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    KU wins the national championship this year. I know to early. I also know this KU team is going to lose some games. Yet I’ve seen enough.

    If the Front court comes along like it is. Hands down KU wins. The reason I say this? KU can play any style of game you want to play. For you defense, defense, defense kind of KU fans. Well I’ve seen that when Doka was in the game our guards were indeed more agressive. Going for blocks and steals. I know the level of competion was low. Yet just watching this eye raising style of play showed me that the KU guards are more aggresive when Doka is in the game.

    I know Doka doesn’t look good shooting free throws. Yet who cares when he tries to dunk everytime he gets the ball? So he dunks and misses the and one? So What?

    Lets not forget Preston? This kid has some moves. It’s going to take a little time. Yet he has Doka meaning he’s going to face one on one for most of the game. I like his odds.

    I called it here first.

  • I like it - a bold prediction! Even with a somewhat thin frontcourt we still have all the pieces. I mean, did Villanova have four 6’10 all Americans in the post when they won it all? Did uconn not once but twice? The answer is no. Like last year, we can make it work and still be in as position to win it all.

    As far as I can tell, there is no Gonzaga or UNC this year that would exploit our lack of depth. Louisville is tall but not particularly talented. Michigan State and Duke are not very big at all. Arizona and Kentucky are the two with the most size and talent but I don’t think either is at the level that Gonzaga or UNC were last year.

    If our guards play well, we will be just as good as last year. If Dok and Billy play well, this will be the best team since 08. Probably won’t be better but I think the potential is there to be the best team come March.

  • It’s unlikely that he will get a waiver to play this year but if Mitchell Robinson picks KU and does get the waiver, fuhhhhhhhhhhhhgeddaboutit.

  • @BShark or Bagley. Long shots for both but you never know

  • @BShark saw that he is making an unofficial visit to KU. Maybe there’s a chance? To me it would be a no brainer between LSU and KU. Better team, better coaching, best home court in all of sports and a chance to win a title. Can’t do any of that at LSU.

  • Much better chance at Robinson I’d say.

  • Was wondering why a 5 star like Robinson out of Chalmette (New Orleans) committed to WKU. Helps when the head coach signs Robinson’s godfather as an assistant.

    LSU vs KU seems almost to be a no-brainer. Even with Doke and Lightfoot surely he can see there’s still PT available for a raw footer if he gets the waiver. But we’re talking about a kid who’s decommitted from Texas A&M and now WKU. Wouldn’t be surprised if he signed with Wofford.

  • Mitchell Robinson visiting KU? Self is unreal. If he poaches this guy, and he’s eligible, we should never, ever worry about recruiting again.

  • @HighEliteMajor talent is important but I hope whomever ends up at KU has a decent attitude as well. Don’t need a distraction for the core we have.

  • @brooksmd he and Billy would play quite a bit together. Mitch would be the safety net as the fourth big.

  • Does anyone know if the ncaa has ever granted a waiver to a player that wants to transfer before the school year starts but has already practiced with the team?

  • It’s extremely unlikely but I still think he would be a fantastic signing for next year’s team.

  • Not sure if the Cancer doesn’t out weigh the gain, - -it he is a detriment to the team - -selfish - If he can get his act together cool, if he is a me, me, me guy - -then we don’t need him. This Ku team has had enough distractions over the past couple of years, Heard a lot of the WKY team was very unhappy with him the short time he was there( not a team guy) that’s what we need? -If that’s true then umm pass. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HawkChamp I haven’t seen anybody in any discussions who have suggested even a snowball’s chance in hell for a waiver. No one has even speculated on what special circumstances he could raise if he applies for one. I seem to recall one waiver a few years back based on a player needing to be back close to home to help raise his siblings when his single mom got sick. But that might be my imagination making a mixture of memories.

    I don’t think the fact he is first year would matter, or even the fact that it was only 2 weeks of summer school. I think the NCAA will only grant a waiver when the circumstances demonstrate a reason for an exception to the sit-out rule.

    Wanting to play rather than sitting out just because you intend to be a OAD doesn’t seem very compelling. NCAA is more likely to be sympathetic to kids who want to go to school.

  • @HawkChamp practicing for a summer trip make a difference? He was enrolled in summer school. NCAA owes us one!

  • @jayballer54 Self-ish sits on Selfs bench

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    You nailed it. If Coach wants him then Coach knows what he’s doing. Not all players are created equal. Some players need a Coach Cal to just let them play. Some players need a Coach Self to teach them game and rip their head off when it’s needed.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 agreed. Especially after the diallo debacle. I’m not understanding what summer school has to do with it. Is summer school at WKU part of the scholarship? I think students have to pay out of pocket for summer classes at all Kansas colleges\universities.

  • @HawkChamp I didn’t know that. I can’t imagine those kids have money for summer classes. Doesn’t seem right. Don’t think my son paid for his.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I for sure hear you on what your saying about that - - thing is though, do we want to use a scholi for a player to sit on the bench? - - - -I’m mean I can’t testify to this just a lot of talk off other boards about him having some attitude - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22 doesn’t seem right but that is the case at all the Wichita area schools (WSU, butler community college, Newman and friends). Even if you have a scholarship you have to pay for the summer. Maybe things are different elsewhere.

  • @HawkChamp

    Not quite…scholarships and financial aid is available for incoming students and for those needing to maintain eligibility or earn credit to graduate on time. In addition, players that stay in town in the summer usually work in a number of basketball clinics which I would think pay a lot more than minimum wage

  • Don’t get me wrong. I like having a couple guys with an edge. Vicks nasty streak last year was absolutely useful. And with age and familiarity the attitude can be let into the inner circle. Maybe the Lawsons this year are the peripheral attitude, the thought being that after a year of evaluation there’s still time to pull the plug, and that the same would be true with this WKU kid. But I think that’s dangerous. 3 wild transfer kids feels like too much. Theres an opportunity there for these guys to reinforce an alt reality about the situation. Working hard in practice while not being eligible can become something negative. Don’t need three kids rapping about Bill Self on social media.

  • Somewhat hot take: I think he’d be the best post player Self has had since Embiid. Kid is springy and does have some skills.

  • approxinfinity said:

    3 wild transfer kids feels like too much.

    WAY too many for my liking… plus Cunliffe, Newman and Moore.

    Not to mention the outgoing transfers. Nothing against any of these guys, but the revolving door seems very weird and unstable.

  • @DanR maybe Self will only take him if he’s eligible this year?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I would think so. 3.5 transfers already sitting out this year. Solid eight man team if everyone stays healthy, but that’s pretty thin.

  • Maybe transfers are the way of the future the way OADs are now.

    Advantages: typically have at least 1 year of Div. I experience, probably highly ranked out of HS or proved they can play Div . I, have 1 year to get their personal and scholastic issue in order and to learn the system and become Hudized, highly unlikely they will transfer again because the loss of one additional year of eligibility although they can pull a Coleby and do a graduate transfer although this unlikely, particularly for the better players, older players with a more developed body than the typical freshman. Transfers have some sort of college track record (good or bad) so the coaching staff pretty much knows what it is getting; more so than HS prospects which are difficult to predict how they will do in the big pond.

    Successful recent transfer that I can think include Jeff Whitey, Kevin Young and Malik Newman who might well end ups being the best of the group.

    This is what I have, maybe some one can list the disadvantages.

  • @DoubleDD

    I like the prediction. I have been kicking around what I think the ceiling for this year’s team could be.

    Newman looked really good in Italy. He looked like he was back to being the natural scorer he was coming out of high school. If Newman is back to that level, he is one of a handful of the very best players in the country. Not even kidding when I say first team All-American and potential player of the year level. Newman came out of HS as a guy that could get 20 whenever he wanted. All I can say to the rest of the Big XII is look out, and Godspeed.

    Graham could be set to have one of the most efficient seasons in KU history. Lots of assists, few turnovers, high percentages because there’s just no way to cover him and Newman on the perimeter, plus handle Preston and Azuibuke inside.

    Speaking of the interior guys, from a numbers perspective, I think both may not put up the type of numbers we are hoping for (double doubles, etc.). I do think Self should challenge Billy Preston to average more rebounds than points, though. Preston is the type of player, from a physical gifts perspective, that if he works, should have 7 rebounds by the time he brushes his teeth in the morning. If he brings that effort to the glass, KU will control the boards all year, because Udoka is getting 10 boards a game (or mauling people on his way to the bench). There could be nights where those two combine for 25+ boards between the two of them (if Preston works hard).

    The X factors are Svi and Vick. I know we are expecting breakouts from both, but I actually think the breakouts will be in efficiency rather than overall numbers. Vick should take it as a personal challenge to dominate on the defensive end this year (he’s our best perimeter defender, and should suffocate his man every night).

    This should be a Final Four team. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be. They have everything you could want. @DoubleDD has made a bold statement, but all of the pieces are there to make that more a factual statement than a hot take.

  • @justanotherfan


    The front line is one injury away from being worse than last year; particularly if Doke is injured. Keep in mind that both Doke and Preston missed playing time in Italy due to “injuries.” No depth and no margin of error.

    Now, if Coach Self can do his magic and bring in one ready to play quality big, we are in business.

  • @JayHawkFanToo doke was sick

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    This is why I wrote “injuries” in quotes; perhaps I should have said medical reasons? Doke has already missed most of last season with a hand/wrist injury, let’s hope he does not become another Embiid…extreme talent but injury prone.

  • The margin for error in the post is even shorter then last season.

    From a game to game perspective the single most important factor in KU winning most of its games this season will be the ability for Doke to stay on the floor. If he can’t stay out of foul trouble I don’t know how this team is going to survive with what we have left. This will be a team I won’t be able to assess its real chances of a title until well into the season. There is simply too much we don’t know about Azubuike.

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    It was 100 degrees and no air conditioner. Can’t say I blame them for being sick.

  • @DoubleDD

    I am sure they stayed at a high end hotel withe AC. The gym on the first couple of games was very hot but it affected all players. I believe the last 2 venues were air conditioned.

  • @JayHawkFanToo gyms not ac

  • The 17-18 backcourt might be better than the 16-17 backcourt. Or at least on par-ish. I hope Dok stays healthy this season.

  • Self also sounded like Doke was sick enough that they didn’t want him around the other players. Holding Billy out for his slight knee tweak was just being careful. Neither of these are signs of a trend.

  • KirkIsMyHinrich said:

    The 17-18 backcourt might be better than the 16-17 backcourt. Or at least on par-ish. I hope Dok stays healthy this season.

    Cancel the season if Doke gets hurt.

  • We can give the old 4-5 guard game a try. Preston can run w/them or put Garrett at 5. Coach had 5 of them in at one time. I love our 5 guards!

  • OK…OK…OK. We’re woefully short on bodies up front. No doubt. One injury and all is lost. They foul …alot. They can’t shoot free throws. Or rebound. If they outlawed dunks, Doke might not ever score. The hi-lo??? I think the 5 out might end up being more accurate. I would never wish to interrupt such a good logical narrative we have concluded after 4 meaningless games, and the exit of the 5 star grad transfer from the basketball hotbed Willie and Mary. With the weird 'stache. But what the narrative doesn’t account for is this:

    We’re thin as a rail, but what we have could be spectacular. It might take the whole year, but at some point, a Doke or a Preston- maybe both are going to step forward> Maybe it’s the 4 out with a 7 footer in the middle, with Preston backing up Doke. Maybe the DG/Newman/Vick/Svi combo is so strong, we won’t be able to keep them off the court. Get Doke to crash the boards, teach him how to seal off his man down low and how to make a free throw, and this team can win the national championship. Can we do that going 3 out 2 in, or would we be better off going 4 out? I’m starting to think having Vick in the lineup would be more valuable than Preston. If that happens, it allows us to only run 1 big, and now we have more depth. We’ll have Garrett to give the 4 outs a blow- he plays 1-4. Will the 4 out make us vulnerable to the big teams? Maybe, but it also gives us a great advantage in team quickness, speed, ball handling, and shooting. With the ability to play the 3 out if absolutely necessary. The glass is half full, in my mind.


    This team will win a ton of games this season.

    DG, Newman, Svi, Vick, Doke are all the foundation of this team that is built for success.

    It’s guys 6-8 (9) if Sam I am gets it together that define this season. What can Preston, Lightfoot and Garrett give this team every night? If the answer is a blend of consistency then the ceiling goes up.

    The blueprint is there to run the 4 out again and hide the lack of bodies in the post. The defense will look terrible without Doke in the middle but that’s the price we pay for taking 4 transfers, 1 which is gone already and 3 that must sit instead of getting depth to use this season. That risk is fully on Bill Self and if it pays off we won’t think anything of it, but if it fails the fans will come a calling.

    We haven’t had a season in quite some time that didn’t have a significant injury to the post. I bet there aren’t five Power 5 teams that have only 3 big’s on the entire roster eligible. I see a minimum of 4 on every Big-12 team this season for example. What can we do but pray Doke stays healthy and the young guys develop the rest of the summer and into the season. Bill has his hands full, this is a championship level squad that has a ton of work to put in to make that dream possible

  • @BeddieKU23 Speaking of Svi and lack of bigs, didn’t he put on quite a bit of weight before last season? I think @drgnslayr mentioned more than once it takes time to get used to a new body. Now I read he has dropped 25 this summer.

    Not complaining if being light helps him transition, drive and defend, but what about rebounding? We’ve had wings in the past, starting with Rush, that were decent to good rebounders. If we have a lightweight 4 and Svi plays the 3, are we just going to depend on Doke?

    Not to mention Doke is a shot blocker, and the blocker is rarely in great position to rebound the miss after altering a shot.

    Should the guards be taught: “if your man gets past you, assume Doke will make him miss and go for the rebound.”?

  • @ParisHawk

    He looked more or less the same physique in Italy as last season. I wouldn’t say Svi is a great rebounder but he should be more than serviceable at his height. I would hope he brings more to the table then 3 a game as a Senior and the lack of big men on the roster we need everyone to collectively do their job. He’s the 3rd tallest player on the team and needs to do a better job playing to that.

    We had 3 really solid rebounder’s in Frank, Josh & Landen and all 3 of those options are gone. Doke should average 10 a game just standing by the basket at his size. Preston is a really solid rebounder considering his effort has been something the staff is after him about. His size and athletic ability should translate to 6-7 a game if he starts. Vick is a go-getter, I think he continues to expand his game on both ends. Garrett was a surprise in Italy grabbing 12 boards in one game. The kid simply knows what he’s supposed to do which is rare for a freshman that isn’t hyped as a OAD. On paper, rebounding should be solid but we all know it changes when the games happen.

  • Svi has trex arms.

  • @BeddieKU23 RE Garrett: he has great measurables and is a hard worker. I bet he rebounds fairly well if he gets solid minutes.

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