Bill Self: Colonial Athletic Association Raider

  • Jack Whitman of Bill & Mary Jane is not the first player in the Self Era from the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) to transfer to KU to ball on the Naismith cellulose.

    Frank Mason of Towson State (well, he backed out of a Towson commitment, right?) was the first to pull the CAA---->B12 switcheroo.

    That worked out okay, didn’t it?

    National POY.

    Hell yeah!

    So ol’ bate 1.0 has a leeeeeeeeetle hunch about what’s going on under the surface of this apparently improbable coincidence of Self bringing two CAA players in the succession of a decent interval.

    Self has now apparently conceded that the adidas conveyor is NEVER going to bring him any top 1s and 5s, and maybe even fewer and fewer 5-star and 4-star types at those positions.

    But what to do about it?

    Self threw everyone a knuckle ball with the sibling transfers from Memphis. Everyone thought: oh, well, Self has gone back to the Graceland well to become a raider of unhappy Memphisto players.

    WRONG! That was an anomaly. Just like Tarik Black was an anomaly. Josh Pastner is gone. Once Tubby gets his guys in Graceland, they won’t be leaving.

    Self will take anomalies anytime, of course.

    But what is really, really, REALLY going on here is that Self needs a system.

    And what might be that system be?

    Well, I’ll give you a hint.

    It has to do with becoming a raider.

    I hypothesize Coach Self has decided to become Mr. CAA Raider.

    Whoa, Mistuh CAA Raider? Bate 1.0, are you mainlining some of dat new Syrian shit dat ISIS (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) be dumping into da Windy City dat be spikin’ dey crime stats, since dey MOAB-ed the jack outta the underground junk labs in Middle-Uh-Nowhere Afghanistan?

    Most definitely not.

    But what I am suggesting does follow a vaguely similar principle.

    An’ whut might dat be?

    Well, when TPTB apparently deny Coach Self his 1 and 5 OAD and 5-star junk, and when the 4-star junk even begins to dry up, or move on, well, then Coach Self has to change supply. You dig?

    But sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-it, Bate 1.0, the CAA?

    Yup, the CAA.

    Think about it.

    CAA members and partial members have been giving majors fits for years in the March Carney. Just look at some of the schools in the CAA.

    George Mason University.

    East Carolina University

    Old Dominion University

    University of Richmond (remember the Spiders?)

    St. Francis University

    Virginia Common Wealth


    Rhode Island

    That’s a veritable murderer’s row of first weekend upsets of D1 majors in the tournament.

    Recall how many times KU has had a tough half against teams like those, once in awhile even been upset.

    Everyone of those teams always appear to have at least one or two guys that could play some back up rotation minutes for KU’s 8-10 man rotation, and it seems especially so now that Self can barely get a whiff of 5-star and 4-start players at 5.

    And half of those school’s probably have one 1 that could back up whatever Self signs at the 1.

    Self grew up watching Barry Switzer be the Red River Raider at OU. Barry probably got in a big Eldorado and carried his pappy’s bootlegger’s equalizer and some pints of sour mash and raced over the Red River Bridge on I-35 after dark and went down and wowed the mothers of those big drought horse lineman in those little panhandle towns and then raced back north across the river before the Texas alumni in pick’em up trucks with gun racks and coon hounds got to him and split his skull.

    Now Bill Self is about to become the CAA Raider.

    Instead of an old Eldorado, he and Norm are going to sweep in low in the alumni jet and low altitude drop with a parafoil–Navy Seal style–into some of those little CAA feeder towns and wow some of those mothers of the better CAA players and, bam, once they finish the dog and pony, he and Norm race out to the darkness at the edge of town and hold up their sky hooks get picked up by an alumni helicopter that takes them to an airport and a waiting Citation to wing it back to Lawrence.

    He might sign a whole second string of these guys.

    Imagine, KU might again have enough actual players on the roster to have legitimate practices again.

    No more coaches suns.

    No more projects from other hemispheres.

    Just guys that already know the fundies.

    Know how to dribble and have seen a cheerleader with a short skirt before.

    In the off season, almost anything seems possible.

    Go, Bill, go!!!


  • @jaybate-1.0

    I am not sure where you are getting your information but essentially all the schools you cited Are not in the CCA and are not associated members in basketball either.

    George Mason University. - A10

    East Carolina University - American Conference

    Old Dominion University - C-USA

    University of Richmond (remember the Spiders?) - A-10

    St. Francis University - NorthEast

    Virginia Common Wealth - A10

    UMass - A10

    Rhode Island - A10

  • @JayHawkFanToo Oops! There it is, jaybate. Self’s likely wearing camo, preparing to raid conferences everywhere!

  • Mushrooms? Acid? Meth?

    C’mon, @jaybate-1-0, you trippin’ or just on overdrive? 💥💥💥

  • Wow @jaybate-1-0, You okay? Most of these teams we have played at some point and most of us know what conference they are in. I also don’t buy into the Nike hype at this point with just about every other brand has their camp and most kids go to several. Not to mention hasn’t self got at least 4 #1 recruits on ether ESPN or Rivals with Henry, Selby, Wigs and Jackson? If it was as simple as Nike we would go back to them even tho I believe Adidas offered more cash and mech. People forget we were nike for quite a few years and didn’t win jack diddly.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Guess they have not updated their wiki page in awhile.

    Or is your source mistaken?

    Fake News–it’s FANtastic!!!

  • @mayjay

    When you post apparent drug smears, as you appear to do above, I sometimes wonder if you have been de-patterned at Gitmo, subjected to hypnotic retraining, and deployed as a cloud slave on all fours in a cubicle farm that is given lollipup tog treats each time you appear to smear aliases with drug references online.

    Just kidding. Really.

    Hey, have you read former NCAA director Walter Byers book in my recent tag line?


  • @kjayhawks

    Don’t post to me about shoes and agents. Send your posts to Rick Pitino and the authors of SOLE INFLUENCE, okay? Maybe they can help you. I’m just a fan on website.




    Virtual levers can move the virtual world with the right software!!!😂

  • “Self has now apparently conceded that the adidas conveyor is NEVER going to bring him any top 1s and 5s, and maybe even fewer and fewer 5-star and 4-star types at those positions.”

    I’m thinking Bill just takes advantage of what is right in front of him. The transfers were right in front of him.

    I think Bill had a great season. Okay… he would have liked to bring home the trophy in April. But… he finally had a team with plenty of experience and that helped him execute his plans and win a bunch of games this past year.

    Maybe he just didn’t want to go back to having a super young team for the next few years… the transfers will help prevent that.

    I’m psyched for next year and the year after. I think we will have a great mix of talent, from experienced to newbies.

    It’s time to pull Self above Wooden; Kansas above UCLA. Let’s secure that conference streak record and pile on top of it! While we are at it, we should take home the big trophy in April, too!

  • @jaybate-1.0 The wiki page lists many of the schools you included as former members, and some as only associate members. The post about hallucinogens was due to you being so uncharacteristically wrong that I assumed there had to be a chemical explanation!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    The Wiki page is correct, you are reading it incorrectly, as @mayjay pointed out.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Are you sure? I thought it was you that pointed it out? Are you operating under two aliases? You seem confused.

  • @mayjay

    Ok, let me see if I understand you. Are you implying you were projecting your hallucinogenic experiences onto me, rather drawing the apparently more probable inference that I just misread something? Since I don’t take hallucinogens, I am trying to understand your insinuation that I did. Perhaps if we keep exploring your personal experiences we will get this sorted out. I am trying hard to understand what made you choose hallucinogens? What is it about hallucinogens that apparently resonates so deeply with you that you would insinuate other aliases using them, rather than just remarking that they misread something? I want to help.

  • @drgnslayr

    It appears to be both.

    OAD 1s and 5s haven’t signed for so long that he appears just to take what ever is in front of him, plus he appears to be moving into the CAA conference, and perhaps into other similar conferences to tap a possible willingness of some players to move up to an elite major in a bcs conference. Eh?

  • @et al

    Despite my apparent misreading of the CAA wiki page (I haven’t gone back to check), an important point remains. Self appears potentially to be moving further down market and into cherry picking mid-major players in the east.

    Before anyone responds, make sure you are sober and don’t project hallucinogen consumption onto yours truly. I can pass blood tests from here to eternity!!! 😄

    Now let’s enjoy the off season!!!

    Walter Byers would want us to.

  • drgnslayr said:

    Maybe he just didn’t want to go back to having a super young team for the next few years… the transfers will help prevent that.

    :100: totally agree. After 2012-2013 I’m pretty sure he said “never again” to that level of green.

  • jaybate 1.0 said:

    Despite my apparent misreading of the CAA wiki page (I haven’t gone back to check), an important point remains. Self appears potentially to be moving further down market and into cherry picking mid-major players in the east.

    Newman - Mississippi State

    Coleby - Ole Miss

    Cunliff - Seattle/ Arizona State

    Dedric Lawson - Memphis

    K.J. Lawson - Memphis

    Moore - Cal

    Whitman - W&M.

    1 out of 7? How exactly is he cherry picking programs in the East? Looks more like the South and West.

    Are you OK? You seem to be way off your game lately.

  • @approxinfinity

    Maybe.but it seems to go beyond green. He can’t even get the green 5 stars with enough frequency to sustain an 8 man rotation of OADs and 5-stars through the usual injuries the way the other elite majors seem able to do regularly. This falloff in quality of depth is acute. Imagine UNC and U.K. and Duke and Arizona and UCLA and MSU backfilling with mid majors!!!

    But Self must have looked at all the upsets by mid majors early and late and thought, whoa, maybe I can bandaid by cherry picking advanced mid majors, instead of taking problem OAD s and five star Weight gain projects and long shot foreign projects.

    Maybe Self has decided that it is easier to add 10 pounds to an experienced mid major, rather than 30 to 40 pounds with a five star project, or teach fundamentals to foreign players that have only played that game for a year or two .

  • @jaybate-1.0 for sure. I think what Self realized was that to recruit top shelf talent as freshman, it was no longer possible to maintain the process of earning minutes through years of the program. The high talent, even the high potential raw talent wanted minutes immediately or they would not come. This means that going the Transfer U route is in fact going back to what Bill is comfortable with: earning your minutes, and only starting around your junior year of college.

    I think Self had an epiphany with Lucas. While this may sound harsh. Self appreciated Lucas and everything he did to develop into a good player. But ultimately Self realized that the cost of developing a role player for 5 years is simply too great. You can get a player that maxes out at Lucas’ talent level with less investment. And I would be very very surprised if we aren’t extremely selective with freshman scholarship offers going forward. That is to say, I would not expect scholarships on high-character project freshman, as you alluded to.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    You appear to be missing the point! KU is an elite major! KU is supposed to be able to keep the cupboard full with a mix of OADs and 5 stars, maybe one 4 star once every few years, as a favor to some colleague, at the 9 and 10 spots. Many of his OADs are problem cases, or sloppy seconds. Many of his 5-stars are guys that either havent played enough to have fundamentals, or have to add huge weight gains to play. He signs 4 stars almost every season and they play big minutes. Self started a Towson DECOMMIT at PG for 2-3 seasons. He has played a 3-star recruit at the five for 2 seasons. The bulk of his incoming class are transfers. And one of them is a mid major transfer. OMG!!!

    Self is doing a great job playing with rosters of players like what he had at Tulsa, plus 2 elite major grade players, but HE SHOULD NOT HAVE TOO!!!

    That’s the point!

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