Day 10 Tournament Game Thread

  • Frank Martin smiling looks more surreal than Crying Jordan.

  • Carolina is being allowed to play hockey out there

  • The Penis Chickens are giving Faylor all they can handle so far.

  • Outside of UNC’s offense, pretty ugly night so far.

    Seen a ton of air balls.

  • Baylor is stinking it up big time.

  • This is ridiculous. Drew let them get up 15 before calling a to. Guess he didn’t have any adjustments to coach.

  • I’m split, think I may be rooting for Frank Martin here.

  • No way. Big 12 all the way. The stronger we show in the tourney the better 13 straight looks.

  • @Blown I know I know. But the fact that we won on a razor’s edge all season in conference and then go nuclear on the rest of the world in the tourney might just speak volumes enough for the Big 12.

  • @approxinfinity I’m a Frank Martin fan. I hate Drew.

  • @approxinfinity don’t traitor on me now !

  • This sc defense is the best I’ve seen all year

  • Wow did SC turn it on late. I like Martin but also cheer for B12 teams. I really don’t think it matters wether the B12 looks tough or not we kicked the conference’s butt bye four games.

  • Scott Drew is doing a great job so far.

  • Kansas is the only team from the big 12 who routinely makes runs in the tourney. OU broke through last year but prior to that 12 years passed since another team from the conference made it to the FF. IMO tourney success is important for our conference.

  • …but drew is getting depantsed on national tv and offered no adjustments.

  • Was that the first decent zone offense execution by BU.

    You think they would know how to break a zone.

  • baylor is so bad

  • @BeddieKU23 it looks that way doesn’t it.

  • This Baylor game is ugly and Baylor looks terrible. Oooh boy

  • The other Big 12 teams crapped the bed in the tourney…again. Our back is getting tired of carrying those other teams.

  • @Hawk8086 well, the big 12 did have 3 teams in the sweet sixteen. ACC only had one.

  • @KUSTEVE @globaljaybird will be mad he didn’t come up w/that.

  • @Hawk8086 WVU shot 28% or whatever and lost by a bucket, at least that one was close.

  • @approxinfinity It was but that last possession…pitiful.

  • ugh. the two good games are soooo late!

  • As far as I can tell Drew made zero adjustments

  • Wow, out for dinner, came home expecting a good end to a game or two. Baylor looks awful.

  • @wissox the next two should be good. who wins Kentucky UCLA? Your Badgers match up against Florida?

  • @approxinfinity I think UCLA and of course, the Badgers win. I honestly know little about Florida. They’ve got some very quick guards but they’re not going to have an answer for Hayes and Happ.

  • @KUSTEVE @Crimsonorblue22 is right, am jealous 😒 I didn’t come up wit dat That’s a good’ n Jethro.

  • Sc held Baylor scoreless for 7.5 minutes in the First half. And another run 2 points in 5 minutes in the second half. Un. real.

  • Scott drew deer in headlights look. He had it tonight and his dad in the stands had the same look.

  • @wissox kept looking at his damn notecards. Had a week to prepare and barely broke 50.

  • I just posted on another thread. I don’t understand Faylor at all.

  • @wissox It’s his X’s and O’s. He just can’t perform at this level. Martin flat out coached him. PERIOD.

  • Drew should not be coaching. He needs to be a recruiter for a real coach.

  • @DanR I’ve always said it over the years that Drew is Barnes 2.0 Those two coaches have had some of the best talent in D1 over the years and they always seem to miss when it counts.

  • BK!

  • Good start for Bucky!

  • @HawkChamp said:

    @Hawk8086 well, the big 12 did have 3 teams in the sweet sixteen. ACC only had one.

    Not sure that is much to crow about. 3 other conferences also had 3 teams in the Sweet Sixteen. The SEC could have 3 in the Elite 8. The P12 or SEC will have at least 2. If FL beats Wisconsin, the SEC will be guaranteed at least 1 FF team. The B12 has played exactly to seed thus far - and for that to continue, KU has to beat Oregon. This is the 3rd or 4th year in a row that Baylor has lost to a lower seeded team - at least it wasn’t a double digit seed. When was the last time a B12 team beat a higher seed? I don’t know which is why I’m asking, but I don’t recall one in the recent future - although I know that B12 teams have had numerous losses to lower seeded teams.

  • Iverson is athletic

  • I assume we’re rooting for Kentucky?

  • Speaking of coaches. OSU picked their next coach. Pants just can’t seem to get a break at his alma mater. The Animal Sports Radio of OKC talked all day long. Many OSU fans thought Pants should’ve gotten the job. They think the interview with Pants was an appeasement for some. Many alumni DO NOT want Pants to be the head coach of OSU.

    Jim Traber (Former OSU baseball alum and local sports analyst) believes because Pants coached in AAU, he knows how to coach at this level. Poor Pants, always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Maybe when he gets his pants on right, he can coach some day. They basically allowed Pants to show at an interview and simply told him that he would not be the next head coach.



    This is pretty much how the interview went between Doug Pants on Backwards Gotlieb and Mike Holder. There is a striking resemblance between Pants and Commodus.

    doub gotlieb.png

  • Remember Scooter Barry? HIs brother, yes, his brother plays for Florida, Canyon. Different mother, same famous Dad.

  • Only watched about first 5 - 10 minutes of Butler/UNC and by then it didn’t look good for Butler. From the final score it looks like they tried a comeback and UNC probably padded the difference from the charity stripe. Am I right or wrong?

  • I was stoked today. I went to a leadership conference here in OKC. One of the guest speakers was Joe Washington. He told the story of how KU beat OU. I was Rock Chalkin’ all day long to hear Joe Washington tell the story of how KU beat OU in football during his time at OU. However, they also won 2 Natl’ Championships too. So I didn’t press it much. I did speak to him during his book signing and all I said to him was Rock Chalk, and he laughed. He said, “Good luck in the NCAA tourney, I think you all can win it.” It was fun.

    Another funny story was a win against Misery. OU was down in Columbia and the play went to Joe Washington who ran in and scored the winning TD against Misery. Joe Washington used a term I’ve never heard before in my life. He said after that stunning loss, the stadium went quiet, and you coud, “hear a rat pissing on cotton.” I died laughing.

  • @brooksmd OUt enjoying some seafood before the big game tonight, so I don’t know. The lame restauarant we were in was showing womens basketball!

  • I think I had Steve Alford’s haircut in middle School

  • So far the pace certainly favors UK. Can’t say I’d ever root for either team under any circumstances. Will say I’m ready to be done hearing about “ball”

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