KC Chiefs category...?

  • Royals get their own category, but no Chiefs category?

    What about KC letting Jamaal Charles become a Bronco?

    Will this be the year Alex Smith gets an NFL caliber offensive line?

  • @JhwkrRedLegs Actually not a bad idea. I’m not a football fan by any means but I’m actually intrigued by KC Chiefs in what they did this off season in the draft. I might actually follow them a bit more closely. doubt I’ll watch any games unless Mahomes appears to be the second coming of Brett Farve.

  • Sure, why not? If it doesn’t get enough traffic to warrant it we can kill it off later, no harm no foul.

  • Little traffic so far but hey its not quite June yet i bet it picks up in August. It will be hard to watch Charles play for the broncos for sure but I don’t blame the Chiefs for letting him go or him going to pretty much the highest bid, thats pretty much the way pro sports go these days.

  • Biggest question to me is our front 7. No Poe, recovering DJ and Houston. If our D isn’t in the top 10 we have no shot at making the playoffs. Part of the reason I didn’t like our 2nd round pick. Looks like an NFL body, but he doesn’t look like he can make any impact this year at all.

    Dorsey’s wheeling and dealing during the draft is something I really liked, but if he misses on a lot of these guys it really makes him look bad.

  • @Kcmatt7 I liked the deals initially, but looking back, the draft spots the Chiefs picked were lower than their slotted pick in most rounds. They wouldn’t have had to trade up if they had held on to their own picks. It’s all moot if Mahones II is the quarterback of the future. Then all the other picks are irrelevant.

  • @dylans If some of these picks don’t pan out, Chiefs will be without a defense in 2 seasons. They will have Houston, Berry and Peters all on huge long-term contracts by then. So not much wiggle room with the cap. Draft picks will have to land at ILB and the inside DL. If Chris Jones or Tyreke Hill continue to trend upwards, all of a sudden we are in a really tough spot after two years… You can’t keep them all.

  • @Kcmatt7 Poe was a reach. This years second round pick is the same reach. Will it have the same result? Logan should fill in nicely for Dontari, but he’s a different style of player. I think the moves the Chiefs made on draft day were dumb, but if Mahones is the man (I’m talking Farve/Rodgers/Manning/Montana)how can they be wrong? Two firsts and and third round pick for the most important position on the field is a bargain.

    Other than Hunt which of the draft picks will see the field? If none pan out (it will takes a few year to know) it was a terrible draft and bye bye Dorsey. But what do I know? I wouldn’t have picked work out warrior Poe. Nor would I have picked mr congeniality Hill. And who knows what next years draft will bring.

  • As far as not being able to keep all your star players? What a problem to have.

  • @dylans Its a good problem if Mahomes is HOF level. It is a very very bad problem if he is anything less than that.

  • Chiefs waived WR Jeremy Macklin today, always disliked him from his fizzou days but never really thought he panned out to the receiver most thought he would in both KC and the NFL. Agree with @Kcmatt7 If some of the younger guys don’t step up soon the defense will be suspect. I personally disliked the Mahomes pick, I’m not sold on him whatsoever. I’m not sure of the guys that have decided on the QBs in my life time from Montana to Smith and every Bono in between but they (I know its multiple guys) are the worst judge of talent ever!! Why do we always have to trade for back up that had one mediocre season? or in this case trade up for a guy that is tiny and just throws the ball up for grabs. He’s just like Manziel only worse, I’d say. Who would’ve thought drafting little know Croyle and hoping he was the next Favre (tho he clearly wasn’t from the get go) was the best move.

  • @kjayhawks Should have drafted Watson! They need that “Win” attitude.

  • @kjayhawks I’m not sure Mahomes was a great pick either, but I’m at least glad to see us try to get a QB with more upside than Smith. I think a year of grooming by Andy will do wonders for him. I mean, honestly, has Reid ever actually missed on a QB? He made Folk look like a stud. Kevin Colb look like the next great QB. He won 5 games in a row after bringing Jeff Garcia back from the dead.

    I mean, the guy is a freak when it comes to the QB position. And he hasn’t had an arm talent like Mahomes since McNabb.

  • mayjay said:

    @kjayhawks Should have drafted Watson! They need that “Win” attitude.

    No thanks. While I’m not sure on Mahomes either way and think he needs good coaching, I don’t think Watson will amount to much at all in the NFL. I was very glad the Chiefs didn’t go for Watson.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    @kjayhawks I’m not sure Mahomes was a great pick either, but I’m at least glad to see us try to get a QB with more upside than Smith. I think a year of grooming by Andy will do wonders for him. I mean, honestly, has Reid ever actually missed on a QB? He made Folk look like a stud. Kevin Colb look like the next great QB. He won 5 games in a row after bringing Jeff Garcia back from the dead.

    I mean, the guy is a freak when it comes to the QB position. And he hasn’t had an arm talent like Mahomes since McNabb.


  • @mayjay I agree with @BShark. Not a big Watson fan. Don’t think he has the arm to ever amount to much. He has the potential for an RG3 or Vince Young Rookie season. But after that, I predict a fall out.

    Mahomes is a coin flip. Either he is the next Brett Favre or he is the next Heath Shuler. I’d rather take my shot with the upside.

    Watson is, at best, Russell Wilson. At worst, I’m not sure there is a bust comparison. I don’t think he even makes it through the entire season as the starter to be quite honest. I just don’t want another game manager, unless he is Tom Brady.

  • Yep. You can’t hit a home run if you don’t swing or bunt (Watson).

  • @Kcmatt7 Game manager Tom Brady. I agree he does that well. But, man, this last super bowl, he literally made every clutch play he had to, one after the other. There was no margin for error, and Brady delivered. But look at his offensive line. I wish Alex Smith had that type of offensive line. Bet the KC RBs wish they had an A-level offensive line.

    Agree on all comments about the defense. Its aging. This year is literally the last gasp for the aging stars on KC D, 1 year to try to go deep in the playoffs, and test these new talent aquisitions. Personally, we saw a VERY porous defense once Derrick Johnson (MLB) went down. The backups really didnt look much better even after 6-7 games of playing time and coaching-up.

    Just seems different than the Patriots off-season moves. We still hunting for pieces. While Pats go get exactly the pieces they needed.

  • @JhwkrRedLegs Pats O-Line isn’t more talented than anyone else’s. Brady just literally picks apart defenses pre-snap. He makes his line look good by not allowing himself to get sacked. The Pats rarely have a 5 or 7 step drop. It is a 3 step drop with a pass in under 2 seconds.

    I do agree with their offseason moves. But they don’t sign stars to long-term deals and that is what allows them the wiggle room to make moves they need to. That strategy only works when you have the greatest QB of All-time though.

  • @Kcmatt7 But would you say the Pats O-line is better than KC’s O-line? That was my only comparison. I happen to really like Alex Smith. Is he KC’s only 1st round QB, number 1 in the draft, if I’m not mistaken. So we got him. But what the “heck” have we put around him? Alex was a gunslinger QB at Utah under Urban Meyer.

    Trent Green can tell us KC fans what happens in successive seasons when you start to lose your ProBowl O-line, 1 by 1, or 2 at a time. The RBs suffer also, ask LJohnson. He didnt quite have the line that Priest Holmes did. Why exactly did TGonzalez leave KC? He wanted a chance at a SuperBowl. Player personnel decisions…

  • @JhwkrRedLegs No I wouldn’t say their O-line is better. I would say that because Tom Brady literally holds on to the ball a half second less on average than Alex Smith, the Pats seem to have a better O-Line. Tom Brady doesn’t have a single linemen still playing with him he started with. Yet people say this all the time. That the Pats O-line is sooooo good. It isn’t. Their QB makes them look good.

    And yes, Alex put up other world numbers at Utah under a top 10 coach of all-time. So has every Baylor QB for the past 8 years, every Texas Tech QB for the past 20, and any Ohio State QB under Meyer. Meyer won a NC with his 3rd string QB. Meyer turned Tebow into an NFL QB and two time Heisman. It’s all scheming. Not the actual talent.

    Trent Green also never won a playoff game for KC. Those years with amazing offense were fun to watch… But ultimately lead to nothing.

    QB makes the O-Line. You need one stud linemen at LT and a smart guy at Center. Other than that, piece them together. The presnap read is the most important thing in football. It is done by the Center and the QB. If those two can pick apart the defense before the snap, it is over. Nothing the defense can do.

  • In all fairness to Trent the defense during the Vermeil years could’ve used an improvement to get to wet paper sack quality. Give them an even average D and they make deep runs in the post season.

    And yes Brady makes the whole offense look better than it is.

  • Agree with the various takes above, thanks to all who commented. This season, for KC, seems to be a crossroads or even a last hurrah for many of the veterans. Maclin already cut…

  • @KCmatt7 This goes to both of our points. Offense alone doesn’t win games.

    #7 best offense of the last 30 years and a playoff flameout due to defense.

    1. 2003 Kansas City Chiefs

    +34.2 percent

    This is the one year things came together for the Dick Vermeil-era Chiefs: They went 13-3 because the fantastic offense was paired with the No. 1 special teams (this was the year of Dante Hall) and a defense that improved all the way to 25th. Hey, every bit helps. Priest Holmes led all running backs in both rushing DYAR and success rate, gaining 1,420 yards and 27 touchdowns. He added 74 catches for 690 receiving yards and was second among backs in receiving DYAR, behind Minnesota’s Moe Williams, who had a career year. Tony Gonzalez led all tight ends in receiving value, and Trent Green was second in passing value behind Peyton Manning. In the playoffs, Manning and Green famously dueled in a game in which neither team had to punt even once; the Colts won 38-31.


    1. 2002 Kansas City Chiefs

    +35.4 percent

    The Chiefs went 8-8 in 2002, but that sure wasn’t Priest Holmes’ fault. Holmes gained 5.2 yards per carry for 1,615 rushing yards with 21 touchdowns and added 70 catches for 672 yards and another three touchdowns. By total rushing and receiving DYAR, it was the No. 2 running back season of the past 30 years, trailing only Marshall Faulk’s 2000 campaign. Of course, the Chiefs had also led the league in rushing DVOA in 2001. The change in 2002? A huge improvement from the passing game, which went from 17th to first in Trent Green’s second season with the Chiefs. Much like today’s Chiefs, the passing game of the Vermeil-era Chiefs was based more on running backs and a stud tight end rather than star wide receivers, though Eddie Kennison did have 906 yards and averaged 17.1 yards per reception. This was one of the rare years in which Tony Gonzalez didn’t lead tight ends in receiving DYAR; he ranked second behind a career year from Billy Miller of the expansion Texans.

    Full list.


    Good offense with no defense is nearly worthless.

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