KU games from Italy--for a fee

  • @mayjay I saw that. 29 bucks. I’ll find it for free online.

  • @KUSTEVE Radio is apparently covering the games, but I don’t know where online.

  • Hopefully First Row Sports will stream these games

  • @AsadZ Make SURE you have an ad blocker installed when you use First Row, like Ghostery.

  • @mayjay I’ll help you with it.

  • @KUSTEVE Thanks, very nice of you! But I personally don’t like listening. I was just mentioning it since the article made it sound like an alternative. I am way too visual–spoiled by TV, I guess. Italy especially would be difficult to listen, and then try to imagine watching, because I have not seen so many of this year’s team play!

  • @mayjay I’m talking about watching it on your computer.

  • Wonder if we can all just chip in a dollar and share the login info?

  • @Kcmatt7 The web site specifically says if one login is used more than once simultaneously they reserve the right to cancel the account without refund. Might not do it, but still, with just a small audience, it would be pretty easy for them to spot duplicates…

  • @KUSTEVE Thanks, will still pass. Just a few exhibitions, after all, and I will have a few projects to be done since I am now back into baseball watching.

  • @KUSTEVE I’ll take all the help you want to give. I am in so much ku hoops withdrawal I’m shaking more than a Parkinson’s patient!

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