Cole Aldrich: Smartest Guy in the Arena

  • at the 50-second mark, Cole the only one who notices (end of the bench).

    Good for Cole. Maybe he can ref next year’s Final Four.

  • @chriz I don’t get it. Didn’t see anything in clip re: Cole?

  • @approxinfinity me either

  • Apparently Cole is smarter than me, too.

  • Double dribble?

  • Dammit, I was hoping it would just show a hyperlink instead of embedding the whole video. Anyway, Steph Curry with an egregious double-dribble at around the :50 mark. End of the T-Wolves bench on the far right.

  • LOL okay, okay, I’m an idiot. Maybe the biggest post fail ever? 🙂

    But still. Horrible double-dribble, I love how the only guy who seemed to notice was a Jayhawk.

  • @chriz everyone on this post is nice!😉🤣.

  • Cole did win Academic All-American of the Year his junior year which is why his jersey will be retired one day, so he definitely is one smart cookie.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @chriz everyone on this post is nice!😉🤣.

    Just like everyone in jail is innocent, right? 😉


  • @chriz that’s @dylans

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 he’d be a great coach, so fundamentally sound!

  • @chriz Yeah, no, the Great Steph Curry does no wrong…He could never double dribble. Remember, the refs are professionals and they are unbiased. They are like our justice system. They are blind, and they only interpret the rules on the court. They pretty much allow certain players, ie. Curry and James type players to do whatever they want. Let’s face it, these players basically are the NBA ref’s job security. Without the NBA, these refs have no jobs? So, the more they can keep the NBA entertaining and allow Step Curry to double dribble to WOW the fans, they will swallow the whistle.

  • @truehawk93 I hate to say it, but there’s definitely an element of truth to that.

  • @truehawk93 “Step Curry.” I like it!

  • The NBA is such a joke, touch fouls, obvious travels and double dribbles, no defense or offensive flow. It’s terrible to watch, I couldn’t tell you the last NBA game I watched more than few minutes, mainly to check in on our boys. Give me back the league I grew up watching with Malone, MJ, magic, bird, Hakeem and Barkley. NBA was hand down better in the 90s.

  • @kjayhawks People said exactly the same things back then about the favoritism shown those big stars!

  • To be fair, the clip of just that play with replays and everything else shows Curry smiling and it’s a ‘whew, I got away with one’ type of smile. He knew he double dribbled.

    @kjayhawks I generally concur with your post about the NBA. But you got one thing wrong! The 90’s NBA gave us a 7 game series between the Rockets and Knicks with zero games getting out of the 90’s in points. That was a non Jordan year of course.

    But the NBA of the 70’s and 80’s, well that was showtime! Dr. J, Magic, Kareem, Larry, Isaih, etc. The NBA became boring to watch in the 90’s. The Bigeast-ization of the NBA was the 90’s. That’s when I started losing interest, even as a Bulls fan living in Chicago.

    But truth be told, I’d still take the 90’s NBA over todays.

  • All I am going to say is that you need to watch more NBA games. People use a stereotype of the League that is dated and no longer correct. If you watch the NBA you will see the incredible talent, how much defense is now played and the offense is now perimeter centered with the 3 being the preferred weapon thanks to the GS Warriors; this last part I am not too crazy about…and yes, star players still get preferential treatment.

    From Billy Joel - Keeping The Faith

    You can get just so much

    From a good thing

    You can linger too long in your dreams

    Say goodbye to the oldies but goodies

    Cause the good ole days weren’t always good

    And tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems

    Like Billy Joel said, the NBA was not always as good as we remember it. Again, watch some games, I think you will be surprised.

  • Ya, hate to say it, but after a few years of MJ domination, the outcry was JordanRules, which insinuated the refs used different rules for whistling that particular NBA player.

    To this day, still debated is that fakeout crossover on that Jazz player, which resulted in Byron Russell falling down…allowing such a picturesque, storybook pullup-fadeaway-J from Mike…but was Russell helpedto fall by MJ’s left hand during the crossover???. (My final conclusion, after yrs of careful deliberation of all the zapruder-film evidence…clearly exonerates our hero in question (MJ), as there was hand contact, but fleeting, and of no force enough to cause a big dude like Russell to fall as-if-pushed. Russell outweighed MJ, you’d need more than a momentary handtouch to send him falling.)

  • I hope we are watching a few more Jayhawks in the NBA next year!

  • @mayjay Probably true but I’m sure how anyone could watch the NBA today and thing it was good basketball outside of the Spurs, Cavs and GS, and thats debateable.

  • The biggest problem with the National Boring Association is 82 regular season games and over 50% of the league getting into the “playoffs” or better known as the real season… It is next to impossible to maintain any real sustained level of competitive play over this ridiculous amount of games, so players have to pick and choose their spots, pace themselves, and trust that they have enough left to play hard in the second season. I went to a celtics game this year (against the rockets) and stunned by the lack of consistent defense… only in the end of the 4th quarter (game was fairly close) did players try hard defensively…

    the whole thing was oddly depressing, and a far far contrast to when I used to attend celtics games in the 80’s …

  • LOVE the glare of WIgs.

  • @kjayhawks probably compares to us watching KU fb. I love KU fb and I also enjoy watching the Jayhawks in the NBA, some hate both.

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