Balls twisted up by dad


    Doesn’t look like the Ball brothers will be getting that billion dollar endorsement. Or any endorsement for that matter…

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  • Daddy Ball and his big ego managed to really screw up his own son. Wait until Lonzo signs his first contract and drops daddy like a hot potato.

  • You mean they don’t want to waist millions on a corny idea and work with a complete lunatic?

  • Maybe they could all go down south and work on Mr Trumps project.

    They could call themselves

    Balls to the wall.

  • @nuleafjhawk perfect!!

  • I wish I could feel sorry - -BUT - -I can’t. You talk about screwin things up for a kid, and Lonzo , your NOW an Adult or surpose to be. It’s time to tell Daddy to step the F - - - back. All he is going to do is to continue to screw you over with his BS.

    Due to Daddy’s insistence that Lonzo NOT sign unless these show companies opted to sign a licensing deal for Big Baller. Nike , Under Armor and the Adias that’s not spelled right but oh well, they all said pass. - So now Daddy is going over sea’s to someone I think is called Lai Ching . - -Like someone else mentioned that the best thing that can happy for Lonzo - -Take the money and RUN. - -Put as much business space as you can between you and Daddy.

    Daddy wanting these people o wear Big Baller instead of their own brand product. - - -REALLY ? - - -I mean Jumpin - - Gee - - Hossa - -Fats - -these companies isn’t gonna go for that. - -Serves Daddy right. just don’t drag your son down with you, time for Lonzo to test the real world waters on his own - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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  • serves them all!!! Hubris incarnate with the lot of them

  • That old man keeps braying, his talented son might drop out of top 3 draftees. Lookin’ good for our guy JJ!

  • @dylans

    Wanted to bring this up to the forefront again. I despise the family as a whole and would love nothing more that to see them fall flat on their collective faces.
    That said, How many in here think Lonzo will get picked #2 by the Lakers?
    How many think there might be an ounce of pressure by daddy Ballface on the Laker brass to get him picked there?

    What if Lonzo DOESNT get picked #2 by the Lakers? What if Josh does?
    What would this crazy mofo do!?

  • @Lulufulu

    I believe the Lakers will pick up Ball. His father has indicated that it is the only team he will play for and he needs the exposure that LA/Hollywood brings, so the Lakers have the winning hand and they can sign him for the established minimum contract amount without the customary premium.

  • Daddy Ball a perfect example of cheap attempt at pot-stirring, to simply cause hype. What he has no feel for, is when all the attention starts to turn into bad PR. Yes, daddy, everybody is talking about your son, but now some are even starting to go counter-grain, simply because of daddy’s absurdly positive grandiosity about his son–now they looking harder for Lonzo’s bad qualities. Human nature for people to try to shoot down a chest puffer. Cut him down to size.

    This guy managed to insult MJ and LeBron both, said something about LeBron’s kids.

    Do you like demolition derbys? Sit ringside for this one. A family affair.

  • I kind of feel for the kid. I wonder if he’s ever told his dad to shut his mouth? I mean this guy has said so much, why would any team want to add this baggage? He’s said so many goofy things I think he might be related to the president.

    “My kid is better than Steph Curry”.

    “We’re looking for a 3 billion dollar shoe deal”.

    “I could beat MJ 1-1 back in the day”.

    “Lonzo’s (UCLA) team had too many white kids to win the tournament”

    “UCLA will win the national championship”

    “@brooksmd told me the Royals should draft Lonzo and he will become the first position player/pitcher in MLB history”

    “@nuleafjhawk has a great idea. Balls Wall, we’ll charge Trump 500 million for the endorsement deal.”

    “@approxinfinity told me he’s going to change the name of the KU fan site to KUBalls”

  • I guess daddy Ball subscribes to the Hollywood philosophy that says …there is no such thing as bad publicity, and…if they are running you out of town, make it look like a parade.

    If I were a NBA GM I would have a sit down with Lonzo and indicate to him in no uncertain terms that if he wants to be drafted by the team, he must get a new agent and agree to keep daddy Ball off all dealings/negotiations/relations with the team. I still believe that Lonzo needs to grow a pair, stop being daddy Ball’s little boy and become his own man…I would not bet any money on this.

    Having said that, there is no question tat daddy ball has gotten lots of free publicity. Whether it will help or hurt is yet to be determined.

  • @wissox What!? HOly cow that is funny!
    @approxinfinity giggle dude, you aren’t really gonna do that are you? “KUBalls” Really?

  • You know it 🙄

  • The big drama will be if Lonzo gets passed up (initially) in the draft, going a bit later than expected. Daddy Ball will squirm. Lonzo will look his usual stone faced self.

    Balls to the Wall. Accept whats coming, daddyB.

  • The balls failed to drop.

  • You really have to watch this video. I don’t believe you can play any worse than this if you tried it. A volume shooter that got heavily exposed.

    I bet daddy Ball is not happy.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Oh my, that’s one horrendous game! Baby Ball needs a hair cut and to learn how to facilitate.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    LaMelo is not nearly the passer that Lonzo is. Lonzo is an NBA level player because of his passing, not his shooting/scoring.

  • @dylans wow. ESPN telling us what to think. Guess they dont like their pet monster now that he’s all grown up.

  • @approxinfinity i just thought it was an opinion piece about a piece of 💩 Some people need to be told what to think, but I don’t have a problem forming my own opinion after reading an article. I haven’t had an opinion forced on me ever. Believe me teachers and employees have tried! I just believe my own eyes and ears a heck of a lot more than anyone else’s. Facts remain the facts while opinions and interpretations of the facts constantly change.

  • How about a National Basketball Hall of Lame Parents with the first inductees being Fathers Ball and Henry?

  • @dylans yep, I know you got your own thoughts. I’m just saying ESPN made Lavar Ball. Now Bilas conveniently serves the narrative that we should disown Ball. The media is indoctrinating us to worship a pantheon of egomaniacs of their choice.

  • @approxinfinity Stinks to have to spend effort to interpret what is actually happening in the news and sports news. Report the facts, hit us up with a few human interest stories, and let the audience come to their own conclusions. Unfortunately there are agendas that are being pandered to.

  • @dylans LaVar has probably just ruined 2 of his sons chances to not only play college ball but get an education. The middle who was at UCLA wasn’t a great player and probably had little chance of going pro but an education would’ve been nice. The youngest Lmelo probably would be rule ineligible because of his shoe deal with BBB. Lonzo isn’t close to the best rookie in the league and the Lakers still suck. Hopefully we can move on from this fool.

  • @kjayhawks Yes he did. Did you read the article? (It’s a bit windy) That man is insane. All three boys were to be OADs regardless of performance.

  • @dylans he’s boarderline Bat Sh** crazy to be honest

  • @kjayhawks Daddy LaVar said that his boys don’t need High School OR College, gonna home School LeMelo - -and LiAngelo just going to train him for the NBA.

    You are so right. - Li Angelo it has been said is not even a prospect for the NBA. - maybe he can play ball in China. - Like some others making light of it said - -China would be a good place for him to play -I mean he already leads in steals lmao. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @kjayhawks

    I agree, LiAngelo was a 3-star player coming out of High School and not an NBA prospect. He also pulled LaMelo out of HS because the coach told the team, forget about taking 50 shots per game, it is not happening here but had a coach with a 30-3 record fired first. Ido’t know why schools cater to this clown

    He said he can go to the streets of LA and pick guys to practice in his own court at home that would be better competition than UCLA. I understand they are now looking at overseas opportunities for both of them; too bad China is out of the question.

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