Yankees pitcher moves to first then back to mound

  • http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/19284149/yankees-bryan-mitchell-pitches-plays-first-base-pitches-again

    You guys see this? I like this as much as the ambidextrous pitcher switching pitching hand. Good on the Yanks to be experimenting.

  • @approxinfinity Or it’s exhibit A for what’s wrong with baseball. A team running out of players during regulation time is a bit puzzling to me. Too many pinch hitters and pitching changes. Games go on forever. That game was nearly 5 hours long.

  • @wissox So many things wrong with baseball.

    • I think extra innings should be 6v6.
    • Pitch clock
    • Review only HRs until the 7th inning or later
    • 1 mound visit per game
    • 1 pitching change during middle of an inning for the whole game.
    • 4 total roster changes an entire game. Barring injury that is deemed real by neutral MLB trainer.
    • Inning should turnover in 1.5 minutes unless catcher is the last out of the inning.
    • HR, automatic, don’t have to run the bases.

  • @Kcmatt7 Baseball is a beautiful American opera, perfectly proportioned, and timeless!

    That being said, out of respect for a generation that has no patience, I’ll relent on mound visit limitations, and review of homeruns.

    The other stuff… man! That’s baseball! It’s not about getting the damn thing done! It’s about the experience. Watching your dude round the bases is classic! And the last thing in the world I want to focus on when watching a pitcher deal is a stupid digital counter decrementing. That’s just awful.

  • @Kcmatt7 •I think extra innings should be 6v6. •Pitch clock •Review only HRs until the 7th inning or later •1 mound visit per game •1 pitching change during middle of an inning for the whole game. •4 total roster changes an entire game. Barring injury that is deemed real by neutral MLB trainer. •Inning should turnover in 1.5 minutes unless catcher is the last out of the inning. •HR, automatic, don’t have to run the bases. Most of those are ignoring the biggest reason for the length of baseball games. Players stepping out of the box between pitches and pitching changes, which you do address.

    Someone recently compared an identical game from the 60’s or 70’s with a recent game. Same score, hits, pitches, everything, except the length, it was about a half hour longer. 30 seconds more of commercials between each inning, which adds 18 minutes per game.

    While ideas for positive change are good, yours change the fundamental nature of the game and there were pitching changes and extra inning games and players running around the bases during the early years of baseball when games averaged less than 2 hours. I’ll grant the number of pitching changes has increased, but not enough to change the length of most games.

  • @approxinfinity No no no. It was a beautiful American opera 50-60 years ago before pitching changes got outrageous and managers started to make too many moves.

    Pitching changes would be a good start, I admit. But also, you shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute to throw a pitch. Familia for the Mets routinely takes over a minute. Absurd.

    And I’m ok with running the bases after a HR, it’s an option…

    The main reason I would like games shortened is that it is hard to go to a weekday game now. They are so long you might not get home until 12 AM… I can’t do that.

  • @wissox nailed it. Plus, local teams should be basic cable, not part of some expensive package. The money is ruining baseball.

  • I will say this that if you look at MLB rosters in the 20’s they carried only about 5 or 6 pitchers. 4 starters and 1 or 2 relievers. Pitchers of course threw over 300 innings a year, yet somehow their arms didn’t fall off or sustained injuries.

  • Take away those damn batting gloves and hitters wouldn’t be stepping out of the box all the time. Aggravates the hell out of me watching them re-cinching gloves, even when they never swung the bat, after every pitch. Either that, or make them do it in the box. Wouldn’t that be fun?

  • @brooksmd lol my 7 year old does the whole routine between in the batter’s box just like certain Nationals. Our BP sessions used to be so quick! It is absolutely ridiculous, I agree. I think making them do it without having time granted is a fantastic idea 😉

  • @approxinfinity @wissox And dammit, we should still have a 5 cent cigar, and newsstands, and stand-alone radios with all those great serials! And tape cassettes in answering machines so you can save them. What’s the world coming to nowadays? 😧

  • @mayjay You forgot a few things. Bumpers on cars, incandscent lightbulbs, and phones that were on the wall but had these long wires which let you take it all the way to the kitchen table!

  • come on guys! those are just THINGS! we’re talking about BASEBALL!

  • @wissox Got rid of 300 LPs last week. I was nostalgic but not enough to actually play them for over 35 years. Maybe that put me in a mood!

  • @Kcmatt7 I dont know what the answer is with Familia. Seems if someone is truly abnormal in length of time between pitches the ump should be able to handle that at his discretion. I just hate the digital counter. I watch baseball to tap into the timeless.

  • @approxinfinity I go to a handful of LSU games each year and they have a pitch clock, and to be honest, I never look at it. Games in person though are a different mindset for me however. I don’t mind lengthy games while watching in person. On TV though, I get a little impatient with the length.

  • @mayjay Did you sell the lp’s or just give them away?

  • @brooksmd Gave them to Goodwill. Half were my mothers, old Guy Lombardo, Broadway, and things like that (no mint conditions). Mine were all showing signs of about 10 years of nonstop play on stacking turntable. I might have gotten more if I sold them but I just don’t have the patience!

  • @approxinfinity Yea, I’m ok with letting the pitch clock go. But I wouldn’t mind seeing some rules instituted in the regular season to make the games go faster. No game should last 5 hours. Ever.

  • @mayjay my folks just threw away a couple hundred records. Beatles, Aerosmith, Simon and Garfunkle, Stones, etc. They got water damaged 😢 Luckily they gave the white album to my uncle before the rest were damaged so he didn’t have to jump off a bridge (He’s a huge Beatles fan).

  • @Kcmatt7 i get speeding up the length of an inning but not a fan of making additional rules to speed up extra innings unnaturally. To me, extra innings are all about managing depleted resources. It’s where everything a coach has done through the course of a game and even course of the week comes to a head. It is a critical part of the game and must see tv. Extra innings should be allowed to play out indefinitely until the equalibrium is broken.

  • @mayjay Just curious as there is a vinyl revival of sorts for old lp’s and stores that deal in just that. I have 2 or 3 boxes myself that I’m thinking of parting with. None going back as far as your mom’s. Early 60’s to late 70’s.

  • @brooksmd Good stuff. Some of those old albums make cool wall hangings when framed. There are a few of considerable value to collectors as well. Not too mention some still feel the (non-digital) sound of a record is best (warmer). Hope you find a good home for them!

  • @mayjay

    I have a couple of hundred LPs from the 70s and 80s that I still listen although not that often anymore. Nothing like vinyl on a good B&O turntable with NAD pre-amp and amplifier with Boston Acoustics 42" speakers on the front and Genesis III speakers on the back while shooting pool. Heart, Fleetwood Mac and Boston are my favorites when I feel the need to crank up the volume.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Once I started with CD’s, I gave up my turntable. Lugged those damned records around through 14 moves without ever playing them. Some things are hard to give up.

    As for nostalgic, I would love if baseball games went back to having fun without all that incessant blaring!

  • @mayjay you talking about the stupid make some noise clap tracks?

  • @approxinfinity Oh, yeah. Kinda liked the Wave, though, back when it was not choreographed for cameras. (Crowds mugging for cameras have ruined sports…just kidding, but it is annoying!)

  • @JayHawkFanToo Is there a drummer that works harder than Mick Fleetwood? I’d like to know the calories he burns during a show.

  • @brooksmd

    Rick Allen from Def Leppard works pretty hard since he only has one arm. Now, this drummer works pretty hard…

    hard working drummer…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Good stuff! He looks like he’s enjoying himself!

    The drummer for Kiss is another hard working drummer. I’m not a huge Kiss fan, but when he’s in a metal cage 30 ft in the air drumming as the cage spins him in circle upside down…wow. Quite the show. It’d be very difficult to maintain concentration!

  • But Mick is 70 yrs old.

  • @Kcmatt7 @approxinfinity I don’t mind watching baseball from time to time but it’s silly to me to play 160 games to figure out who belongs in the post season, this time of the season is a complete joke, 3/4 empty stadiums and players just half assing it. Playoffs much funner to watch. Baseball is considered America’s greatest past time but only because its 50 years older and the add all the games together. Football, basketball and even Nascar have destroyed MLB consistently since the mid 90s in TV ratings.

  • @kjayhawks Basketball? You mean like the NBA and their 2 seasons? Why have a regular season when almost everybody gets to participate in post season?

  • @brooksmd So you can see Embiid play? 🤷 (Sixers suck)

  • @dylans Wouldn’t walk across the street to watch an NBA game from the owners suite.

  • @brooksmd I’m more of a college guy myself. Pro ball sucks in every sport.

  • I love baseball. I’m fine with the number of games. Don’t mess with it!

  • I love seeing snow on the field!

  • @wissox How many of the 162 games do you watch? How many do you go to? How many games of teams that aren’t your team do you watch?

    Then ask, how many KU basketball games do you watch? How many NFL games do you watch on Sundays? Do you watch every inning of playoff baseball when your team isn’t in it?

    The problem is, baseball doesn’t get viewership during the season. I watched like 80% of NFL games this year and 100% of the ones I could get on TV. I watched every KU game, and even other teams games. I watched 2 or 3 college football games every Saturday.

    The NBA has the same problem. They can’t get anyone to watch until the Conference Finals. The season is too long. Best of 7 is too long when I know the Cavs will win a 7 game series everytime in the first two rounds. So I don’t watch.

    Baseball can have that same affect. I watch probably 25% of the Royals games live and just read about it in 5 minutes the next day. Always have, even when they were good. Even when they were a perennial 100 loss team. It is too much baseball to consume all of it. Even shortening the season down to 81, that is too many games to watch all of them.

    But that is just my opinion.

  • @Kcmatt7 we watch I’d say some prtion of 95% of nats games live. I admit that this is excessive. But we do. Just because your team is playing doesn’t mean you have to watch it. Baseball predated TV. F a TV you know? Radio, internet and newspaper are acceptable means of catching up. I’d even submit that you’re not meant to watch every game. Baseball is meant to be part of a regional backdrop, the cultural tapestry. Ever present. There for you when you want it, with a little reserved space in the hearts of local sports fans alike.

  • That used to be an easy question to answer 100% of KU and Chiefs games, less than 1% NBA or Royals games including playoffs. Then the Chiefs had a string of inept coaches, it felt like the franchise didn’t care, so I quit caring as well. Now I watch about 25% of the Chiefs games if that.

    With KU it was just Z-hole making it difficult. I know I missed the two pre-season games and I think I missed 2-3 other games. It’s just not worth the money or effort to track down those games. If I had never been able to see them I would have a different attitude, but they were taken away. So around 90% of KU games.

    To your point almost 0 baseball. Before the strike I would watch up to 40% of Royals games and 60% of Braves games. Afterward I watch less than 1% (16 games no stinking way!) of Royals games and no other team.

    In the 80’s and 90’s I watched around 90% of the Bulls games. Post Jordan I’ve watched 1% of NBA playoff games. I only watch highlights of regular season games. Durant is the only player who’s personality I like in the modern age and I can’t root for him since he went to the Warriors.

    I suppose a large reason I don’t watch as many games is as mucha lack of interest as a lack of time. When I was in school I had all kinds of time to kill and would watch every even half way decent game I could. Now my other interests mainly work and kids take up my spare time and are more rewarding/interesting to me now. There always will be time for KU basketball FOE.

    But in all fairness I also watch (have to listen to is more accurate) a boat load of Disney cartoons to keep the peace. It used to be ESPNews was the soundtrack to my life, currently its Moana…

  • @approxinfinity I like the numbers around baseball far more than the game itself. A box score tells the whole game. A baseball card paints a picture of a players production. It would be sacrilegous to change much. Just keep the 'roids, HGH, etc. out of the game and you can compare eras in baseball. This is unlike any other sport.

  • @approxinfinity Great descriptive analogy. As Motherjaybird would say “Nice slip twix the cusp of the lip.”

  • @Kcmatt7

    Part of the answer is priorities. I would watch most White Sox games but I don’t want to pay for the MLB package. I have better things to do with my money, like 3 kids in college, I don’t live anywhere near Chicago. But I follow every game. I go to strange websites to watch games in the evening when I can. I’d do the same if there were 300 games on the schedule or if there were 100. NFL, partially because the Bears have stunk since they were good in 2012, and partially because they’re not on TV here where I live, I probably catch about half of the Bear games. As for other NFL games, I rarely watch, just doesn’t move my needle at all.

    I watch all KU and almost all Wisconsin games in hoops. NBA, very little viewing, even the finals.

    But I prefer baseball and have been a day to day follower since Tom Seaver and the Mets. I used to score the games in a scorebook while watching on TV! Baseball’s just in the blood.

  • @globaljaybird You been up north again? We been missing you.

  • @wissox Think I’ve mentioned this before. Back in my much younger days when my dad was stationed at Great Lakes NTC, I got hooked on both ChiTown teams. But usually it was the Cubbies that got the WGN coverage. During summer, played outside all morning, but come 1:00 I was glued to chl 9 for the next couple of hours. Yeah, back then it usually only took 2 hrs to play a 9 inning game. If the pitching was good, even less. And it was always 1:00 for home games cause good ol Wrigley didn’t have lights back then. And Jack Brickhouse did the play-by-play. Those were the days when real men played baseball.

  • @brooksmd Good memories. I used to be a Cubs fan when I was a kid and before I knew you couldn’t like both teams. I’d take the train downtown and hop on the El as an 8th grader even. My parents trusted me I guess!

  • @wissox It was a safer world back then. When I was in 8th grade (61-62) we were living in the Pacific Beach suburb of San Diego while my dad was doing 2 years sea duty. One of my uncles in Topeka worked for the Union Pacific and they were riding the train out to visit. My cousin who was in 9th grade came out early and my mom sent me by city bus to the train station in downtown SD to meet him. Like I said, a safer world back then.

  • Well personally for me & I know most here won’t like it BUT oh well lol. For me the season has started out VERY well. I’ a huge Yankee fan, always have been - - -always will be, ever since as long as I can remember.

    I remember when I was little my dad used to get so mad at my brother and I always would say well you guys need to root for your home team - -the more he said that - -the more I pulled for NY. lol

    Just like is the case in any sport , everyone has a favorite - -mine just happens to be NY - - Just like in football has always been the Green Bay Packers - -and in Basketball has always been the Celtics , but to root for a team just because they are local - -pssssssssssst please.

    Just like when I was growing up and even still some these days , got really sick and tired of hearing about Dallas Cowboys " America’s Team " - - I always thought Hell I’m an American and they sure the hell not my team lol. Anyways my boys starting off 20-9, really young, and people saying and which they are - -loaded. - -unbelievable young talent.- -Most were saying they were/are about a year away, but now saying they might have arrived a year early. Long Season - - A really long season - - -but hey starting strong. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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