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  • CBS had an article today giving the Vegas betin line of over/under on total wins for all 32 teams this season they also had Sports line data Scientist - -Stephan Oh -calculating so you have Vegas and then this guy giving their over under Some of them were as follows:

    Some that were on the high side the higher predictions were the 1st I’m sure shouldn’t surprise anyone. - - -New England the sporting line was 12.3 wins, the Vegas line was 12.5 wins stating that this New England team is the most stacked team since 2007, this years team is an overall deeper team then that team.

    Geen Bay came next with a sporting line of 10.7 wins & Vegas line was 10.0 - -stating with Nelson, Adams, Cobb, Montgomery, and Jamaal Williams from the fraft plus stating if 2nd round Josh Jones and Kevin King develp ass expected that this is a 12 win plus team

    Then Seattle was next witha sporting line of 10.1 wins and a Vegas line of 10.5 - -with the addition of Eddie Lacy

    Then for you local KC fans they had the Chiefs the sporting line was at 9.3 and the Vegas line was a 9.0 Stating that the addition of Patrick Mahoms puts a lot of pressure on Alex- - but also says with Maclin leaving puts alot of pressure on Hill & Kelce - -states KC is flying under the radar to defend the WEST, pretty decent article lists all 32 teams was written by Will Brinson check it out – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • NE also has a cake schedule this year.

    Home Games outside the division: KC, CAR, HOU, ATL, SD Away Games outside the division: TB, NO, DEN, PIT, OAK

    Pitt and Oakland games are tough. But the rest of their away games should be wins. Especially with the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins all looking like bottom-dwellers this season. I’d take the over on NE.

    GB on the other hand…

    Home: Seahawks, Bengals, Saints, Ravens, Bucks Away: Cowboys, Steelers, Panthers, Falcons

    GB might be a 10 win team, just because of the schedule. Could be better with Rogers at the helm, but still just a brutal schedule. Probably would take the under if I was betting.

    KC schedule is no cake walk either.

    Home: Eagles, Redskins, Steelers, Bills, Dolphins Away: Houston, Dallas, NYG, NYJ, Pats

    I think KC should be a 10-11 win team. So I’d take the over.

    Raiders are in for a wake up call. Tough schedule could put them out of the playoffs.

    Home: NYJ, Ravens, Pats, NYG, Cowboys Away: Eagles, Titans, Redskins, Bills, Dolphins

    Those are tough home games, combined with solid teams on the road. Eagles at home are scary. Titans are the next up and coming team. Redskins can play with anyone at home. Bills game is week 8, Bill have their bye week 6 so they should be a little more rested and they won’t be ready to just give up quite yet.

    I think the Raiders are a 9 win team the way their schedule falls.

    • @ Ten - L
    • NYJ - W
    • @ WSH - L
    • @ DEN - W
    • BAL - W
    • SD - W
    • KC - W
    • @ BUF - L
    • @ MIA - W
    • NE - L
    • Den - W
    • NYG - W
    • @ KC - L
    • DAL - L
    • @ PHI - L
    • @ SD - W

    Just not sure they have the defense to do what it takes to repeat what they did last season. Either way, tough draw to get NE, NYG and DAL all in your own home.

  • @jayballer54 are you a Steelers fan or a Patriots fan?

  • @Kcmatt7 Ya love my Green Bay Packers BUT they did us no favors on the schedule especially Road games, I mean dam come on lol – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark I’m a Green Bay fan, have been ever since I was a little kid with Bart Starr - -John Brockington, and the crew, remember watching them play Dallas in the Ice bowl lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Awe poor green bay packer babies. Tough schedule waaaaahhhhhhhh. Love, a Chicago Bear fan.

  • @wissox Lmao, that’s good I like that lol. - -Hey I heard a rumor maybe you can help me out - -there is a rumor that Chicago us thinking about providing a pro team is that true? Just curious that’s the rumor/what the big boys are saying, I keep hearing they are but haven’t seen one yet lol - -have a great day. Love a Green Bay Packer fan. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I really don’t care about pro football. It’s just fun to make fun of the Packers! Yes I know the bears suck.

  • @wissox Quick quiz: How many teams have retired the jersey number of a player who was suspended for a year for violating the NFL’s rule against gambling on games?

  • @mayjay I have no clue. Sounds like something the Packers would do!![alt text](image url)

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