Reid Extended, Dorsey Fired

  • Any comments from our knowledgeable Chiefs fanbase? I am not too familiar with how Dorsey ran things. Anyone have ideas on how this shakes out?

  • A lot of question, not a lot of answers.

    I think that Dorsey was doing a great job building depth. Which is half the job. But a poor job everywhere else. Bad with mega-contracts - See Bowe, Maclin, Houston, Berry, and Charles. Bad with personal relationships with players - See Charles and Maclin releases. Terrible with cap management - See Maclin release so we could have money to sign our draft picks. Didn’t have a good relationship with the media - Interviews were like he took a Belichick public speaking class. And, apparently not everyone was sold on the Mahomes pick.

    Word is Reid and him were butting heads and one had to go. You keep the HOF coach before you keep the GM. But I’m still a little sad to see the tandem gone. I thought they did good work together.

  • @Kcmatt7 Interesting. I remember the last guy (Peterson) was thoroughly (and deservedly, in my mind) trashed by the media by the time he left. Good thing for Dayton he got the Royals rebuilt after those years of disappointment. The buddy-buddy relationships between team execs and local media seems to have become much more rare in this era of blogs, rumors, and tweets “reporting” every dissatisfaction expressed anywhere in a team organization.

  • @mayjay Petersen was just a true disappointment. Talented teams that could have used any form of defense to be winner. Nothing like Pioli though… Easily the worst GM we’ve ever had.

    And the fans were one terrible season away from wanting Dayton’s head on a stick.

  • @mayjay Is huge surprise to me. If they had been losing it’s a different day but now it’s a mysterious situation. Reid doesn’t want the GM duty & the timing is completely wrong for transition. Other employees have recently moved on. Clearly Dorsey was not leading the organization in the direction Clark Hunt wanted but identifying a reason is not easy. Personnel decisions & mismanagement of cap space 🚀 may have contributed but he also may want to move on or back to Green Bay as per some rumors. Sometimes a young boss can be impulsive also. So many variables in this situation no one really can put a finger on one ☝️ thing in particular. I’ve a connection that’s a former sports director for a tv 📺 station in KC so will see if he knows anything.

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    I’m not sure letting go of Dorsey over Reid is such a no brainer. I like Reid, but to win in the NFL you have to draft. Since Dorsey had arrived the Chiefs talent level has risen. So much they could even win without a great QB.

    Reid is a tireless worker, yet I’m not sure he should be calling the shots in the draft. Which I think the releasing of Dorsey does.

    10 to 1 I bet the Packers jump on Dorsey. There’s a reason they were upset when he left them for the Chiefs.

    Sadly I think the Chiefs took a step backwards with this release of Dorsey.

    Man I hope I’m wrong. I love me some Chiefs Football.

  • @DoubleDD I’m not saying it is a huge hit. Because it absolutely is. But it is a lot easier to replace a GM than a Coach IMO. You replace a GM and you may only end up replacing 1 or 2 positions in the entire organization. You replace a coach and you replace at least a dozen positions. Minimum. And you could say that Reid is the reason they can win with an Average QB. Being as how the roster was almost identical the first year Reid was here to the season before when we were the worst team in football and he got us to the playoffs.

    Reid has proven he will be successful even with different GMs. He’s that good of a coach.

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    Well after hearing and reading some of the fallout. It appears Dorsey and Clark weren’t getting along. If you can’t get along with the boss then you have to go.

  • @DoubleDD The more that comes out, the better the firing sounds. He was unorganized and a bit of a wildcard.

    Dorsey will land on his feet and Chiefs will too. It was actually a great time to move on from him. The roster is basically set at this point so the new GM will have time to get familiar before he has to make too many important decisions.

  • @Kcmatt7 I agree, but Dorsey sure drafted a lot better than Pioli or Peterson…he did everything better than Pioli.

    I hope they can find a better fit that does at least as good of a job as Dorsey.

  • @dylans Dorsey took some risks on some talents with questionable pasts and it paid off. It could have easily not. What I liked about Dorsey was he found some undrafted guys or guys cut from other teams who made impacts.

    Can’t deny we were a solid football team with him as the head of personnel. Hope Veach isn’t a Reid lapdog. Part of why the Reid Dorsey relationship made us good was that Reid just had to work with what Dorse gave him. I think it kept Reid creative and on his toes.

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