from what he has done in the boxing ring. After all he is considered the best defensive of fighter ever to lace up the boxing gloves. Also hard to argue with his undefeated record at 49-0.

    Yet? It’s been what two years since he last fought? It’s been what 18 years since he’s knocked someone out in a fight? Then you have Conner who is for all intense and purposes at the prime of his game. No he’s not a boxer, but is considered one of the greatest fighters in the UFC. Which by the way have quite short careers because of the brutalizing style of fighting.

    I suspect Mayweather is looking to win on points. You know stick, jab, and move. Mayweather has no desire to go toe to toe with Conner.

    Is that fair to the millions of fans that are going to pay down serious cash to watch this fight? Is Mayweather hoodwinking the paying customers, by going for a points win? If Mayweather does indeed win on points would you still consider him the badest man on the planet?

    Just looking for some thoughts.

  • @DoubleDD If people who pay big money feel cheated if it is a points win rather than a K.O., they must be idiots if he hasn’t knocked anyone out in 18 years.

  • Can they both lose?

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    Damn you. Why do you always have to be so grounded? Come on brother. This a fight of the ages. You wouldn’t be perturbed if Mayweather try to win on points?

    Love you mayjay.

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  • @DoubleDD I seem to remember back in the mid-70s when boxing purists complained about a guy who used the “rope-a-dope” style in a certain bout in Africa. He would cover up against the ropes, and let his powerful opponent wear himself out trying to break through his upraised gloves and arms, with the elastic ropes absorbing some of the impact. Then he “floated like a butterfly, stung like a bee,” and won what may have been the best heavyweight bout of all time.

    Over time, Mayweather, who utilizes that style, too, will be remembered long after the bitchers and moaners are forgotten.

    Of course, the “Rumble in the Jungle” ended with an 8 round knockout, totally ruining the lesson here, but it is a nice story anyway.

  • @DoubleDD Actually, I hate knockouts. Exciting, but I am too squeamish worrying about people dying. I kind of like decisions on points because they get people so angry!

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    You do know Foreman claims he was drugged? I personally don’t think so. I do think Ali’s rope ah dope style added to his loss of brain function. As great as Ali was the man took some major beatings. His battles with Frazier may have been that classic saying he won the battle but lost the war.

  • @DoubleDD Foreman and most athletes of the day probably were drugged, by choice.

  • While a fight between two top ranked contenders in two different fighting disciplines is very rare, it is not by any means unprecedented. Many of the younger members probably don’t know that in 1976, Ali, who at the time was the world’s champion, fought Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. The fight, if you can call it that, was an embarrassing fiasco that ended in a draw.

    I understand that both fighters have requested that 8 oz gloves be used instead of the required 10 oz for the weight class. This would allow punches to have a little more effect although not nearly as much as they would it they were using the 4oz gloves used in MMA.

    I am inclined to think that the fight will end up being more of a carnie show than an actual fight, much like the Ali-Inoki fight but I could be wrong. The one thing I know for sure is that I will not be paying to watch it.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You nailed it… Is more like WWE than a real competitive match, but people still pay to watch such theatrics. They even had a scripted promo tour? Don’t get me wrong these guys are great athletes, but they’ just beating the public out of a mega ship load of money & little else. These 2 sports are diff as day & night. I mean, who wouldn’t take a real thorough ass whoopin for tens of millions of dollars ? And yes there are exceptions but many fighters are financially broke in very short timeframes … goes hand in hand with the brain damage I guess. Like you said about the short careers of MMA fighters, it just doesn’t last long at all.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Spent past 2 nights at my boy’s in Louisburg & he found the fight live on Facebook for free. Was still a virtual WWF theatrical event but didn’t cost a dime. Even an old, slow, brain scrambled Mayweather out boxed a young buck from a dfferent discipline. For all the money 💰 involved there will likely be a rematch. JMO For now, I found a colorized version of"The Quiet Man" on TNT to start the morning.

  • @globaljaybird

    Wow, I wish I had know about it, I would not pay to watch it but I can do the free thing.

    Not an unexpected result. There is no way an AMA fighter using only a third of his skill (no kicking, no grappling) can beat a pure boxer , and a quality one at that, that is using 100% of his arsenal in a boxing match. A younger Mayweather would have ended the fight in 3 rounds or less even when he was not really a big puncher.

    Now, if they fight using AMA rules, then I would have to take McGregor and Mayweather would not have a chance. I was surprised the fight lasted that long; I am sure Mayweather being 40 years old and 2 years out of boxing had a lot to do with it. I understand Mayweather tried to bet $400 K to end in ten rounds or less and obviously they did not allow him to do it. Maybe they stretched the fight to set up a potential rematch?

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    I’m not sure on the Mayweather not being allowed to bet on his own fight. From what I understand Vegas stood to lose the farm as so many bets were coming in on Conner to win.

    Now there could be some kind of Fighting rule that Vegas has that a fighter isn’t allowed to bet on their own fight.

    Maybe it’s called the Pete Rose Rule?

  • Two days before the fight it was

    92% of the bets on Connor

    79% of the money on Floyd

    I’m pretty sure you can’t bet on your own fights. Just a bit too shady.

  • @DoubleDD

    You can watch the interview video on ESPN. Apparently he then gave the money to friend to bet but they would allow him to bet only $87K. Vegas made big money on the fight.

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    Some late money must of came in on Mayweather? I know I read a few articles that Vegas was a little nervous about the fight.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I had called several casinos & bars about hosting fight viewings & cover charges were from $15-30 with limited seating so we decided against it. The Facebook thing was a stroke of luck for sure. Only reason it went 10 rounds was FM is so old & slow compared to a much younger man like MacGregor Plus all rules were 📦 boxing & CM had no chance under those circumstances. 2 completely different sports- like apples 🍎 & oranges 🍊 IMO.

  • @globaljaybird

    No doubt. When you are fighting with only one third of the weapons you normally have, it places you at distinct disadvantage. If the fight was under MMA rules, McGregor wins in less than 3 rounds.

  • @dylans In Vegas, you’re allowed to get on yourself to either win or lose, can’t bet on round or how, just win or lose.

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