Josh really irritated the celtics.

  • I think his agent pulled the plug. He supposedly had a really bad workout with LA. A 2nd would have thrown up red flags and he could have ended up falling down a few more spots.

    Anyone defending the Celtics brass though, give it a rest. They flew first class or private jet the entire way there and back. With Wifi everywhere now, they didn’t miss a beat. It isn’t like flying cross country 20 years ago. Or even 10. And they wouldn’t have felt guilty for one second making him come to Boston and canceling a workout with him.

  • @Kcmatt7

    It is odd he or his agent chose to decline the workout with Boston. Maybe they seriously thought the 3rd pick was going to be traded after they traded down from 1. With Ainge I don’t think anyone ever has a clue what he’s going to do.

    But I think with them drafting Brown last year that had a big part in this. I think JJ was looking for a spot he could become a featured player. The Suns have young pieces, Booker had a breakout season but Bledsoe was on the trade block so JJ ends up in a situation where he’s possibly one of the top 3 options as a rookie? The Suns GM really was sold on JJ so maybe they had guarenteed him a draft promise at 4 if he threw off the team directly above them.

    What the 2017 draft has started to show is how much power the players and the people around them (agents, fathers) etc have on the draft process now. Hardly any of the top picks test at the combine and we now have players choosing which teams they prefer or don’t want to land at.

  • @BeddieKU23 Definitely more of a game now. Learning from guys like KD. Don’t do the combine. Only workout for teams you like.

  • Prior to the draft, all the talk would have been made by Jackson’s agent or by Jackson with his agent near by.

  • And yet, Josh really meant it when he was quoted as saying that the teams who passed on him will regret it (most pointedly the celts and LA) He’s got the MJ mindset for sure… let’s see if he can back it up. I’ll be rooting hard for him.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Great point. They wouldn’t have thought twice about canceling on a player, but when it happened to them, it has to be a story? Lighten up Ainge, it’s a business remember?

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