Spring Game thoughts

  • The Spring game has come to an end with Team Jayhawks (white) beating Team KU (blue) 14-7. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to town this weekend with other stuff I have going but was able to watch 3/4s of the game. Some of the good things I saw was the defensive line looked really good and didn’t give the QBs a ton of time to throw the ball and the run defense looked better than what we had last year. The game had zero turnovers! Which killed us last year in so many games that if we just dont cough it up we win or are right there, I realize its a practice game but I’ll take it. I think all of the QBs looked okay, won’t say great but Bender looks to be the leader IMO after a 11/15 150 yards and 2 TDs. Also liked seeing some of the guys back on the sidelines like Darrell Stuckey and Chris Harris JR. I also have some concerns of coarse lol. The offensive line didn’t look very good to me for a group that returned 4 of 5 starters which caused the running game to be nothing short of a joke (I know they werent pared excalty right with the draft). The DBs looked a little suspect to me as well. The field goal kicking looks to cost us some games again this year without improvement before fall (4 misses in a 1 point loss to TCU), missed a straight on 35 yard FG, against the wind but most average college kickers will make that. Quv was a complete ghost which kinda surprised me a little. Play calling wasn’t worth a darn, but they never call anything to crazy in the spring game. Anyhow just some quick thoughts from my end. RCJH

  • @kjayhawks Thank God we won!🏈

  • @mayjay KU lost

  • The defense has all the athletes it needs to keep us in games. I love the toughness that Water Moccasin Mike Lee and others are bringing to the defense. Having our NFL players give further encouragement to our defensive players is a huge plus. The defensive backs looked great against our talented receivers. We are going to be fine on defense.

    Coach Meacham was everywhere during the spring game. Boy, does he have his work cut out for him. Bender showed the most composure; Stanley and Starks were both so confused at times to the point they couldn’t make plays. Hopefully, that was because our defense covered well and rushed well.

    What do we need to do to bring Aquib Talib back to the Jayhawk family? I know he’s struggled off the field throughout his great NFL career, but whether he admits it or not, his career started at KU. Let’s bring him back-whatever it takes. I’m sure Chris Harris knows what’s going on with Aquib.

    I really like the athletic department’s focus on our NFL alumni. I sure wish we had more than a couple thousand fans at the game to show our appreciation for these warriors. Maybe, just maybe it helps everyone overlook our poor win/loss record. RCJH Football.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Spring Game thoughts:

    @mayjay KU lost

    “We” means “Jayhawks” not KU. Here is my reasoning:

    I am a Jayhawk (singular). We are Jayhawks (plural).

    I am not a KU (singular).

    So, us Jayhawks, the winning team, won. Hopefully, the Jayhawks will win more games than this one!

  • @mayjay yeah yeah

  • I’m Sorry but I have to say that I just didn’t see a whole lot to get physced about with the QB’S. - -Not really that impressed, not sure if it was because of the D - -I mean 14-7 with what is suppose to be an AIR RAID ATTACK with the talented receivers we are suppose to have, just dunno. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • The game lasted about 90 minutes total with the running clock and halftime. Each side had about half te plays it would normally run in a game. Bender’s side was mostly 1st team offense so if KU can end up in the 28-31 ppg range next season, KU will be a decent team with a chance to win some games against the bottom and mid level teams in the B12.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I thought Bender showed the most poise and he played against most of the players expected to start on defense. He had our best receivers too. I’ll have to watch the replay to see how the lines fared against each other. The sacks are overstated since all it took was a touch on the QB. I didn’t see some of the touches, but, the refs were much closer, so I accept their calls. The point was to keep players healthy, so I’m glad the touches were closely called. I was surprised by all the running plays called on third downs. I really wanted to see our QB’s complete some third down passes. Our starting QB must be able to extend drives this year.

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