NFL total win Predictions CBS

  • CBS had an article today giving the Vegas betin line of over/under on total wins for all 32 teams this season they also had Sports line data Scientist - -Stephan Oh -calculating so you have Vegas and then this guy giving their over under Some of them were as follows:

    Some that were on the high side the higher predictions were the 1st I’m sure shouldn’t surprise anyone. - - -New England the sporting line was 12.3 wins, the Vegas line was 12.5 wins stating that this New England team is the most stacked team since 2007, this years team is an overall deeper team then that team.

    Geen Bay came next with a sporting line of 10.7 wins & Vegas line was 10.0 - -stating with Nelson, Adams, Cobb, Montgomery, and Jamaal Williams from the fraft plus stating if 2nd round Josh Jones and Kevin King develp ass expected that this is a 12 win plus team

    Then Seattle was next witha sporting line of 10.1 wins and a Vegas line of 10.5 - -with the addition of Eddie Lacy

    Then for you local KC fans they had the Chiefs the sporting line was at 9.3 and the Vegas line was a 9.0 Stating that the addition of Patrick Mahoms puts a lot of pressure on Alex- - but also says with Maclin leaving puts alot of pressure on Hill & Kelce - -states KC is flying under the radar to defend the WEST, pretty decent article lists all 32 teams was written by Will Brinson check it out – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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